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  1. Good news after 117 days I received my refund for cancelling- posted 7/4.I followed up 6 times and received only one response! Crystal is disrespectful to their customers. I will never cruise w/ them again- hope they survive w/o me! I want to mention cruise lines that were terrific and fair to me w/ cancellations- Regent,Azamara,Oceania,and Viking.
  2. Still nothing- called again Friday,on hold for over an hour and didn't connect. The only contact has been the form letter when you ask for status on refund. 111days and counting! I hope that if there are people thinking about booking a future Crystal cruise that they read these boards. You would have to be out of your mind to send them $! Shame on any Crystal cheerleader who continues w/ Crystal. Look at Viking, Regent,Azamara and Oceania - all Pros and very classy how they treated their customers when the chips were down!
  3. Maybe there's hope,I am now 110 days and nothing! I called them last week and was told they are working on it!
  4. Paul chili,same experience, I am square w/Oceania, Regent, Viking and HAL. Professional all! Kenz, have a couple more cocktails and share more of your floor show w/ all of us!
  5. Just don't cancel and ask for a refund! Read the boards on here before you book!
  6. You asked who is doing a great job returning funds from cancelled cruises- Oceania,Regent, Viking and Holland America. Very pleased, they did exactly what should of been done! Crystal feels like they are playing a Ponzi scheme- offer discounted future cruises and capture funds so that they can pay a Stiff like me!
  7. Update- no credit at 100 days. Three phone followups and three emails. Friday I was told via phone that because I am over 90 days they called down to accounting to release funds and will receive credit by NEXT week Friday. During this process I have been lied to three times( they didn't bother to respond on the other three). Dispute gets filed next week because Crystal lies to their customers! I still can't believe that they have behaved so poorly compared to the other 3 cruise lines I had bookings with!
  8. Take a look on this board how Crystal takes care of their valued clients when it comes to pay up for refunds! They are stiffs- think before you send them any $. They need cash bad!
  9. Curious, does anyone know where their business office is located. If it's not too far away, might check it out. This pisses me off because $10K is a lot of $ to me!
  10. Good advise,you are right! It's over 90 days and they are now NOT answering emails! I have turned this over to the credit card company to file a claim. I personally think they are under funded and probably may not going to make it. I am surprised when I see Crystal's 2022/23 cruise schedules,like people are going to send them more funds for future cruises-really!
  11. Still crickets after 90 days and several follow ups- Crystal has really disappointed! They really don't measure up compared to others w/ their customer service.No proof of this but I get a sense there is a "pecking order" based on who you know. I have been fairly treated by Oceania ,Viking,and Regent.
  12. A lot of news on the Financial pages- Regent and Oceania may be packaged to generate cash for the Corporate operations. Del Rio's name comes up on the net for a deal. This could be false and someone just guessing on the moves on the board!
  13. Cancel and hope you get your deposit!
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