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  1. Does anyone know when Windsurf will be going into the yards for a long overdo refit?
  2. Thanks Jeff,I was afraid of that!I have a trip booked on Oceania in Sept. to the Baltic and I am seriously thinking about cancelling because of the crowds. I do not want to visit ports jammed w/ tourists from too many Cruise ships and now tour buses pouring into the Port cities.I started noticing on the last 2 Oceania cruises we took of the Port overcrowding. It's hard to justify spending over $20K to be in places w/ hoards of tourists- I am not buying the idea submitted on this board to stay on board and enjoy the ship and not go into the Port but Walking in large groups behind a flag bearer for hours isn't appealing to me as well!
  3. It seems like every port is overrun w/ cruisers- way too many ships in port( Alaska, N Europe, of course the Med and now S. America ). I am starting to re think cruising in the future because of the over crowding in port. Just wondering if others are seeing the same thing?
  4. From the input , I changed my flt to get in the morning of, so I am allowing 8 hours for late arrival and the traffic to go 5 miles between the airport and the ship! You should know I am flying from Phoenix the night before and then down on a flight( 85% on time w/ a <3% cancellation performance in Jan/Feb)) that only shuttles between Charlotte and St Maarten- should not have any East coast weather issues. Relax, stay Happy!
  5. Where does Windsurf dock and depart in St Maarten? Thanks!
  6. Arriving in St Maarten from Miami @ 4PM to board Wind Surf for a 7PM departure. Do you think I will have enough time to clear the airport and make the departure? Thanks for your input?
  7. I will be arriving @ about 4PM from Miami and will be taking a cab to get on Windstar( Wind Surf) that departs at 7PM. How much time do you think I will need to clear the airport and get a cab to the Ship dock to board. I am hoping 3 hours should be enough even w/ some delays. Thanks for your input!
  8. Thanks for your reply! I understand -I have made 2 cruises on Windsurf, so I have a sense of the culture.The cruise industry rates Windstar/Windsurf 5.5 and lines you noted are all rated 6.0. Again the only thing I have to go on whether to cruise Windsurf again are the reports from recent cruises- there are many noting the ships tired condition not to be confused with clean.
  9. I remember you from 10 years ago and posted a similar response! Windsurf seems ageless compared to most ships since they are usually decommissioned after 35 years!
  10. Have tried for several days to book a cruise and the site locks up and you have to wait forever! What's the secret handshake?This can't be good for business!
  11. I have sailed on Windsurf a couple of times about 10 years ago and enjoyed it. BUT, I am wondering if she is getting too old to provide a 5.5 star experience at a 5.5 price point. I am concerned about booking on a 38 year old ship and getting burned! Opinions are appreciated on your recent experiences.
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