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  1. Good news after 117 days I received my refund for cancelling- posted 7/4.I followed up 6 times and received only one response! Crystal is disrespectful to their customers. I will never cruise w/ them again- hope they survive w/o me! I want to mention cruise lines that were terrific and fair to me w/ cancellations- Regent,Azamara,Oceania,and Viking.
  2. Still nothing- called again Friday,on hold for over an hour and didn't connect. The only contact has been the form letter when you ask for status on refund. 111days and counting! I hope that if there are people thinking about booking a future Crystal cruise that they read these boards. You would have to be out of your mind to send them $! Shame on any Crystal cheerleader who continues w/ Crystal. Look at Viking, Regent,Azamara and Oceania - all Pros and very classy how they treated their customers when the chips were down!
  3. Maybe there's hope,I am now 110 days and nothing! I called them last week and was told they are working on it!
  4. Paul chili,same experience, I am square w/Oceania, Regent, Viking and HAL. Professional all! Kenz, have a couple more cocktails and share more of your floor show w/ all of us!
  5. Just don't cancel and ask for a refund! Read the boards on here before you book!
  6. You asked who is doing a great job returning funds from cancelled cruises- Oceania,Regent, Viking and Holland America. Very pleased, they did exactly what should of been done! Crystal feels like they are playing a Ponzi scheme- offer discounted future cruises and capture funds so that they can pay a Stiff like me!
  7. Update- no credit at 100 days. Three phone followups and three emails. Friday I was told via phone that because I am over 90 days they called down to accounting to release funds and will receive credit by NEXT week Friday. During this process I have been lied to three times( they didn't bother to respond on the other three). Dispute gets filed next week because Crystal lies to their customers! I still can't believe that they have behaved so poorly compared to the other 3 cruise lines I had bookings with!
  8. Take a look on this board how Crystal takes care of their valued clients when it comes to pay up for refunds! They are stiffs- think before you send them any $. They need cash bad!
  9. Curious, does anyone know where their business office is located. If it's not too far away, might check it out. This pisses me off because $10K is a lot of $ to me!
  10. Good advise,you are right! It's over 90 days and they are now NOT answering emails! I have turned this over to the credit card company to file a claim. I personally think they are under funded and probably may not going to make it. I am surprised when I see Crystal's 2022/23 cruise schedules,like people are going to send them more funds for future cruises-really!
  11. Still crickets after 90 days and several follow ups- Crystal has really disappointed! They really don't measure up compared to others w/ their customer service.No proof of this but I get a sense there is a "pecking order" based on who you know. I have been fairly treated by Oceania ,Viking,and Regent.
  12. A lot of news on the Financial pages- Regent and Oceania may be packaged to generate cash for the Corporate operations. Del Rio's name comes up on the net for a deal. This could be false and someone just guessing on the moves on the board!
  13. Cancel and hope you get your deposit!
  14. Call me a fool but for some reason I thought Crystal was a cut above in their industry.As several on here who are professionals in the travel industry have indicated, Crystal turns out to be a me too cruise line when it comes to customer service.This is my issue , I actually had a higher opinion of them. FYI, I received my cash refunds from Oceania in 30 days on three canceled cruises.
  15. I wonder if there are Vegas odds for Crystal going under by year end- Their current behavior displays desperation!
  16. Keep it simple - Crystal needs to take care of their customers and not put us through financial gymnastics! Of course Crystal knows about the concept of customer Goodwill and future business. That is why I am concerned about receiving a refund- they are not focused about their future but trying to survive today!
  17. Crickets - still waiting since March 4 cancellation, 60 days and counting. Not impressed with Crystal's cash flow management strategy- use their customer's $ !
  18. Cancelled a Crystal cruise on March 4, 2020 for the Summer of 2021- I followed up w/ them this morning and they told me 90 days get my deposit! I am now wondering if this is going to be a loss to me, my hope is that my deposit is in a reserve account! I guess what I have learned from this is that a cruise line w/ a couple of ships and a single owner is a high risk proposition these days. Crystal has been taken off my future cruise list!
  19. Keeping notes on the Cruise Lines customer service/care during the last month. Oceania just made my future do NOT Cruise list. I added Viking to my future cruise list!
  20. Gilboman- fact check! There are many fables being "reported"!
  21. Sad, this is a media event- it's the latest version of the FLU! This flu season( 2019/2020) 19,000 have died( approx 120/day) in the USA- and this Flu season is considered to mild- These are the facts and not sourced by CNN!
  22. Thinking about it- sailing in late July but 1st deposit will be shortly coming due. If HAL doesn't allow another push out on the deposit, I will cancel. I happen to think the virus is a media event- it's the flu! But, I do not want to spend big $$ on a boat ride and a logistic nightmare to get home if Europe shuts down/closes Ports etc. I lived in several countries in Europe for years and they will shut it down to isolate themselves if they believe they will be harmed-Cruise ships may not become a welcome sight this Summer!
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