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  1. True, but the unvaccinated are taking their chances,
  2. When you go into the dining part of the app your travel companion(s) should be listed there. You need to click on the other party's silhouette or real picture and it will link all for dining . We have our mom listed and I tried this earlier today even though I could not go further with reservation times.
  3. I haven't had problems getting it to work.
  4. I got the app downloaded on my Samsung A71 phone by accessing the app through the Princess website with my cell phone. Back door but it worked for me.
  5. Don't you have a password protect or pin on your phone?
  6. My mom does not use apps on her phone. I simply logged her in on my app and checked the box for the risk acceptance policy. She has no clue what the medallion app is or how to use it. When I see her next, I will download it on her phone and show her the bare basics. Wouldn't it be nice if Princess had a form that could be checked at embarkation. Would be a shame for people to be turned away at embarkation. I would not be a happy camper.
  7. No where to be found in the play store. Checked just now.
  8. What medallion app? Doesn't show up in the play store.
  9. The app does not show up in play store. What gives?
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