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  1. Reef Knot, Paulchili, I've been tracking some Europe 2021 ideas since Christmas and comparing them with their 2020 equivalents. So far the 2020 prices have been consistently 2/3's of the 2021 ones so your 50% markup is sounding normal rather than something new. This seems to be the marketing strategy of the past few years, start with high hopes 2 years ahead and then whittle the prices down in the last 6-9 months. Even the January-February Wave season sale was hollow. The 2020 version of one of my cruises had been on "sale" and has just changed to "non sale". All that happened was that a $300 p/p OBC was dropped while the cruise fare actually went down $200 for a mere price rise of $100 p/p on a 21 day cruise. To me the "sale" wasn't exactly a big deal but most people seem to go by that word rather than the underlying figures. Bill
  2. Sounds like this has all been a politician's overreaction amplified by the press. https://www.watoday.com.au/national/western-australia/confusion-reigns-but-cruise-ship-heading-to-fremantle-has-no-coronavirus-cases-on-board-20200323-p54d5r.html Magnifica is on a world cruise, Italy westward to Italy. Bill
  3. The phrase in the press was "ban cruise ships from foreign ports". Bill
  4. For the thought of the ship sailing the world cruisers back home I should mention that it is around 13,500 miles, 28 days at 20 knots from Fremantle to Florida. The shortest route is via South Africa. Three points about this choice from least to most important are: -HAL would earn $4 million in fares to keep in their treasury at a time when it has a big hole in it (300 people x $500/day x 28 days). The ship might steam this route home anyway as it connects with the spring drydock although June's subsequent New England-Canada cruises are obviously off. -an assurance would be needed from South Africa that 3 weeks from now the ship could stop in for fuel and supplies. -there would be 10 days across the Indian Ocean, beyond the reach of shoreside medical. For the normal range of risks that a crowd the age of HAL's clientele represents that's a serious concern. Then it's 18 days to Florida with 10 days in the open ocean before they would be off the coast of Brazil. Never easy choices, Bill
  5. Hi Kindergirl, I sympathize with your situation. Just so nothing is overlooked, you do know that Freemantle is the seaport for Perth, a much bigger city 9 miles away. I'm impressed by your thoughts of your folks staying at Perth or someone flying out to accompany them back. What I would like to add is: -as a few cruises are terminating at Perth, staying there for several days may improve the chances of getting a workable flight. -some major airports have sleeping rooms inside the security area. A couple of times we have consciously chosen misconnecting flights so that we could use these rooms to get 8 hours in a bed before moving on. -I'm not sure where you are but in addition to the Sydney-Los Angeles flights available, Air Canada has direct flights from both Sydney and Brisbane to Vancouver that would also enable one to cross the Pacific without having to go by way of an Asian airport. The flying time for the segment is 14 hours. If you are on the East Coast, flights via Dubai or Qatar are possibilities. - https://matrix.itasoftware.com/ is a website that seems to have all the air schedules in one place. You do have to read and use all the buttons to get its full benefits but it will then quickly give you a realistic picture of what air routes might be feasible. Good Luck, Bill
  6. The characters don't fit any country/port. Ovation has 9 days to make a 2 day trip, I think they've put garbage characters in the AIS because they're just drifting, have been for a day+. Probably waiting for direction from Seattle, who are trying to figure out what the heck will happen next. Bill
  7. Stickman, have you found links where one can tell whether the cruises you've seen are run because there is no cabotage law or that they are run because is a law and they obtained permits? I cannot find a link saying there are no restrictions but I can find several links about long running strong Union opposition to unlimited foreign shipping access including the occupation of a ship that the Australian owner wanted to operate with foreign sailors. This is the government link that I found complicated. https://www.aph.gov.au/About_Parliament/Parliamentary_Departments/Parliamentary_Library/pubs/rp/rp0304/04rp12 . It is outdated but proposals arose around 2015 -1016 to modify it to an annual permit. As Crystal doesn't usually do cruise segments that stay exclusively within Australia a lack of a quick pemit could be their current limitation. Bill
  8. This ran on the Seabourn forum "Seabourn and the current issues surrounding the Corona Virus" pg 13 post 307 by rols: "If a ship *only* calls at Australian ports and doesn't go to at least one 'foreign' port then there are tax implications on things like duty free liquor. This is why (I have read this before) the round Aussie cruises often include Bali as it's an easy stop." If the tax rules reach to bar sales then it gets messy. Australia does have a cabotage law equivalent to the PSVA but I found it complicated to sort out what is allowed as it involves applications and permits each time. Maybe this instance is too near and too controversial to get approval in time. Bill
  9. Yes Singapore to Vancouver is half the distance but it only takes 2 weeks nonstop. Scheduling something else for the other 9 weeks between now and early May will also burn up a chunk of fuel so maybe distance is less of a question. The salability is another issue, the long route allows for both through passengers and segment sales. Pacific coast or Hawaii routes don't even offer 4 week opportunities and besides others are already trying to sell there. Figuring out what would sell and for how much is probably as much work here as the technical issues of distance/time and port availability. It makes the armchair quarterbacking interesting ...so long as we only view ourselves as amateurs :) . Bill
  10. Malaysia Airlines via Kuala Lumpur. Qatar via Doha or Emirates via Dubai are about 1/3 longer trips. Bill
  11. You know, with the QE's sales success last Friday on their Sydney - Vancouver trip, a Dubai trip may not be so crazy. Find a place for a 10 day clean up then 10 days to Dubai. Westbound to Vancouver is shorter, would you like "A tale of two Canals" (Suez-Panama) or "A tale of two Capes" (Good Hope & the Horn)? Bill
  12. Have you considered Premium Economy? We used to use it all the time on British Air and are moving back from business the next time because of being able to sit side by side. Look for the 2 seat sets for privacy. Air New Zealand has LAX-Perth via Auckland in 25 hours for US$2146. Bill
  13. I hope you don't mind me here 3418ahl, but I would hate to see your vacation lost. Captured 1am EST Sunday. Qatar also has their own flights direct from Atlanta, Philadelphia, JFK, and LGA to Doha. From Atlanta business started at $2343 Is your agent not pressing enough about swapping your Singapore flight to Colombo? Currently the Colombo business ticket is 1/3 that of Singapore. Bill
  14. Qatar shows two flights Doha to Colombo and two by codeshare with SriLankan. Bill
  15. Thorough computer searches will give you all the possible trips even if they are not realistic. From Google's ITA Matrix the slowest flight from LAX to Perth arriving on April 22 is: -LAX to Nadi Thu, Mar 19 Fiji Airways 811 Dep:11:00pm Arr: Sat 4:45am, 10h 45m flight -Layover in Nadi Sat, Mar 21 3h 25m -Nadi to Melbourne Sat, Mar 21 Fiji Airways 935 Dep:8:10am Arr:12:30 pm 5h 20m flight -Layover in Melbourne 23h 35m -Melbourne to Perth Sun, Mar 22 Qantas 475 Dep:12:05pm Arr:1:10pm 4h 5m flight Total 47h 10m. The fastest one that came up was 21h 35m. The price is cheap, it's missing the connection in Melbourne by 25 minutes that makes this so long. More seriously, for those looking for flight choices, https://matrix.itasoftware.com/ seems to have all the schedules in one place. You do have to read and use all the buttons to get its full benefits but it will then quickly give you a realistic picture of what's feasible. Bill
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