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  1. Regarding St. Pierre & Miquelon, -What are France's covid rules for US visitors? -For covid purposes SP&M residents have been able to continue their privilege of local travel to and from Canada almost as if they were Canadians. Connecting themselves with another country could impact that. Bill
  2. Caveat: we have 10 times more days on Seabourn than on Crystal. Dining -I'm not sure if you wish to dine solo or are asking if company can be arranged. Nonetheless we have always received a table for 2 when we asked for it, no significant wait either. Seabourn is open seating, Crystal was just adapting to it when we tried them. We have seen Seabourn solos with a table to themselves and deduced it was their choice. Then we know of a frequent traveler who always had an intermediate officer at her table, maybe it was a break for the officer too. The maître d' often asks guests if they would
  3. jjs217 -Seabourn has planned their exact dates already, the announcement said that the Quest's winter 2021-22 cruises will be same as winter 2020-21. The day of the month will be the same, just change the year. As I mentioned in post #3 above you can get the 2020-21 brochure from Seabourn's website. This is what the plan now looks like: Nov 7 2020 2021 43 days Miami-Santiago-Falklands-BA Nov 29 2020 2021 21 days Santiago-Falklands-BA Dec 20 12 2020 2021 24 days BA-South Georgia-Santiago Jan 13 2021 2022 21 days Santiago-Falklands-BA Feb 3 2021 2022 21 days BA-Fa
  4. The independent websites I use just deleted the Quest's 2020-21 Antarctic schedule but Seabourn still has their 2020-2021 brochure online, open it then download the PDF while you can. A quick glance says all the trips are identical except for direction and whether they go via the Falklands or South Georgia. We took the Pride all the way around South America in 2009 and enjoyed all the Chilean and Argentinian stops, one of our best trips. Bill
  5. Sorry, it was not HAL's descriptions that I thought had changed, it was their itinerary list and map. Alas I did not keep copies to back up my old memory. Bill
  6. Thanks for the clarification Chief. I do recollect small modifications being done to The Quest's hull before Seabourn started their original Antarctic program. What we seem to have come to is that the Polar Code rules for existing ships are not quite the brick wall deadline that they first seemed to be. The neccesary modifications may be achievable after all Bill
  7. While I wrote ChEng replied to the Oceania board Bill
  8. Part I -the rules I too have appreciated ChEngKP75 input on this subject to CruiseCritic. In view of it, I'm going to try a layman's summary of Antarctic rules. Ice Class -is a long running rating that is to do with the hull's ability to withstand hitting floating ice and to hit back, breaking ice up to the heaviest levels. Ordinary cruise ships have little or no rating here. The Polar Code is a new requirement to do with: -the officer's training for navigating in the cold and ice -the fitness of the bridge equipment re cold and ice encrusting -the fitness of th
  9. Your cancellation may be just be a case of Seabourn revising the Quest's 2021-22 program to take over its previous 2020-21 plan. After they have a chance to contact everybody you may find you can book something close to your intended plan and, fingers crossed, close to the past Antarctic pricing. CruiseTimetables still has Quest's pre Covid 2020-21 schedule on display, it can be translated to 2021-22. Bill
  10. P&O's 1954 Arcadia, 3 days around Vancouver Island 1973. The best part was 30,000 ton us quietly coming up behind a 2 man tugboat with a log tow in narrow Muchalat Inlet (Gold River). When our captain realized the tug hadn't noticed us he gave a long blast on the horn. Never saw a tug move so fast. The third night we were already back in Vancouver harbour but anchored rather than tie up so that we could party without breaking the liquor laws of the day. Bill
  11. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2755299-regatta-ph-connecting-suite/?tab=comments#comment-60165947 post 13 solved the concern completely. Bill
  12. I have to disagree with the negative reactions to Vitruosos's memo. While your agent is pressing for your ticket money there is nothing wrong with them pressing for their paycheck money too. You're looking for a return of money to your discretionary spending, they're looking for money for their basic living expenses, you both care. My agent is a major seller for Crystal. Despite all the extra work of cancellations and refunds she is only getting paid for 4 days a week. Even worse, if Crystal goes down her job of 30 years goes away. You can bet she is plenty motivated for all of thi
  13. I would have though the long term break even was more like 60-75% But with the present high cost of standing still, any income you can get that is greater than its immediate direct cost is good because it will at least pay part of those fixed costs. Yes a program should pay for all of its fixed costs but for the short term this will get the monthly loss to go down. Bill
  14. LHT -so the time the plane's outbound leg to Vancouver the day before was delayed by European radar problems and while we barely made our onward connection at Heathrow our bags didn't get forwarded until the next day; ...that all didn't happen? Or the time the plane was bit late, lost its gate slot and we had be bussed from the spot where the plane got parked at a cost of about 45 minutes? My original point wasn't to split hairs on cautious timing, it was to suggest to ToxM what O can face in offering air to many of its customers. ToxM -it's your cruise but I wouldn't consider all
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