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  1. Perhaps my reply to northwest newbie posted prior to your response answers your question. I would much rather have gratuities included in the fare, failing that I have always paid the autogratuity and would opt in, to ensure the charge is distributed fairly. So, to answer your post and to make it perfectly clear - yes it is purely a matter of principle.
  2. I object to the change in the process and the underlying principle not the impact on fares/paying of a service charge, so booking on another site makes no difference.
  3. Envy, really? If Cunard had decided to remove autogratuities from the UK fares and left them in place for the other markets, I would have posted exactly the same comments.
  4. I won't be cancelling either of the two cruises we've currently booked either. However, I will be giving the purser some earache if this hasn't changed before our next cruise. Not sure if there will be a number 3 with Cunard but that choice, (as you can probably tell I am more than a bit miffed by all this at present 😊), will be influenced by other factors too.
  5. The starting point is that the auto gratuity was previously a universal charge. If that were not the case there would be no vehicle for the temporary marketing inducements you describe. That these inducements are not universally applied is a given and although those who can't benefit may not like it, it is Cunard or the TA exercising their right to target specific markets/drum up sales. However this change is not a temporary marketing inducement. It is a permanent change (not having seen anything to contradict this) to a previously universal policy which now impacts a particular segment of the market and not in a positive manner. I wouldn't presume to express a view on the actions an individual might choose to take in response to this situation. I know what my views are and will act as I see fit.
  6. Personally, it isn't just about any resulting inconvenience, it's the fact this unfairness is purely due to the change to a process which was once universal and is now discriminatory. It is not what I expect in terms of customer care, which is an important factor in the decision as to who I choose to buy any service from. Unless Cunard are taking their clientele for fools, they need to have a rethink and pretty quickly.
  7. More like an enforced 'vive la difference'. There will be many UK customers who won't be aware of this duality regarding gratuities. A Brit who wants to opt out of the charge will still have to make a request to the purser, while another guest gets the opt out by default. No uncomfortable conversation at the desk for these individuals.... It also may result in more direct payments to staff, while those who pay the autogratuity feel they are viewed as cheap skates when the envelopes start to appear. I don't object to guests having the choice of how and where to reward service (or not to reward it at all). For it to be a fair choice it should be made against a common baseline applicable to all guests. We enjoyed Grills but seriously, if I can persuade my partner I'll conside throwing Cunard into touch and going elsewhere. I can't tolerate unfairness. So this is now extremely irritating......
  8. I would book the cruise and accommodation I want and then (try) not to look at the price going forward but be happy that I've got the holiday I want at a price I felt reasonable at the time of booking.
  9. If Cunard are using their various national websites to publish different rules for charging gratuities, it would imply using some notion of national stereotype. If it is the case, then it is neither fair or transparent...they possibly don't realise that with a bit of effort, you can access the Cunard sites outside your national domain. The world won't stop spinning but it is irritating and does Cunard no favours.
  10. It's also on the web site
  11. HHi MarkBearSF. I'm on QE next month, so I'll let you know how I get on regarding QG off menu ordering. Hi MarkBearSF. I can ask on board regarding lactose free offerings and get back to you on my return.
  12. Duck a l'orange, chateaubriand and beef Wellington. Also flambed desserts such as cherries jubilee and bananas foster. These are dishes I've come across in previous posts. We have a first foray into QG shortly so I'm really interested in this topic too. We've been in PG where we really enjoyed the food but there wasn't the same opportunity to order off menu.
  13. Thanks both for your replies. I'm definately going to book for 2021 now. I've had a look on YouTube and the decorations on QV for Christmas look amazing. Amfc_lenny I hope you have a fab time in November.
  14. The machine in QE grills was an illy Francis francis Y5. As mentioned before you get capsules refreshed daily. From memory there were 2 types. Espresso and lungho which resulted in a larger coffee.
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