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  1. The link is just to a high level deck plan, which gives a flavour of what the new ship may look like.They haven't released any imagery as far as I can tell. You can navigate from the web page to the main site which has images from some of their other design projects which include work on QV and QM2 for Cunard and for other cruise lines such as Virgin and Carnival.
  2. https://www.archbigicarita.eu/en/portfolio/asuka-ii-2-2/ Possibly some details regarding the new ship. This web page contains details regarding build 6274 in the fincantieri ship yard which is the cunard new build. Archi bigi carnita is a firm of naval architects who have worked on several carnival ships. You can see examples of their work on their site.
  3. Well that's cruise 2 of 4 cancelled. The next one is June 2021 so fingers crossed. Much as I love QE and would like to sail the med again, the thought of flying to Barcelona does nothing for me at all. I don't travel light hence the attraction of sailing from Southampton. Although Cunard may push the'one-off' opportunity to sail QE before she sets sail for Australia, they will face stiff competition from the likes of Seabourn, Regent, Crystal, Ncl, Celebrity et al. who also sail out of Barcelona and will be keen to welcome guests new and old. We will make a decision for 2022 once we've expreienced a post covid cruise and hopefully book while on board.
  4. We have sat at window tables in QG. However if there was an enforced choice between fixed dining in QG and anytime dining in the Verandah I'd choose the latter. This is a hypothetical anyway at present.
  5. Not the same dining experience. I wouldn't want to take dinner in the buffet.
  6. Dining space could be supplemented by using the Verandah as a venue. I know it will sacrifice an additional revenue stream but if it makes for a better passenger experience it might be worth it. Perhaps shuffle up, releasing the club dining room as a britannia overflow. Moving club into grills dining room and some of grills into Verandah. Club have open dining so that would fit with grills, only the menu would be different. I know some grills passengers may miss the grills lounge for pre and post dinner drinks but some may prefer the more central location of the Verandah. Just a thought. Also QE will be back in Southampton this month. If the Australian and Canadian season is delayed until summer 2021 and cruising can restart late 20/early 21, it would make sense to use QE's capacity to try out. the new procedures with a controlled number of guests. Perhaps introduce some short cruises or a couple of round britain voyages with additional inducements perhaps. Cunard need to be a bit imaginative.
  7. I sympathise completely. We are in our early 60s and late comers to cruising. We too thought we would have 10 or more years cruising having enjoyed ourselves immensely on the two we have taken and had three planned for 2020 and 2021. The only hope is an eventual vaccine as for us a 3 or 5 day cruise isn't practical when you take travelling to port into account and sailing circuits round the UK doesn't really appeal.
  8. The publication by the EU healthy gateways initiative for cruising makes for sobering reading. From segregating over 65s who its suggested will need a doctor's certificate of fitness to travel, to removing tea and coffee making facilities from cabins. emptying mini bars and plastic covers on TVs and remote controls. More passengers taking meals as room service and sharing tables with family members only. Forming cohorts for embarcation and disembarcation where the wearing of masks will be required. Banning the use of covered pools (no more spa) and limiting access to family members only for the hot tub. I tried to imagine these restrictions in a future cruise on QE and after skimming the 49 page document I concluded that if this is to dissuade you from cruising for the foreseeable future it's a job well done.
  9. Today, Simon Palethorpe posted on Cunard's YouTube channel that the pause in Cunard's operations has been extended until May 15th.
  10. I have a unique world club number as does my partner which cunard allocated when we booked our first cruise. Cunard also have our email addresses. So why can't I just create a password against my world club number and cunard request confirmation via an email link - seems to work for google. If they want to be a bit more secure, in addition to my world club number and password, I could be persuaded to enter my date of birth as well. I'd have thought the cunard user researchers, designers and coders would have taken the revamp of the VP as an opportunity to come up with with a simpler process for user authentication. I haven't managed to log on to the new VP yet from my phone as it doesn't recognise the booking number... So looks like not much system or acceptance testing against a range of target devices and browsers has taken place either.
  11. Beg to differ but we never saw the range of goods that were available in the grills restaurant for afternoon tea, nor the volume and we were on QE at the time.
  12. I must admit I never gave a thought to what to wear for afternoon tea. I'm not sure anyone else worried too much either. We learned that if you are on the Grills terrace around 4pm the waiters bring the remnants of afternoon tea to you and you get a decent sized cup of tea to boot. This allows the consumption of afternoon tea goods while wearing shorts or even...swimwear (gasp) Stick to the evening dress code and you can't go wrong. Outside of that I'd say don't worry.
  13. For my husbands birthday in December we've booked the Atlantic adventure on QV and I want to try the grills cabins on deck 8 aft as they look really nice. We were on QE last year when the weather in bay of Biscay was rough enough for the waiters in the commodore club to steer you to your seat. We weren't seasick but I think I've possibly made a mistake in booking these cabins in December. Has anyone sailed in these cabins in rough winter weather. We will stick with the booking but it would be useful to know what I've let us in for.
  14. I have a couple of bottles of the Quercus toiletries and would be sad if this was changed. A whiff of quercus and if I close my eyes I'm back on QE getting ready for dinner.
  15. If Cunard know how to do one thing, it's celebrating a special occasion. It will be worth every penny and the memories will be priceless. Keep up with the anticipation. I know you wont be disappointed.
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