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  1. I couldn't access the page through Edge. Called and was told to use Chrome or Internet Explorer. Went right through to the refund page. Try that if you keep getting the 404 error...
  2. Just saw that Seaside will be in Port Canaveral for a few months starting this November. Love Seaside- but hope Divina is still coming later next year. Good prices. The 4 night I looked at overnighted in Ocean Cay and also went to Nassau. There are 3, 4, and 7 day itineraries.
  3. Everything I search for in August is now showing 'Sold Out'. Was bookable last night. I have (had) an August 15th reservation on the Sun. Glitch on my end? The September cruises are still bookable, though. Maybe they are just extending the 'Pause' for 1 month? Anyone heard anything?
  4. Call right at their opening (Eastern time!) so no long 'hold'. SOME agents know what you are talking about. I had to call a few times until an agent knew what to do while I was on the phone. (Others had tried to tell me the credit would appear within 24 hours- but of course never happened). Your 'voucher' # is your original Booking #. The agent will contact the Supervisor- who will verify that you cruised during the Ocean Cay delay. My credit appeared on my September '20 booking within 5 minutes. Keep trying- worth it!
  5. Observatorium Escape Room costs $19.99 per person (same for adult or child). Must be age 12+. On Deck 15 Aft. Reserve your time in your Cruise Planner. I just checked mine (leave in 2 weeks)- Looks like our Sea Day is almost sold out (only 2 times left- both during dinner). All times still available during Port Days, though.
  6. Yes, credit appeared within 2 minutes. Good luck! It will happen while you are still on the phone. Don't let them tell you the 24 hour business...
  7. Success! After 3 phone calls I was able to have my 20% discount applied to a future cruise. Never did receive the elusive 'voucher'. First agent said it would be applied within 24 hours. Never happened. Today I gave 2nd agent the same information, she asked me to hold for 2-3 minutes (silent hold)- waited 30 minutes and then I hung up... Called back, explained to the 3rd agent what I wanted, gave him the original Booking # of the cruise I missed Ocean Cay and the Booking # of one of my future cruises. He called a supervisor, all done within 5 minutes. Was told the Supervisor needed to verify
  8. Watch the dates of the negative reviews. Yes, they had some challenges when they first came over- just not understanding American cruisers. Don't pay attention to anything older than 1 year. More positive reviews lately. They are learning... I do hope they don't Americanize everything- I enjoy the slight European atmosphere...Though, do wish for better Trivia.
  9. Awww, thanks. Wish I could use the other one. Hope someone else sees this and can understand how easy it was to do...
  10. Just completed the trade of a Lite for a Regular with BoundForSea. All done by phone through NCL. Easy! Appeared in my account (and his) within seconds. No problems whatsoever... I called the regular 800 #, the rep consulted with the CruiseNext Desk and it was done.
  11. Hi BoundForSea, I have a Lite I can trade. Mine expires 10/5/2023. I'd be happy to trade for the 2023 Certificate.
  12. Had a coworker come back from their 1st cruise (Carnival, Inside cabin, drinks package) and declare they would never- EVER, cruise again. Why, I asked? Because "they slept too much"...
  13. Just off the Meraviglia 4 night. MDR food was good- though if it lacked anything, it was seasoning. The only thing I didn't care for was the Gnocchi in cream sauce with walnuts. The Lasagna on Italian Night was great. Different, very meaty. Wish they would put that on the Everyday 'Classics' menu. One of my tablemates got the Osso Buco on Italian Night- said it was the best he has ever had.
  14. I spent most of last Thursday at the pool (off the Mariner). Great day. I got off the ship at about 8:15 with the 1st wave- VERY important. Had the pool pretty much to myself for 2 1/2 hours. Then people started pouring in from the ship. By 11:15 every chair was taken. People were roaming all over looking for loungers. By 11:30 there were a few single loungers left here and there. People started piling their stuff on the pavement while they went in the pool. I saw groups of 8 using 1 lounger as a 'base'. I sat on the left side of the bridge near the 'water loungers'. I am also sensitive to mus
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