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  1. I've stayed in both these cabins on the Reflection. They have no obstruction. Love the large balcony and the overhang for shade. When I book the Reflection, these are the first cabins I look for. Have two future cruises booked in 1552 (bed by balcony) and two future cruises booked in 1547 (bed by bath).
  2. FYI. We are going in Jan on a 7-day and paying about the same as your quote for AQ with 4 perks for two (booked over a year ago). AQ on same sailing is currently going for a little over $6,700 with 4 perks. We love AQ for BLU and PG (S Class); have been sailing AQ for years.
  3. I always bring a light sweater/blazer (one that matches everything) and take it with me to the theater/dining room (just in case) ... I tend to get cold easy, but with that said, I don’t always need ... like previous poster my Hubby is usually comfortable.
  4. Hi, Reflection is one of our favorite ships, hope this helps. Main Dining Room: breakfast and dinner all days, and believe lunch on only sea days (table service) FYI embarkation lunch in Main Dining Room is for Concierge Class only; Oceanview: breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner, ice cream bar (buffet) ... coffee/tea/juice bar in Oceanview is open 24/7; Mast Grill: lunch/early dinner (hamburgers/hot dogs, fries); Spa Cafe: breakfast and lunch (small plates) FYI smoothies have a cost unless you have a premium drink package Room Service: 6:00am -11:00pm (free unless you order a premium option ... I.e., Mimosa, caviar, etc ... they will be marked in the menu); Blu: breakfast and dinner if you are in AquaClass; Luminae: breakfast, lunch and dinner if you are in a Suite; Cafe al Bacio: Cakes and goodies free 6:30am - 12:30am ... Coffee has a charge;
  5. We are going in Jan … like to plan Caribbean vacations when the weather turns cold in Virginia. I did check the port schedule and they are several ships in San Juan that day, but our ship is the only one arriving/staying late. Linda
  6. We have done this several times. It is not about the wine, but about the wine glasses. You can pay for the "Tasting only" for about $30, or for the "Tasting and the Glasses" for about $85. If you do the Tasting and the Glasses you will each get a coupon for four glasses after the class is complete. Once you get home (or to an internet) you can order the type of glasses you prefer and they will ship them to your home … FYI: the cost for shipping is about $25. The wine glasses are nice and get lots of use at our house … in fact, due to breakage, we may have to take this class again on our upcoming cruise. We always have enjoyed the experience, and IMHO worth the price.
  7. Is this safe to walk at night? Our ship will not arrive until 4pm and depart around midnight.
  8. FYI ... Machine usage is limited to 20 or 30 minutes (depending on ship) to give everyone a chance to use. If there are people waiting, this is enforced. If the gym is fairly empty, then you will not be bothered.
  9. Sorry, was just talking about the upgrade (meaning thought you already had the classic package) and as someone pointed out it is now $12.00 due to increase in gratuities. If you already have the classic package, you can upgrade on board, or on line (if booked with a TA may have to have them call celebrity directly) for $12.00. We normally find a bartender we like and upgrade on board ... they get a small kick back.
  10. Thanks, I wasn’t aware if the gratuity increase.
  11. We paid nonsale $11.80 per day
  12. DH and I always book AQ Class. We enjoy access to the Persian Gardens and Blu. Others will tell you that they don’t like either. The only way to find out if it is to your liking, is to give it a try.
  13. Last cruise on Reflection (Jan) I got speciality coffee, teas, and the virgin cocktails on the classic drink package. The included water was fine for me, which I stocked up on in the cabin mini refrig. Agree with others, get on board, try it out, then make your decision.
  14. The last cruise I was on I could order a virgin daiquiri or colada on the Classic, but not the smoothies from the Aqua Cafe. I was also able to get iced coffee from the coffee shop.
  15. We did this for my husband's mom's 75th birthday, the only person that knew we (6 others) were on board was my husband's oldest brother. Our reservations were connected before sailing so that we would all be seated together in the Main Dining Room. We (all 6 of us) were sneaking around the ship the entire first day, every time we saw her, we went in the opposite direction (so much fun). We coordinated with oldest brother to bring mom to dinner (i.e., delay a few minutes) until after we were all seated. She came into the dining room, took her seat, glanced at the menu, then looked up to interduce herself. The first person she saw was her older brother (almost 90 years old), she jumped up (as fast as a 75-year-old could do) went around the table, squealing, to give him a hug and kiss. Then she turned to the table to explain that this was her older brother whom she had not seen in ages. At that point, she realized that the entire table was there for her. Lots and hugs, kisses and wonderful memories were made that night. Sadly, her brother passed away about 6 months after that cruise and she still talks about (she just turned 87) how she cherishes that night/cruise and the time she got to spend with her brother … you see, he had gone off to war when she was very young, so she never really had not gotten to know him … the 10 days they spent together was the best gift we could have gotten her. Not sure if the lifeboat drill will cause a problem, on our last cruise we were in the theater with many, many other folks … would be easy to "hide" if you chose to. Have fun/make memories!
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