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  1. We have a B2B Jan 4/Jan 15 booked on the Reflection. Haven’t cancelled yet, but am considering. Looked up pricing on both recently and they were way above our purchase price. The Jan 4 one, showed only OV cabins available, so looks like we may have a full ship, or that Celebrity is blocking rooms in prep of limited passengers. Who knows ... will make final decision in Sep.
  2. https://abc-aruba.com/
  3. We are scheduled to do a B2B on Reflection in January 2021, seriously considering slipping both until later in the year with the hopes that a vaccine will be out. Only time will tell.
  4. We are of the same mindset ... not until there is a vaccine. Scheduled to sail on a B2B in Jan 2021 and wondering when to pull the plug on both legs.
  5. The Reflection is different, no window washing equipment in front or beside either of these cabins (have stayed in both). When Reflection was built, the equipment location was changed. Have also stayed in these cabins on other S-Class ships and the equipment is in front of adjoining cabins, I personally didn’t find it a problem.
  6. Just got off the Reflection after 17 glorious days in 1552 (bed by balcony), and will be in 1547 (bed by bath) next January for 21 days. No obstruction (unless you count the overhang). On all other S-Class ships, both these cabins have the window washing equipment parked In front of adjoining cabin, which is considered an obstruction. Believe Celebrity just didn’t update deck plans entirely when the Reflection was built. The window washing equipment was moved on the Reflection to a different location (think deck 12). Take care of “my” cabin, if you are on the Reflection.
  7. We have done this several times. The first time we both got the package that included glasses, the second time we just paid full price (with glasses) Around $85.00 for one and the other just did the workshop , think it was $20.00.
  8. Has anyone taken this tour in Cartagena?
  9. Looking for information about the ABC Island Ultimate Safari
  10. Yes vote. Went to Santa Barbara about a year ago, very nice day. We had been to Curacao several times and had walked around town, which is lovely, decided on some different, and was glad we did.
  11. Thanks! Just wanted to ensure we were getting the correct info.
  12. Has anyone received a Back to Back discount on a 6-day cruise? I have a 6-day/12-day Back to Back scheduled, received a discount on the 12-day portion ($100), but am being told that there is no discount for the 6-day leg. True or False?
  13. Considering booking the Edge; what are the best Edge AQ Cabins? Are there any with larger balconies, prime locations, nonconnecting? Any cabins to steer away from? I looked at spreadsheet, and there were not many reviews. Thanks for assistance.
  14. I have lots of promotion codes, and still have B2B discount listed on each segments
  15. Have done the Riedel and really enjoyed the experience. Will likely do it again.
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