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  1. We have never had the pleasure of staying in a suit, but have been invited to the helipad twice (once while departing Cartagena, Columbia … spectacular.) Don’t know what we did to get so lucky, luck of the draw I guess.) It was a wonderful experience.
  2. Was about 10 minutes late due to technical issues … hope I get credit
  3. I cancelled a cruise on 15 May and am still awaiting FCC.
  4. I will be on Sky Princess, Aft A739; is soot bad enough to change cabins? Love aft cabins on Celebrity and never had a soot problem.
  5. We have always ordered substitutes…years ago it was no problem to get a plate of shrimp every night. The last few years the steward has mixed it up with different types of cheese plates and shrimp, stating it was difficult to get shrimp every night. We were still very happy.
  6. How long have recent FCCs certificates taken to receive? We cancelled 2 cruises in mid-May. One we elected to get a refund, the other FCC. We received the refund within a few weeks, but are still awaiting the FCC certificate. Just wondering if I should be worried.
  7. We sailed Jan 2020, and there was a line for Concierge and Aqua. When boarding, Suites were called first, then Concierge and shortly thereafter Aqua. We had a 1200 boarding thime that no one paid attention to. We were are the port early.
  8. Would love to hear if footstools are back on revolutionized S-Class in Aqua.
  9. Yes waiting on an FCC for several months. Final payment on next cruise is beginning of Sept, I’ve been told they are working on it . Hoping it is sorted out before final payment.
  10. Yes, we always book 2 yrs in advance. We cruise in January and book on board. January 2020 we booked a B2B for January 2022, which is still on schedule. In January 2019, we booked a B2B for January-2021, both were cancelled. Looking forward to getting back on board.
  11. I’ll cruise. I’m with the individual “Choice”. If you prefer not to be vaccinated and get sick, then that is your choice. The unvaccinated take the chance of getting sick and being put off the ship, incurring all expenses associated. Those vaccinated have very little to no chance of getting seriously ill from COVID.
  12. I tried it last night, didn’t look anything like their rendition, but posted it anyway.
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