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  1. 7 minutes ago, OzKiwiJJ said:

    Some cruise lines, ie Princess, have good search engines that allow you to select several months instead of just one. You can also select specific ships and regions. I suggest searching for a suitable starting cruise, then change the search to that ship only and extend the dates. Ensure the results are displayed in date order then you can see exactly where that ship is going. Note, sometimes there are multiple embarkation points for one cruise so you just have to "filter" those out yourself.

    Similarly, some online TA websites also allow you to filter down to an individual ship on any cruise line.

  2. Many of the Specialty Coffees are included in the Classic Package. Last September on the Reflection it included many of the alcoholic coffees since they were priced at or below $9

  3. 37 minutes ago, Moby Jones said:


    The aqua suites have long since been rebranded sky suites. 

    The aquaclass BALCONY rooms if that's what you are referring to do come with a complimentary bottle of sparkling white wine (not real champagne). They are noo longer automatically placed in your room though and you will now have to ask your stateroom attendant for it. 

    And if you do not like sparkling wine, you can ask your attendant to switch it to a red or white still wine.

  4. On 1/5/2020 at 7:51 PM, critterchick said:

    I'd say the class package has the $8-10 bottles.

    Perhaps it depends on the state you live in. We had a CA Chardonnay from The Seeker on the Classic Beverage Package on our cruise last September. It sells at a wine store chain in NC for $13.99.  Have also seen it advertised online at $9.99 at a NYC discount store!

  5. 4 hours ago, Cruzmama said:

    We’ve booked deck 8, midship. Wondering if the overhang above deck 9 will keep us in the shade. I’d like some sun on our Balcony. 

    Deck 10 extends about 10 feet beyond your balcony railing and about 15 feet out from the sliding doors.  Since the overhang is about 20 feet above the floor of your balcony, when the sun is straight out from your balcony and about 53 or less degrees above the horizon, you will have sun on your entire balcony.

  6. 2 hours ago, cruisestitch said:

    You would need to pay the difference in price between the included still water and the sparkling water, plus the gratuity.  

    Not sure that the difference plus gratuity applies to non-alcoholic drinks. Did you actually do so; and if so, what was the price of the sparkling and was the difference based on the price of still water or on the $9 CBP ceiling price?



  7. 3 hours ago, davekathy said:

    No sticker. Your Sea Pass card will have CALL already printed on it. Stands for Classic Beverage Package. All drinks you order with the CBP have the gratuity already added in. No additional tipping required. The only place you can't use your CBP is for the mini bar in your stateroom and room service. 

    Note that the CBP has a $9 per drink price ceiling. If you order a drink in excess of $9 - e.g. a $14 drink at the Martini Bar - you will be charged the difference plus a 20% gratuity: ($14 - $9) x 1.20 = $6.

  8. 23 minutes ago, bonsai3s said:

    MarkandDonna...you've covered most of it.

    We usually do DIY...but many years ago, we did a Baltic cruise with a stop in St. Petersburg, Russia.  At the time, passengers who booked directly with the ship included the required Russian visa.  Not sure what the visa requirements are now,...but back then, we weren't allowed to just walk off the ship and DIY.  Perhaps there are other countries where your only choice is to go with a ship's excursion.

    Registered private tour agencies in StP provide the same group visas included in their price just as the ship's tours do. And this was also the case when we did a Baltic cruise about 7 years ago.

  9. Doubt your TA is suggesting you cancel your early booking on board if prices are higher, just that you could cancel it if the on board booking is a better deal when you get on the ship. "Better" including the combined effects of any price or perk changes and any additional bonuses for booking on board.

  10. 12 hours ago, Jim_Iain said:

    My experience has been that they might have a major currency on board, e.g. Euros on an European cruise but rarely have currencies for local countries like the ones you have listed.   If you can't exchange currency before your cruise you might consider using a ATM from a bank that refund foreign ATM's transaction fees.    We use First Republic and they have advised me that I would get a better exchange rate at an ATM with their rebate of transaction fees than they could get if I ordered the currency state side.

    On our Asian cruise 3 years ago, the Millennium had Japanese and Singapore currency exchange don't remember about the others except definitely not Vietnamese currency - also not available through my bank - but no matter since USD accepted in the major cities.

  11. 3 hours ago, HFX said:

    So we already have the premium drink package. Do we get upgraded to the "Drinks and more package" 


    If already paying a premium, you should get an upgrade, or at least an OBC in the amount of the 14pp pd.


    We booked in November 2019.

    The $14pp pd fare increase was only if you selected the Classic and never if you selected all 4 perks with the Premium.


    Now if you selected the Classic Perk, paid the $14 fare increase and then paid additional to Upgrade to Premium, that's a different story. You should then request to be refunded the Upgrade purchase.

  12. 1 hour ago, diamondintn said:

    We are below cabin # 8334. 

    Sorry, misread - thought you were in 7356.


    7354 is still larger than the standard balcony but not as large as 7356. The railing of the 7354 balcony starts out at the location of a standard balcony and angles out to meet the railing of the larger 7356 balcony. The additional balcony space (beyond that of a standard balcony) of 7354 is a triangle that is half the area of the rectangular additional space of 7356.

  13. 57 minutes ago, diamondintn said:

    Hi Finchy,

    This cabin is not on the midship hump. It's aft starboard close to the sunset verandas. Cabin # 7354. Any help would be great.

    Cheers! Lisa

    Yes it is larger. Cruisedeckplans.com has a link to a video of cabin 8338 directly above you and the video shows the larger balcony. Yours should be the same.

  14. If you intend to use the "one category upgrade" loyalty benefit, consider putting a hold on both your desired cabin and one in the lower category - especially if there is low availability of cabins in the lower category. The upgrade benefit requires an available cabin in the lower category; so placing a hold on one in the lower category guarantees you will be able to take advantage of the loyalty benefit.

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