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  1. If you plan on booking Murano on the first night, then you would be better off not getting the 3-night package and either booking the 1st night discounted price online or waiting to negotiate discounts on board. At $129 pp ($43 per night) the 3-night package is a terrible deal - hardly any discount at the more expensive restaurants and higher than the regular price for a couple of the lower priced restaurants.
  2. Summit is about 2/3 the size of Reflection but has only half as many specialty restaurants - and unfortunately, no longer anything like Murano after converting the Normandie to the Tuscan Grille.
  3. No bars on deck 3, but you have them on decks 4, 5, 10 and 11. Biggest difference in my mind is less for-fee specialty restaurants - only Tuscan Grille, Sushi on Five and Qsine.
  4. From Celebrity's website: Classic Package $59 USD/per night* Includes drinks up to $9 and those of the Standard Beverage Package. A 20% service charge is added to each check. Wines by the bottle are discounted by 15% VODKA Absolut and Flavors New Amsterdam Smirnoff Tito’s GIN Beefeater Bombay Dry Gordon’s TEQUILA Cazadores Blanco Don Julio Blanco Herradura Blanco WHISKEY (BOURBON, CANADIAN, IRISH, AND SCOTCH) Canadian Club Dewar’s White Label Famous Grouse Jim Beam Johnnie Walker Red Monkey Shoulder Seagram’s 7 Seagram’s VO COCKTAILS A large selection of classic cocktails made with Classic Beverage Package spirits RUM Bacardi & Flavors Bacardi Oakheart Captain Morgan's Kraken Black Spiced Malibu Myer’s Wray & Nephew LIQUEURS & COGNACS Campari Galliano Goldschlager Hennessy VS Kahlua Kirsch Licor 43 Novo Fogo Cachacas Ouzo Romana Sambuca Southern Comfort Tia Maria BEERS Alaska Brewing (Alaska Sailngs) Amstel Light Boddington’s Coors Light Corona Light Corona Franziskaner Kirin Kirin Light Miller Lite Moretti Newcastle Brown Ale Pabst Blue Ribbon Red Stripe Sam Adams Strongbow hard ciders WINES A large selection of wines from around the world, such as chardonnays from California, merlots from Washington, malbecs from Argentina, and riojas from Spain NON-ALCOHOLIC Nonpremium bottle water Premium coffees Juices Sodas Premium teas
  5. The black Square indicates a convertible sofa which is always next to the balcony - leaving the bed next to the bath. And they do usually alternate. But not all cabins without a black square have beds next to the balcony. When there are many cabins together without black squares, they are still alternating between bed next to bath and bed next to bakcony. Then you can often identify which is which by looking at cabin pictures on websites dedicated to deck plans. Once identified, since they alternate, you can count down cabins by two to determine the bed configuration of other cabins without pictures.
  6. Unusual comment since the points for the cruises on Royal would not accrue to Celebrity. Are you saying you made Diamond on RCI and Elite on Celebrity due to the three cruises and thus have both even without the reciprocity?
  7. Just paying the difference (plus the associated gratuities) was extended to the Classic back in the latter part of 2016. It happened the same time as when they changed from the different price ceilings for beer, cocktails and wine to the single $9 ceiling for all alcoholic drinks.
  8. I believe that fuel expenses have increased faster than food expenses; so one should expect that food expenses would decline as a percentage of total expenses; and presumably also decline as a percentage of revenue.
  9. Before they changed to the new pricing, the difference between non-refundable and refundable deposit fares for the same number of perks was generally about 5%. So consider that about 210 CAD of the above 725 CAD difference is due to the refundable deposit and 515 CAD is a reasonable estimate what you would be paying to add the two perks.
  10. An 2014 article indicated that Celebrity would be adding SO2 scrubbers to 6 unidentified ships. There were 10 ships in the fleet at that time - including the Equinox. So don't know if the Equinox was one of those six.
  11. Sorry, do not understand your comment. 1000 through 1024 is certainly different than 1100 through 1136.
  12. Just a guess, but since you're cruising Hubbard Glacier on the second day, N-2 is more likely than a port night, and N-6 is rather common. since everyone is packing on N-7.
  13. "Eight days a week is not enough to show I care."
  14. Been a few years, but when we were departing from Yokohama in 2016, suites, AQ and CC had organized boarding priority.
  15. Sorry, should have known the TP had already taken place. They probably had to raise the ceilings, especially for the Classic to $11, to keep a decent selection of wine choices after price increases. Also begs the question of whether or not some of the liquor choices that were moved to Premium (e.g. Tanqueray, Baileys, etc. ) might make their way back to the Classic. If you get the chance, please let us know if the Classic got any back. Thanks.
  16. Depending on the Departure Port, if you get there quite early, priority can be both for the line to get to the service desk to check in and potentially the line or area to wait after checking in until boarding is permitted. For the latter, Aqua definitely has priority.
  17. Micheleata is correct; the amount of your OBC is at the top right of the screen after entering the Cruise Planner - just to the left of the indicator of how many items are in your cart. Sorry, about my post saying to do a dummy purchase - it's in such small print that I had not noticed it before!
  18. When you go to purchase something in the Cruise Planner (such as a shore excursion of specialty dining) after you add your purchase to the "Cart", you will see a summary page that shows your current amount due for the items in your cart, and below that a choice to Check Out or continue shopping, and below that the Onboard Credit Available if you have any. Note that adding something to your cart is not a commitment to purchase since you can easily remove the item rather than completing the purchase. So you can make a dummy purchase to see what, if any, OBC you have available to purchase. However, this only shows the OBC available directly from Celebrity and does not show OBC from a TA.
  19. Presumably you are on a TP departing from Australia. Leaving from Australia, the per drink ceiling prices you are seeing are probably the ones that include the gratuity instead of the more traditional ceiling prices that do not include the gratuity.
  20. Another thread regarding the deck 10 cabins indicates that Celebrity may be switching them out of AQ down to a regular balcony class.
  21. Until they are opened up, they take up the same space.
  22. Yeah, the 3-night package is a joke at $43 per night - very little discount at most restaurants and more than a couple at their regular prices. 4-night used to be decent at $125, but they upped it by almost 20% late last year.
  23. I believe the no smoking inside (including the casino) policy was introduced around 2008.
  24. You should be able to shift the first night reservation to a different night upon boarding. Also, if you purchased your package prior to last Fall, note that package prices increased significantly in late 2018 - so it might cost you more if you cancelled and rebooked a package.
  25. DW lost a small coin-purse that contained her driver's license and ship key card while touring Helsinki on a Baltic cruise.
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