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  1. You should be able to shift the first night reservation to a different night upon boarding. Also, if you purchased your package prior to last Fall, note that package prices increased significantly in late 2018 - so it might cost you more if you cancelled and rebooked a package.
  2. DW lost a small coin-purse that contained her driver's license and ship key card while touring Helsinki on a Baltic cruise.
  3. Personally, I would never fly to get to a 4-night cruise - just not worth the hassle. I guess the Oasis 4-nighter would not be as much of a booze cruise as a 4-night Carnival cruise; but if that's a concern, then the cruise to Bermuda would probably be less concern. By the way, early November is still technically in the hurricane season. 21 November hurricanes over the last 68 years
  4. But if a water park is an absolute must, then you might also consider doing a back to back cruise with two 7-night cruises out of Florida to both the Eastern and Western sides of the Caribbean. You would have your choice of several large ships from Royal Caribbean, NCL, Disney, Carnival or MSC.
  5. I did a search for Baltic, Med and Greek Island cruises, 12-14 nights, at least 2500 passengers, and departing 7/22/20 to 7/28/20; then checked for water slides. The only cruise that fits your constraints - including with a water slide - is a 14 night Baltic cruise on the MSC Meravigilia - round trip from either Kiel on 7/25/20 or Copenhagen on 7/26/20.
  6. And the price with a refundable deposit was always more expensive than the price with a non-refundable deposit - typically about 5% higher. So let's look at a price comparison to see what you are getting for your money. For an example, I arbitrarily choose a 2B cabin on a 7-night E. Caribbean cruise on the Equinox departing 2/1/20. For this cruise, the current price with zero perks and a non-refundable deposit is $1484 pp, while the price with two perks and a refundable deposit is $1799 pp (both prices not including taxes and fees.) We can think of the price differential of $315 as consisting of three pieces: an up charge for the benefit of a refundable deposit and the cost of two perks. 5% of the non-refundable rate is about $75 - so we can use it as a reasonable estimate of the up charge for a refundable deposit. Thus $315 - $75 = $230 is a reasonable estimate of the cost your are paying for your two perks. If you were to pick the $150 OBC and the Classic Beverage Package as your two perks, you would effectively be paying only $230 - $150 = $80 for the Classic. At only $11.43 per day, this is only 16.1% of the $70.80 daily standard price for the Classic ($59 plus the now 20% gratuity.) So the two-perk pricing versus zero-perk pricing gives you an excellent effective price for the Classic Beverage Package.
  7. We usually take private tours and have never had a problem getting back to the ship on time. But we also have trip insurance to cover the rare occurence of getting left behind.
  8. They have no tours of their own, merely act as middlemen, adding their percentage as they book them for other vendors. Better to do your research and look for independent tours to book directly.
  9. Guess one Captain has to buy the other Captain a drink!
  10. There are many types of priority boarding; and some have more than others! Just tell them the basis for your priority and ask them where to go.
  11. Not sure where your $65 comes from - perhaps a per couple cost. Yes, since they upped the Specialty Restaurant Package prices late last year, their savings is significantly reduced - and in some cases for some restaurants a negative savings. You now have to book at least a 6-night package for the average cost to be less than $35 pp per dinner. And then the average cost is still $34 - only a $1 savings at Raw. The minimum 3-night package has an average cost of $43! Much better to wait and see what discounts you may be able to negotiate on board.
  12. The most forward 2/3 of the deck 10 Aqua cabins are under the Cosmos Lounge and near the Fitness Center. so you could have some late night noise from above and early morning traffic to the Fitness Center. If you decide to book on deck 10, definitely book one of the 1/3 further aft cabins. And you should also take a look at the Aqua cabins on deck 11 - their balconies are uncovered, so nice view of the night sky and perhaps a little warmer during the day. Only downside is potential noise from the movies on deck 11. Check the deckplan since some of the deck 11 cabins have larger balconies.
  13. If it's just for balcony consumption, remember you can bring two bottles with you when you board at embarkation.
  14. I would think that without any reservations a group of 8 would have a significantly longer wait than a group of 2 or 4. However, if you are willing to split into two groups of 4, then you should have very little wait unless you arrive at primetime e.g. 7-8. Note that you can make advanced reservations - either online prior to your cruise or on board; but of course, that tends to defeat the idea of flexible select dining.
  15. Only if you order a drink priced higher than the Premium Package $15 ceiling price and then only on the excess. For example, if you order a $18 glass of wine, then you will pay ($18 - $15) x 1.20 = $3.60.
  16. The only Aqua cabins without an overhang are the forward A2 cabins: Port 1501-1541 and Starboard 1502-1546.
  17. Interested in your opinion of whether or not the decreased loyalty benefits starting in Nov 2019 are signs of more decreases to come?
  18. Not anymore! The package prices increased in late 2018 - now even the 12-night package costs $31.50 per night!
  19. USD is the official on-board currency and I have had no problem getting change for $100's. But I have not had any experience changing Euros. Don't know if the above comments are for both currencies or just dollars.
  20. Don't choose the Millennium based on going to S. Korea - ship is only there from 8pm to 10pm for a technical stop. Effectively just adds another day at sea sailing north and then back south - probably because China does not allow them to go directly from Shanghai to Taiwan.
  21. And of course, if you cancel after the final payment date, regardless of refundable or non-refundable, there is a schedule of how much you lose that increases as you get closer to the departure date. By the way, the OP's "letting RC pick your room" could mean either booking a Guarantee Cabin or on the website there is an option to let RC pick or search the deck plan for your own choice. If you select let RC pick, then you get the cabin closest to mid-ship in your chosen cabin class.
  22. 2154 has bed by balcony while 2159 has bed by bath. Silhouette connected rooms have the option to be or to not be connected via a mini foyer. Reflection is the only S-class ship that has connections through the wall.
  23. Unless your resort is in Nassau 🤔
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