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  1. Sorry, just noticed math error. Celebrity cruise is only 12 nights, so specialty package is just $378, Celebrity total cost = $3503.19 or $291.93 And thus Oceania is 100% higher and Azamara is 38% higher
  2. Always get a chuckle when I see a posting like this. I am sure there are many reasons to book Oceania or Azamara (e.g. for their superb food and service) but their all inclusive pricing is not one of them! I challenge you to find comparable cruises for which Celebrity's effective all inclusive price is "almost the same price" as their all inclusive pricing. Here is a randomly chosen comparison. Australia/New Zealand cruises: Oceania Regatta 14-night 1/20/20 in cheapest balcony B2 with basic beverage included $8199.00 pp or $584.64 per night Azamara Journey 15-night 2/8/20 in cheapest balcony V3 with basic beverage included $5624.00 $427.32 T&F $6051.32 pp or $403.42 per night Celebrity Solstice 13-night 2/17/20 in most expensive standard balcony 1A with a 12% larger cabin and 25% larger balcony (not counting the larger angled balcony space) $2479.00 Fare $196.19 T&F $450.00 4-perk upgrade with premium beverage $428.00 12-night specialty restaurant package + 1 additional night at $50 $3553.19 pp or $296.10 per night Total "Inclusive Cost" per night Summary: Oceania is 97% higher than Celebrity Azamara is 36% higher than Celebrity I'd love to see a case where Oceania or Azamara prices were more in line with Celebrity - so please show me. And again, I am not saying that Celebrity is at the same quality level - just that the "all inclusive" pricing is no where close to that of Celebrity.
  3. Note that M-class does not have balcony dividers that can be opened - only S-class.
  4. cruisedeckplans.com also shows it as a C1
  5. Since your first stop is another Canadian port, US immigration will occur in Seattle (assuming that Victoria does not have US pre-clearance capability.) And it is not IF WE GO ASHORE - you will be required to go through US immigration and thus MUST go ashore.
  6. Assuming that your TP is a 19-night cruise, it would be $45 pp per night to go from 2 to 4 perks (Premium upgrade included). That is that standard upgrade price for all cruises that has been around for some time.
  7. I tracked three different cruises prices/perks from 4/1/19 to 4/4/19: In all cases the price to upgrade from 2 perks to 4 perks is still $45 per day with the Premium Beverage Package upgrade included. Millennium 7-N Alaska 7/24/20 A2 with 2 perks increased $150 ($2499 to $2649) 2B with 2 perks increased $100 ($2249 to $2349) Price increases may be within normal market movement Equinox 11N S. Caribbean 5/2/20 A2 with 2 perks increased $150 ($2199 to $2349) 1B with 2 perks increased $100 ($1849 to $1949) Again, price increases may be within normal market movement Reflection 13N Transatlantic 10/20/20 A2 refundable 0 perk to non-refundable 0 perk increased $6 ($2799 to $2805) A2 refundable 0 perk to refundable 2 perk increased $500 ($2799 to $3299) 1B 0 perks also increased $6 going from refundable to non-refundable 1B refundable 0 perk to 2 perk also increased $500 ($2219 to $2719) Don't like the $6 increases while going from refundable to non-refundable! Don't know whether or not the old refundable 0 perk fares increased from March to April 1st; but if not, then the $500 ($38.46 per day) increase for 2 perks looks like a very good price for the value of gratuities and the Classic. Happy cruising.
  8. When we did the same overnight, guest services essentially said they could care less! Made no notations of our planned whereabouts. By the way, you will love Kyoto.
  9. No problem. Yes the required sample size as a percent of the population decreases as you increase the population. Happy Cruising
  10. With the increased gratuities it will be $182 more. Aside from the additional Captain's Club points, personally I would rather use the $182 for about two nights of specialty restaurant dining.
  11. OP's post was probably due to the misleading language in the website description of the package pricing. However, does anyone know what gratuity is currently being charged on individual drinks if you do not have a package? 18% or 20%?
  12. The current price difference between 2 and 4 perks is generally $45 per day with the Premium upgrade included. Will be interesting to see if they keep it near $45 or drop it to $35 in keeping with only the Classic now. Any bets?
  13. They are numbered 1000 through 1024 (even numbers only) and were added during the most recent refit. 1000 through 1016 are under the Cosmos Lounge and might get noise from the lounge in the evening.
  14. Since your comment totally ignores the mathematics of the finite population correction factor let me give you another example. To obtain the same adjusted standard error as a sample size of 5 out of a population of 100, if you increase the population to 1000 you would need to increase the sample size to 41. The mathematics do not lie!
  15. The $125 3-night package does not give you much of a discount at $41.67 per night - actually more expensive than a couple of the specialty restaurant's standard prices! Recommend you instead look for specialty restaurant deals while on board.
  16. Not true. The finite population correction factor to adjust the standard error of a sample mean equals the square root of [(N - n)/(N-1)] where N = population size and n = sample size. For a constant adjusted standard error, n = k + (1-k)N where k is a positive constant less than 1. As N increases, n must also increase to maintain a constant adjusted standard error. If you do not believe this, then consider the fact that for a population of 100 a sample of 100 would have zero standard error; while for a population of one million, the sample size would need to be one million to have zero standard error. However it is true that to maintain a constant non-zero adjusted standard error, the required sample size as a percentage of population size decreases as the population increases since n/N = k/N + (1-k)
  17. And at $125 pp, the 3-dinner package ($41.67 per dinner) is not much of a discount - actually more that the standard price for some specialty restaurants. You would be better off waiting for the chance of on-board discounts for individual restaurants.
  18. If you have any OBC from Celebrity, then you can use it to purchase a shore excursion prior to boarding - so need not always be billed to a credit card.
  19. Sorry, they do not email reminders. You have everything you need (reservation number, ship, departure date, cabin number, outstanding balance & final payment date) in the information you received at the time you booked your reservation. I suggest you make your final payment a couple of days prior to the final payment date to avoid any unforeseen problems that might arise.
  20. 7171 is directly over the first suite cabin on deck 6 with an extended angled balcony. Thus the view directly downward or looking aft and downward will be of the suite balconies. However, your view forward and about 45 degrees or less downward will not be obstructed. So you will be able to see the bow wake waves (if that is a correct terminology 🙂 )
  21. Balcony dividers on M-class cannot be opened - unless they changed something during the recent renovations.
  22. Ditto. We won't be on E-Class until all M-Class and S-Class are retired from service - which will probably be after we are retired from life!
  23. On M-class, Deck 12 forward is being converted to a suites only retreat area; so far just Millennium and Summit, but with Constellation and Infinity soon to follow. However, you can still enjoy an inside bow view from the forward lounge on Deck 11.
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