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  1. I would imagine that the doses allocated to the US will be "free" since they are receiving $1 billion from the US Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) for the development, production and delivery of the vaccine!
  2. While I agree that 1st responders and those in senior adult care facilities will undoubtedly be the first to receive vaccines, I seriously doubt that it will take at least two years to provide vaccines to anyone that wishes them. As an example AstraZenica announced last May that they had already signed agreements to produce 400 million doses with initial deliveries in September 2020. They also announced that they had secured manufacturing capacity to produce "one billion doses through 2020 and into 2021" and that they had received support of more than $1 billion from the US Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) for the development, production and delivery of the vaccine, starting in the fall. My guess is that other vaccine developers are doing something similar - producing mass quantities of the proposed vaccine prior to its approval. So if and when a vaccine is approved, it will very likely be made available to most that wish to take advantage of it in a matter of months rather than years.
  3. Actually, the cabins on the slant have two different size balconies. 6157 adds a triangular piece - making the balcony about 40% to 50% larger than a standard balcony. But with 6155 the addition is both a triangular piece and a rectangular piece - thus making the balcony more than 100% larger than a standard balcony.
  4. Suggest you call right after 5 o'clock 😈
  5. The reason you should care is that vaccines are not 100% effective, so your family might or might not be protected by the vaccine; and you might eventually be more protected by herd immunity if a vast majority of the population were to be inoculated. And your last sentence touches on one of the biggest concerns many of us have about future cruising - what policies will cruise lines adopt to handle on-board COVID-19 cases. Will just one positive on-board case cause ports to block ships from disembarking? Will ships again need to be quarantined for a couple of weeks? Until these port and ship policies are defined, we will not be cruising - even with an effective vaccine.
  6. Phase III clinical testing by the University of Oxford, in partnership with AstraZenica, actually began back on June 20th in Brazil with an expectation of an eventual 5000 participants in Brazil. Plans also include additional Phase III testing in the UK and the US.
  7. Agreed! Wife and I have enough concerns merely going shopping at Walmart - no desire to add the risk of cruising until an effective vaccine is available.
  8. If the airline changes your flights by more than a couple of hours (perhaps due to cancelling some flights) then you should be able to cancel with no penalty regardless of the EU entrance problem.
  9. Of all the cabins in your list, 6155 has the largest balcony. 6238 is not a 2C cabin - rather a 1A with a higher cost.
  10. Just compared a 2D versus a 1A on a 7-night Eclipse Alaskan cruise in July of 2021. The full fare of a 1A with 2 perks, including T&F, is 7.2% higher than that of a 2D And if you include the standard auto gratuities, it is only 6.9% higher. Throw in your cost of air and hotel and it may only be 3 or 4%. Either way, the 1A IMHO is certainly worth the nominal increase if you can get one on the slant of the hump with balconies that are over twice as large as the standard cabin's balcony. However, there are a very limited number of these cabins and thus they generally sell out quite early.
  11. Solution to 1st world problem: Obviously, you have to start out carrying 2; then set the empty glass down before entering the dining room 😎
  12. We stayed overnight on a Chinese Junk in Ha Long Bay; and the ship got us the visa for overnight - was about $30 instead of the normal $6.
  13. Just to be clear, it the booking number is the same, then you did not technically cancel the cruise but rather transferred the reservation to a different cruise. If you cancel a cruise and later book a new cruise it is not the same thing - you would get the deposit as FCC and could use it as part of the final payment but not towards the deposit on the new cruise.
  14. We choose to do an Asian B2B for our 50th wedding anniversary. A 14-N from Yokohama to Hong Kong and another 14-N from Hong Kong to Singapore. Absolutely no hassle with the turn-around day; could get on and off at whatever time we wished. And it game us another day for excursions in Hong Kong. At our ages, we knew we would never be going back to Asia - or wish to take such long flights ever again. So we suffered through the flights for a 4-week cruise of a life time - at least for our life time!
  15. Just a note that deck 11 is not the pool deck, it overlooks the pools on deck 10.
  16. If you wish less ships in port, you need to search for itineraries other than the Caribbean and some Med cruises. Last September, we took a 12-night cruise from Amsterdam to Barcelona with seven intermediary ports. In five of the intermediary ports we were the only ship in port; in the other two, we shared the port with one other ship. There are several websites that will tell you what ships are scheduled to be in port on a particular day. So you can check out a possible itinerary to see whether or not your ports will be crowded with ships.
  17. Celebrity pricing often makes no sense. Just checked a July 2021 7-N Alaska cruise. Best Value with 2 perks was $245 more per person that Lowest Cost with 1 perk. Both fares were refundable deposits. Since you can have the Classic as the first perk, neither the $150 OBC or $112 Gratuities makes sense as a 2nd perk for $245 and I doubt the wifi/internet would be worth it either.
  18. Prior to COVID-19 the answer was no. Now it seems like it depends on Celebrity's policy of the day.
  19. It appears from the deck plans that the spa stairs can only be accessed from either the hallway on the starboard side or from the forward area just behind the relaxation room. Since all four of the cabins you mentioned are on the port side, the closest to the stars would be the most forward 1517 which also has the bed next to the veranda. Since the bed positions alternate, your other three cabins have bed nearest to the bath.
  20. When I tried to have extra gratuities charged to my account last September, I found that the form did not allow me to provide a tip to an individual crew member - only to specific categories. Which was ok to get money to my cabin attendant since there was only one person in that category, but not ok for individual waiters.
  21. If you wish to book an A1, choose a cabin on the slant with a larger balcony.
  22. What ever they decide to do, to respond to the COVID19 challenges, I doubt that the impacts on AQ passengers will be any different than other classes of cabins. Whatever they need to do in the MDR will also need to be done in Blu. If they need to cut back on capacity, they will need to cut back on the capacity at all cabin levels.
  23. Yes. And they are pleased to take your second cash deposit at this time since they are cash challenged!
  24. Note also that you need to be at the train station earlier than the stated departure due to customs/immigration - sorry, cannot remember if it was 60 or 90 minutes prior when we used the morning departure.
  25. Concierge Cabins vary - some hold 2, some 4 and I believe some only 3. If you look at the ship's deck plans the cabins with a black square hold 4 using a convertible sofa, those with a black triangle I believe hold 3 using an upper bunk, those with both a square and triangle hold 4, and those without a square or triangle only hold 2.
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