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  1. You can check with your Cruise Planner to see what the hours of operation are. On my July 2021 Millennium cruise it says the MDR Select hours are from 6 to 10. Doubt they would appreciate you arriving at 10 or slightly before. Note: when I tried to make a Select reservation the last available time was 9:30
  2. There is much unfairness being shared by both cruise lines and their customers (not to mention the thousands of people dying.) Under normal rules, when you canceled your cruise you would have lost your NRD without any compensation. But given the pandemic Celebrity instead is giving you a future cruise credit rather than nothing at all. You may not view that as fair, but nor does Celebrity see losing millions of dollars every month fair. Just as you did not have sufficient cash to pay your final payment and wait for a much later full refund when Celebrity cancels your cruise, Celebrity does not have sufficient cash to even consider refunding your NRD in cash at this time. By the way, I also cancelled a July cruise prior to final payment and am pleased that I at least will be receiving FCC rather than nothing!
  3. Many reasons and many threads commenting on those reasons - pros and cons.
  4. It is way out of date; the standard package no longer exists! Here is the latest from the Celebrity website: https://www.celebritycruises.com/content/dam/celebrity/pdf/beverage-package-flyer-optimized.pdf
  5. It is the Passenger Vessel Services Act (not the Jones Act) and don't see that happening since most cruise lines are not US companies and the onshore cruise services while meaningful is a minor part of the national economy.
  6. Yes, yesterday morning they switched the offer from your choice of any 2 out of 4 perks to three specific perks: gratuities, internet service and the Classic beverage package (no OBC option.) On my 7 day cruise I had previously chosen the OBC & Classic and would have preferred to keep them rather than the other three perks; but the 10% savings still made it a very worth while.
  7. If everyone wore one it would only need to be 8' ( 2 ft for body plus 3 ft on all sides) 😲 Of course, in some cases the 2 ft for body might be insufficient 😈
  8. Actually, the Constellation will have 14 cabins while the Millennium and Summit have 13 cabins on deck 10. But these cabins on the Constellation are not smaller than those on the other two M-class ships. On the Constellation they are creating one additional cabin by cutting the space out of the Solarium!
  9. Congrats - as usual Celebrity is consistently inconsistent! How did they come up with the A2 price when there was no advertised price since there was no A2 availability? Regarding the use of guarantee categories, here is the "official" exclusion from their website: One-Category Upgrade One-category upgrade requests must be made at the time of booking and apply only for upgrades within the supercategory, depending on availability. Example of a super category upgrade in AquaClass: A2 to A1. Upgrades available from categories 11- A1 on all Celebrity ships except Galapagos voyages. Captain's Club one category upgrade excludes categories 12, FV, SV, C1 and guarantee categories, Z, Y, X, XC, XA, W. On Celebrity Edge categories 12, 9, 7, 6, IO, 1B, 1A, SV, ES, E1, C2, C1, A1 are also excluded. This offer cannot be used with certain restricted fares including but not limited to travel agent and employee rates. Upgrades apply for one stateroom per cruise. Stateroom assignments only. Not valid on holiday sailings. Notice that it specifically states that guarantee categories are excluded - consistently inconsistent!
  10. The Captain's Club one category upgrade benefit has always required there to be an available cabin in the lower category in order for it to apply. Without an available cabin in the lower category, there is no official price (and the guarantee cabin price cannot be used instead.)
  11. It is neither Aqua or Concierge - rather the lowest priced balcony cabin. But as you say, your cruise will be all about the ports, so enjoy.
  12. Here's my optimism: Since we cannot cruise this year, and will not cruise in summer of 2021 unless there is an effective vaccine by then, I predict that wife and I will live to see a vaccine in time to cruise in 2022; and that, instead of our regular cruise, it will be a luxury cruise since we will have three times as much money available to spend! :
  13. The raw estimates of contagiousness, R0 estimates, vary; but I believe that the median estimate of R0 for coronavirus is around 5 while that of norovirus is more like 3; thus coronavirus appears to be more contagious than norovirus. Of course, the effective transmission rate also depends on environmental and behavioral factors. But my guess (and it is only a guess) is that the effective transmission rate of coronavirus is higher than that of norovirus with most sets of environmental and behavioral factors - including those on board a ship.
  14. My guess is that there is a significant economic dichotomy between the retired and non-retired since the retired generally have not lost current income and investment portfolios generally were not as impacted because of lower stock allocations. So retired cruisers, such as my wife and I, will have extra funds for cruising in 2021 or 2022 due to the omission of cruise spending in 2020. This along with the abundance of FCC may sustain demand in 2021 and early 2022.
  15. Well, it is a seller's market - at least for FCC through early 2022!
  16. Yes, it appears that many of the programs are now preparing for mass production, rather than waiting until after the completion of phase II or III.
  17. Actually, world-wide, the are 5 vaccine development programs already in phase II testing: 2 in China and 1 each in UK, Germany and South Korea/United States!
  18. FCC demand will support prices in 2021 and to some extent early 2022 but not summer of 2022 unless they extend the FCC departure dates. So there may be some decent summer 2022 sales on Black Friday.
  19. In contrast, Alaska is suffering from the same economic impact of a lack of tourist income, and yet their excursion companies are honoring their full refund agreements. Alaska Railroad even gave a full refund when their standard agreement was only 90%. They and Kenai Fjords Tours will certainly get my money next time we are able to cruise - hopefully in late July 2021.
  20. Yeah, I treat the casinos as an entertainment expense rather than an investment 🤨 My measure of success at a casino is how long I can continue playing before I have lost all my money!
  21. I agree that a N-95 is one of the most effective masks available - and wife and I use them since I had a half-dozen left over from my DIY construction work. But the 95 is a measure of the percentage of particulates filtered out of the air and not a percentage measure of the effectiveness against COVID-19. Still it is the best we have.
  22. I would not change anything in how I cruise. It is the when I cruise that is important to me - and that is when there is an effective vaccine so that I will not have to change anything. Luckily there are several vaccine programs well underway; and the one by Oxford University is already in clinical human testing - which is astounding since their development in just four months usually takes a few years. It is entirely possible that an effective vaccine could be in mass production in the latter part of 2020. Of course it many not be effective; we can only hope.
  23. Agreed. I made 40% in two weeks during late March buying CCL & RCL on the dip - then putting a 5% stop on it. But was too risk adverse to put much more than $4K in the trading. Still was nice to get a small offset against my significantly larger general market losses 😉
  24. No, it is the balcony of cabin 8283 - which is the larger of the two. Happy cruising (if and when!)
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