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  1. Not saying that this applies to you, but in general many people throughout these United States rush to "blame" - meaning accuse - before a legitimate answer is found; e.g. guilty until proven innocent!
  2. On the other hand, if cruises open up too soon in 2020 or early 2021, and we again see COVID-19 infested ships struggling to find a disembarkment port, you will quickly see a rush on cancellations again. Only time will tell.
  3. You and Celebrity must abide with the rules that were in place at the time of your cancellation. I know that you would rather they be the rules that were applicable 8 days later, but then again if Celebrity had instead changed the rules to your determent after you cancelled then you would not want the worse rules applied to you either. Since the FCC cannot be used to pay for the deposit on a future cruise (only to pay for the cruise fare at or before final payment date) there is no need to apply the FCC until right before final payment date. Thus if you book a cruise now, paying the deposit with your own funds - but later change your mind prior to final payment date and cancel and book a different cruise - you will be able to apply the FCC to the changed cruse as long as it departs on or before 12/31/21.
  4. My point is that probably at least half of those getting off in Villefranche take a tour to Monaco - so just closing the port of Monte Carlo would not stop cruise visitors to Monaco; and if Villefranche was still open, the ships formerly stopping directly in Monaco would probably shift to Villefranche and Monaco would still get about the same number of cruise visitors!
  5. Tend to agree with your philosophy, but Monaco does not control the port of Villefranche, France 😏
  6. If BA happens to change your flight schedule times by more than 1 hour, then by US DOT regulations, they are obligated to give you a full refund if you cancel. So check your flights to see if there have been any changes. Many airlines are cutting back on flights - necessitating such changes to many ticketed flights.
  7. "Infinitely less" by definition means they would have known absolutely nothing - which IMHO is the only way anyone in their right mind would have boarded those ships.
  8. Would help if you gave us the sailing date of your cruise and the final payment date. The earlier the cruise the more likely it will eventually be canceled by Celebrity. Unless you have "cancel for any reason" insurance - which I doubt - your insurance will not cover the loss of your deposit if you decide to cancel it yourself. If your sail date is before August 1, 2020, you can cancel and receive a future cruise credit. Or you can wait and see if Celebrity eventually cancels the cruise. If they were to do so, then you would receive a choice of cash or 125% in a FCC.
  9. And who in their right mind would book such a cruise.
  10. I don't remember seeing anyone being forced to board those ships. Why is it you are blaming the cruise line and giving the passengers a pass; you would not have seen me boarding a ship then.
  11. Just do an online search for cruise agent and you will get a host of TAs that you can check out - you can see what savings they may offer and also whether or not they charge additional fees for bookings, changes or cancellations. To give you an example of the potential level of savings, the travel department of my warehouse discount store offers a gift card to be used in their store in an amount equal to about 8% of the price of your cruise (not counting T&F). Others that post on CruiseCritic have said that they often get up to 10% in savings. I have not taken the time to investigate other TA's since the gift card is equivalent to cash to me and don't think the extra 2% is worth extra research since we only cruise once per year and it would only amount to about another $100 in savings at our price level. You may feel the additional research is warranted. Regarding the potential issue of having to go through your TA to take advantage of a perhaps short duration sale and potentially missing out on it due to the time lag of getting to your TA (who may not be available 24 hours per day) - I have not found this to be a problem. Celebrity and most other cruise lines allow you place a 24-hour hold on a cabin without requiring a deposit. Thus if you see a sudden price drop late at night when your TA is not available, you can take advantage of it by merely placing a hold on a new cabin in the same category as your existing cabin, and call your TA the following morning and have them effectively transfer the lesser price on the new cabin to your existing reservation. (To do so, your TA will generally have you participate in a 3-way call with Celebrity so that you can authorize the release of the temporary hold.) But if you find this not worth the trouble then you can always choose to forgo an 8% to 10% savings and book directly with the cruise line. The choice is yours!
  12. The 4-night package used to be a great deal at 4 dinners for $125 pp. But back around October of 2018 they raised the price of all of the packages and the 4-night package went up by almost 20% to $149 pp - without any associated increase in value since standard prices for all of the specialty restaurants have remained the same. Although there are specific prices for from 3 nights up to I believe 11 nights, not all are offered on a specific cruise and they can often sell out since there is an unknown (to the consumer) maximum number of packages available for sale in each category of number of nights.
  13. Same here. Canceled our July 2020 Alaskan cruise but still had over $2K in NR airfare with Alaskan Airlines. Luckily, they changed our flights to different times (greater than 1 hour difference) and that qualified us for a full refund if we did not wish to fly at the different times - which of course we took advantage of. Welcome home $2K!
  14. Your final payment date is obviously coming up next month. If you really want to apply the FCC to this cruise, when it gets about a couple of weeks prior to final payment, call your TA and tell them to either get the FCC applied to the final payment or cancel the cruise - that might get their attention!
  15. Don't doubt it. I cancelled a July Alaskan cruise a couple of weeks ago prior to final and they only owe us $500 FCC for our NRD - so not real concerned about the timing. But I had over $2K in self-booked NR airfare with Alaskan Airlines for which I was very concerned. Luckily when I checked a couple of days ago, they had changed our flight times by a couple of hours which qualified us for a cancellation with full reimbursement. However, their standard IT system was unable to send me a cancellation confirmation - instead I received another confirmation of all of my flights along with a "looking forward to you flying with us" message! Had to call several times to find someone who promised to email me a real confirmation of the cancellation. Hoping to see it in a couple of days. And who knows when we'll get the $2k credit back to my CC. Best wishes to all on not too untimely receipts.
  16. Probably because the FCC is a legal document and the phone agent was just blowin' smoke
  17. Such is true for departures after July 31st, for departures on or before July 31st, the current policy is a FCC in the full amount of the NRD - not minus $100 pp
  18. Although it is a press release, it says nothing like "so would news agencies please just leave them alone ." Rather it is saying US agencies such as the CDC should not single out the cruise industry while not issuing similar restrictions on other forms of travel.
  19. Our first cruise was on the NCL Sun about 16 years ago and the food in the MDR was just okay and the service was terrible - have never gone back, but hope that it has improved. Which brings up another question - which lines may have comparable food quality but the worst service.
  20. Not sure why you are assuming that part of all of the NCCF is some sort of a tax e.g. like a sales or value added tax; but if it is a tax, then what governmental entity is receiving the tax revenue? The country that they are incorporated in? My assumption, without any basis what so ever, has always been that cruise lines only pay corporate income taxes and do not collect VAT except in the case of some on-board sales in certain jurisdictions.
  21. Assuming that this is your own receipt (not sure what you meant by "other members" then a couple of comments: Given the Deposit due date, I assume that you must have received this receipt in early October - with the comment in the red box stating that the reservation is Non-Refundable. If this is truly a mistake, is is a shame that you did not address the discrepancy then rather than now. Your original post mentioned an expiration date for a refundable deposit of April 9. However, a standard refundable reservation would remain refundable right up until your final payment date of August 4. Where did you get the April 9 date? Sincerely hope that if this is truly a mistake that it is soon corrected. Best wishes.
  22. And it's not the worst case scenario - the worst is that it is extended further - perhaps until sometime next year
  23. Often the type of deposit - refundable or non-refundable - is difficult to identify. Confusing - yes, obscure often - yes, but not dishonest.
  24. Sure - that's obviously their top priority. While you're at it, why not also say someone wants everyone in NYC to catch the virus - makes as much sense.
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