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  1. Do you expect any "advocacy group" - conservative or liberal - to ever give an unbiased rating or opinion?
  2. If you are concerned about pre-existing conditions, but book refundable deposits at least 18 months in advance and do not wish to take out insurance until much closer to final payment date, then note that Nationwide has some policies that waive pre-existing conditions if: 1- you purchase the insurance prior to final payment 2- you purchase enough insurance coverage to cover all non-refundable expenditures 3- you are healthy enough to commence your vacation on the specified date
  3. We cruised with another couple in Blu and every evening our waiter pushed two 2-tops adjacent to the portholes together for us (we were always among the first 3 or 4 couples to be there when Blu opened each evening.)
  4. The larger inside cabins are also on the Constellation.
  5. Does the underlined phrase mean that you can refare from a NRD 0-perk to a RD 2-perk at the prevailing fare; but with the new fare if you cancel prior to final payment you will still lose your deposit? In other words, are they allowing you to essentially move from a NRD 0-perk to an effectively NRD 2-perk at the prevailing RD 2-perk fare? If this is not the case, then moving from a NRD fare to a RD fare and then canceling would be an easy way to cancel a NRD fare with no loss of deposit!
  6. Agree with traditional dining, but your comments do not apply to anytime dining
  7. 20 nights in AQ would get you to 300, so you could easily do it in 2 cruises - although in the past you have apparently been averaging only 8 nights per cruise.
  8. Works for me - if you click on Edge rather than Eclipse!
  9. Since the 14-night cruise is essentially two 7-night cruises with about an 80% overlap, I would instead pick a single 7-night cruise (Vancouver to Whittier or Whittier to Vancouver) that goes to both Hubbard Glacier and Glacier National Park and add on 4 or 5 nights on land. And it is very easy to arrange a DIY land tour with a little research.
  10. Guess "tiny" is a relative thing; 6104's balcony is more than twice the size of the balcony for a standard verandah cabin.
  11. Your comments "sit out side" and "can't open the outside" make me wonder if you have a full understanding of the IV cabin. There is no "outside." There is instead a larger "inside" with a window that does open and allow you to "get some air."
  12. They make a very nice Chai Latte using one of the premium teas available under the Classic - my wife gets one or two every day.
  13. The liquors that are still in the Classic such as Kahlua and Tia Maria can also be had in a specialty coffee under the Classic.
  14. Keep the slant 1A - much better than a C2 or C3 on your S-Class ship; I would even keep the slant 1A over an aft C1 since your slant balcony is larger than that of an aft C1 on S-Class.
  15. Although your cruise is no longer listed on Celebrity's website, I did find it on two online TA sites and I would have been able to book a balcony cabin on the cruise through my usual online TA site. Hope this means it has not been chartered. You might wish to join your roll call for that cruise to see what others are saying about the possibility of a charter:
  16. We flew in the night before our cruise and left our luggage at our hotel on day one of our cruise while we toured many of the sights. Late afternoon, we went back to our hotel to pick up our luggage and dragged it over to check in. Knowing that the ship was staying overnight in Venice, we had not thought about the check in closing time! Luckily we got there just before it was to close. Not sure what would have happened if we had missed the check in - but might have been a disaster - so be sure to know what time it closes.
  17. The CBP also covers a cappuccino at dinner in the MDR, Blu, Luminae or a specialty restaurant - not sure about when you are having dinner in the Oceanview Cafe.
  18. At $129pp ($43 per meal) the 3-night package is not a great deal unless you intend to eat all 3 at Murano's; and then you are only saving $7 per meal. You will probably be better off negotiating a discounted price for individual dinners while on board.
  19. The Premium Beverage Package has single malt but not "premium" single malt 😢
  20. Here is a link to the Classic Beverage Package description: https://www.celebritycruises.com/modal/classic-beverage-package-modal It's interesting that this description mentions the Standard Beverage Package, but the Standard is no longer offered on their website! As usual, IT inconsistencies are still the "standard."
  21. On laptops, the last poster is indicated to the right of the topic name. Click on the time of the last post below the last posters name and it will take you to the last post.
  22. And $100 per cabin for each 14 day leg
  23. Agree that the atrium-view balconies are not true balconies. But they do in fact have true ocean facing balconies in comparison to the non-balcony IV
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