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  1. Thank you 🙂 quick question if you have time. The complimentary supper club shows have to be booked only at the time on the schedule? New to Escape 🙂. Can not wait!
  2. Oh yes! Now I remember! We don’t usually pay for food, but I still want to try it once. 😉. And I love margaritas and I’ll have to try them all! Thanks!
  3. Thank you! Happy to see the crepe station lol. One of my favorite things. Lol. We have only been 2x on the gem. I’m looking forward to margaritaville and five o’clock somewhere bar. Did you go there at all? Thanks again! Let’s see, only 11weeks to go. 🍺🍻🥂🍷🥃🍸🍹
  4. Wow! Sounds even better! $14.95 is not too much to spend, I would rather get the included food but it’s nice to know 🙂. Thanks !
  5. Planned on doing that! And the bar of course. I was just wondering what you got for $14.95 😉 just in case we wanted some cheeseburgers in paradise lol. Thanks!
  6. Hi what does the $14.95 charge pp include when you eat at Margaritaville ? Thanks 🙂
  7. Hi there! This will be our third cruise! I have a question about the drink package perk. Can you get drinks at the margaritaville and 5 o’clock somewhere bars with it? Has anyone just had the casino free drink card? Also does anyone know the difference between a 1A and a 1C cabin? Any advise on the Escape would be very much appreciated. So far we have only been on the Gem. Thanks very much! Patty in PA
  8. Thanks! Sounds like the best idea. If it was just us I wouldn’t be stressing, but bringing brother in law and his wife. Next I have to plan Port Canaveral stop. Thanks again!
  9. Ok! That sounds what I thought it would be ! There’s old info online. I would do the Ncl tour but I want to stay and see the casino. I guess I can ask about it!
  10. Hi thanks yes I knew that 🙂. The last price I found was 29 dollars. I was just checking that we can do it ourselves... get a ride to Atlantis from dock, see the casino and the aquarium. And get a ride back. With time to explore Nassau too. 🙂.
  11. Can you get a taxi easily to go to the casino? And 4 dollars per person? Is the Atlantis aquarium exhibit right by the casino? Thanks 🙂
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