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    P&O Pacific Explorer Questions

    Most cocktails are $12 with just a few ( including Long Island Iced Tea) at $16.
  2. karmac


    We are booked in Pacific Sun just for 2 nights in March and I have received an email saying I can print off the e-tickets. This is our first P&O cruise since the introduction of e-tickets. Four of us are named on the one ticket but it says "print off e-tickets for each passenger". Do I only need to print one off or one for each person??
  3. I know I have been able to view my cruise history details on P&O website using my URN but I can't for the life of me see where I can view it now? Does anybody know?:confused:
  4. Is anyone else having trouble accessing the Cruise Personaliser on P&O's website?
  5. I've just been playing around on Google Earth (as you do) and notice the QE2 is no longer berthed at Circular Quay. There is now a Princess ship there.
  6. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that the PJ webcam is NEVER working?:mad: