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  1. We had the same itinerary change on my Viking Jupiter cruise last Spring. I loved Terragona and I had already been to Barcelona several times, so I was fine with the change - Terragona is very cool old city with Roman ruins, a gorgeous cathedral, and good shops and restaurants. If you haven't yet been to Barcelona, then I would definitely recommend making the day trip there from the port in Terragona. I would imagine NCL will have transportation options.
  2. Mine was US-based cruise, and it had definitely been increased to $15. I took advantage of the new limit all week long!
  3. That is a good question, and I'm sorry I don't know the answer. This was my first Celebrity cruise, so everything was new to me, including the drink prices!
  4. Just sailed on Equinox last week. Premium now covers drinks up to $15 - I actually spoke with someone in Guest Relations to confirm. Initially the woman told me the limit was $13, but when I asked her to verify since the price for the Premium package had recently increased, she checked and told me I was right, that the per drink limit was also raised to $15.
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