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  1. Hey Dave!!!!! It’s Chris and Autumn from Millie. Have a great time brother!!! We’re back on Millie Aug 20th for Alaska. We will for sure miss you guys!! Have a great time Sunday!! We’ll let the god father know you say hi!!! 😂😂😂😂😂
  2. This is exactly what happened to Haven around about 2015-2016. Everybody played right into their hands and talked up how great a deal it was etc, and then the price hike came and hasn’t let up since. That’s what’s going on here. With CC help they word of mouth of the experience has hooked enough people and now here comes the price climb. 5900 still isn’t 9500$ for two people in a Courtyard or Fwd facing suite on NCL for Haven for 7ni. If you can keep it under 10k$ for Haven on NCL on Encore or Bliss you’ve accomplished something!! I still like YC better. When of cours
  3. Guys go drink eat and be merry!!!! You’ve got the right idea. Enjoy please. If the wife and I see you doing work on the 26th we’re gonna photobomb you so you stop!! haha. Have an amazing trip and we will talk to you when you get back to reality!!!
  4. I’ll try that. Thanks!! If doesn’t work I’ll post a screen capture. Thanks gang
  5. May I ask here, if 30 days out I didn’t get a move up email is there a way to request one? This is our third booking with Celebrity and never previously received an invite (select member if that matters)? Any help appreciated.
  6. After I enter all the passenger information it brings up a screen saying that all the required information hasn’t been entered and thus we can’t go any further. Happens on two seperate reservations and three separate passengers. I sign back in, everything is populated, same message. This is a December 23rd sailing. Does it tell you this until the 20 day mark? I’ll post a screenshot here in a bit.
  7. Can you post here when you find out? We last saw him in Feb 20 right b4 shutdown. We will be on Seashore for Xmas and would love to see him again.
  8. Millennium Class Sun Deck in summer temps in Carribbean is blistering hot with zero airflow. The hot tub is so hot you can boil pasta in it. The glass has no breaks in it like on BA class, so zero airflow and there are NO UMBRELLAS OR SHADE!!! It’s literally like being on the surface of the sun with humidity! We suffered through and hour and had to go due to feeling some effects of heat exhaustion. Food is limited and drink service weak at best. That was based on June 19 sailing from St Maarten through Southern Caribbean (90s and lots of humidity). Sounds like Edge class much better but they r
  9. On Celebrity save your money and don’t book Retreat. I did on Millennium and regret it as a waste of money. That’s actually a compliment to X as their mainstream product is just so perfect as is and there is no need for the increased service prices. There is no need for a ship within a ship like on BA and BA+ due to number of passengers and crowds, it’s already at a good capacity to sq ft public area ratio. That’s just my opinion. I can book two voyages on X in a Verandah or Concierge for what the Retreat Suites cost. I’d rather cruise twice, however if you have unlimited funds, I
  10. You won’t see MSC ever require Vaccinations. A large portion of the revenue out of FL is from European and South/Latin American clients on holiday. They would lose out on such a huge portion of their base if they did. The vaccine in Europe is not something as prevalent as it is here in the US and we still are at 49.6% last I saw today. So I’m not super hopeful on the drop the mask, however I have until December for my next voyage on them (It’s X and NCL for me until December on three voyages, MSC lost out on me on two of those due to the mask requirement and their Shenzhen only ban for Europe
  11. Just got back from 14ni on Celebrity Millennium out of SXM (2nd out of the gate June 12th) and had an incredible time. I can only imagine how great Edge must be. We and the crew were maskless (granted we were all vaccinated and only at 30% capacity) and not a single case three weeks straight. We are frequent MSC clients and I just moved my Sept to Celebrity and added a November Celebrity snd have a holiday Seashore December on the books. We don’t want to wear masks. I love the YC and MSC but not enough to have to spend thousands on vacation and wear that damn thing everywhere. Especially since
  12. Through July 31, until August 1 in essence. Not through end of August. I can post the link later if you want. It’s kind of buried on the website and US res folks don’t typically know about it. It got extended July1 to July 31 from June 30
  13. We spent two full weeks on Celebrity from St Maarten last month. All vaccinated and not a single issue. No masks at all for crew and passengers, no distancing, however the ship was at a great 30% capacity.
  14. We’re booked on Virtuosa out of Barcelona in September. MSC extended the stay the heck out Americans ban until August (seeing Europe opened its borders to the US, this restriction annoys me). I’m out. We will try Europe next year in the Spring. It’s still way too up and down for us. We’re going to do Alaska this Fall instead.
  15. Ok. I’m handing this thread over to Ms. Logical! She will do a better comparison than I ever can. If you would like me to do a new thread with photos outlining my experience and comparison to NCL (and MSC) then just like this post so I get an idea if it’s worth doing or not.
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