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  1. I see it differently. I see test cruises in January and February, if successful I see one by one ships beginning revenue operations in March. The vaccine was never in the return to sailing framework equation, and the wheels will turn without it. I will say this though, I do see RCI, MSC, and Carnival beginning test cruises before NCL. These ships are coming from literally the other side of the planet to get to Miami. The three aforementioned operators have ships that are in "green" status with CDC and have touched base with US soil with enough lead time to start in
  2. Dave having done several Haven and YC sailings, I will share with you that all day long we will choose the YC experience. Admittadly the cost is sometimes significantly lower, and the ammenities, the ship, the YC faciliites, pool areas, lounge, and reataurant neet and exceed Haven’s on some ships. Add to that little perks like free Spa access, Some ships offer free specialty drinks and gelato, free mini bar, and an outstanding butler service that is, kind of same as Haven in that sometimes you get lucky with the greatest butler and sometimes you well, you just dont. There is a YC Manager howev
  3. No no no. That is NOT what the order states. The order states that if a certain threshold of cases is reached (# of passengers/crew or percent passengers and crew of the total vessel occupancy) which will be disclosed in a technical order forthcoming (most likely done on a ship by ship basis) then all will quarantine and the vessel will return to home US port. If it is below the threshold those crew and passengers will quanranitne only and life will move on. More than one test will be administered to ensure its not a flase positive per person. Only those who disembark
  4. Oh, and you will still wait months for your refund. Also, Notice the note that all requests for refunds and cancellations must be done in writing. I was also thinking of doing a May Solo in YC just to take a few days and relax. Not a bad idea.
  5. MSC Shoreside Reservations, Cust Serv, and Accounting is like an entirely different company than the outstanding on board experience. I’ve been put through so much by shoreside operations, but as you said I continue to get beat up because of the exceptional on board experience.
  6. Joy has departed Manila finally. A month past the original schedule but she’s finally on her way.
  7. Yup, ok....let me try this again... Not knowing the CCL schedules and world very well, I’ve asked: Which February ships and ports and sailings are NOT cancelled? I can clearly read what IS cancelled I’m wondering what is then left and is still available and active for February?
  8. Exactly. Going into this “sale” I always recommend ppl price their desired bookings, put them on 48hr temp hold, and save the pricing and then compare when the “sale” begins. Ive found ironically that true good deals and pricing drops usually occur silently, or sometimes with very short low key sales like All 5 plus free airfare and 3/4th sail free- if you choose an itinerary that requires extensive airfare like, Greece one way to Barcelona for example, and you want to take the kids (unlikely on an itinerary like that but for discussions sake) then this is a homerun, otherwise the
  9. So for clarification, which ships, ports, and itineraries are NOT cancelled for February?
  10. My money is literally riding on Feb 18th.... So lets see so far my cancelled bookings: April May October November December January (cancelled yesterday ironically) Of which Ive had cancelled on me (FCC): April May October December It will be One year and two days IF February sails since I walked off the Meraviglia. I believe as I recall that week one person in Portland or Seattle had it in the US... Wow. That day I said goodbye to MSC, if you had told me I wouldn’t cruise for over a year and more than a
  11. The ones where they jack the prices by 20% and have a 20% off sale...
  12. I will not recommend the Duplex. It seems like a nice space and eapecially for kids sleeping downstairs, however a huge part of the exclusivity of YC (and Haven on NCL) is the ability to be behind those glass doors. A short walk to the Lounge, the reataurant, the pool deck, etc all without fighting elevators, people, etc. Now moreso with Covid, the ability to not have to elevator it is huge IMHO. The prioroty elevator for YC is hit or miss more miss than hit, as sometimes they are disabled or dont work properly. Also good luck when you get on one, swipe your bracelet for priority service and o
  13. Venchi Chocolate Martini #2!!! Pleaaaaase!!!! The Croissants and Sticky Buns tho... Stop!! Killin me!
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