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  1. That's a CEO, so I presume that is in jest.
  2. Does anyone have opinions about which cruise lines do better than the others?
  3. The poster who made comparisons between the cruise industry and American social policies/political policies was making many assumptions about me. There seems to be this idea that as Americans, we're all supportive or complacent about the countrywide policies when it's simply not true. I do not consider myself responsible or complicit about the fact that there is a low minimum wage, and I as individual can't do much to change that. It was interesting, for example, that this poster mentioned the company I work at, as there is no such thing - I don't work for any company. When I originally opened this topic, the objective was to get discussion going about cruising ethics (and it has), since I'd encountered it in various travel circles. I wanted to know what frequent cruisers thought about the ethics of cruising to try to get several perspectives. I was/am just trying to play devil's advocate.
  4. Well, to be fair, I looked up the verse in question they referenced (how many of us know so many off the bat?), and it's about "not making a show of your religion (or righteousness) before others." So I'd say that's one of the good ones.
  5. True, I believe medical mission trips such as Doctors Without Borders are good ventures.
  6. Glad you asked, here’s a few articles that explain the issue: https://www.theguardian.com/news/2018/sep/13/the-business-of-voluntourism-do-western-do-gooders-actually-do-harm http://web.archive.org/web/20160218001420/http://almost.thedoctorschannel.com/14323-2 https://www.savethechildren.org.au/Our-Stories/The-truth-about-voluntourism https://www.worldtravelguide.net/features/feature/does-voluntourism-do-more-harm-than-good/
  7. Some I've talked to see megaships as more of a problem than small ships. The principle to me is that, not every way of traveling is ethical. For some people, they'll evaluate countries as places they won't go to. Or peruse businesses that are exploitative. I'm not intending to write off cruising but there are some things I won't touch with a ten foot pole, such as voluntourism.
  8. Good point, poor working conditions/worker treatment seems to be the norm of the world, sadly. If we were hellbent on only pursuing businesses with good working environments or ensuring our money is going where we like it, we could never buy anything.
  9. I love to travel, as we all do, and recently I've been thinking much about travel ethics. Because I love to cruise that has compelled me to think about ethics of cruising. Recently, cruises have been getting a bad rap, with some suggesting you should never go on one. They cite things such as, worker conditions, environmental impact and impact on the destination ports. I looked on here and was surprised that Cruise Critic didn't have an article on cruising and ethics. What is your take on the ethics of cruising?
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