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  1. I see that you've already had your question answered; anything goes. On our last four cruises, we've had lunch in Chops on embarkation day. It's quite, civil, you're waited on, you get a nice lunch and it's the perfect way to begin a cruise! We make our reservations for noon. By the time we complete lunch, our cabins are ready. Happy cruising!
  2. We've done it several times. The lunch menu only has a few things on it, but it is served to you at your own table and is not in the crazy buffet. We make our reservation for noon. Once lunch is done, our cabins are ready. Embarkation, for me, sets the tone for my cruise. Having lunch in Chops makes it easy and calm. Enjoy your trip!
  3. We specifically booked Empress just to dock at both Hamilton and St. George. Can't wait!
  4. We boarded in Cape Liberty with a handicapped person using a cane. If you pass the first ramp, the looonnnngggg, steep one, there is another, shorter, more level one. It made all the difference. You should ask one of the persons working by the entrance. They will direct you. Have a great time!
  5. We ate at JR once last week on our Adventure cruise. The service was SO bad that we asked for our grease burger to be packaged up to eat it at our chair by the pool. There weren't enough servers. We were seated outside and after a 40 minute wait, after we ordered, my husband went inside to see if there was a problem. Our server was ALSO working the counter as well as the people who did walk-up for ice cream or shakes. So, in looking at the whole experience; we waited to be seated (acceptable), we waited to order, we waited 40 minutes with no food after the order, and we waited for the food to be packaged up for take-out. It was just awful! Never going back!
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