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  1. Thanks for the tips! I'm thinking of booking. Love the Moderno breakfast tip! I am not a buffet person so will stay away from there.
  2. When are you planning? I am debating the same for the last week in September the prices are so cheap you can't miss!
  3. I'm actually able to do 2 weeks. I guess I will need to check with my travel mate on her interests. I'm pretty simple. Thanks for your input and tips!
  4. Thanks for the pointers on the books! I know there aren't shortcuts but even the pointers/tips I have so far will help me get an idea of how to plan more successfully.
  5. Thanks for the info! Lots of great ideas to get me started!
  6. So far I have only ventured on Caribbean cruises, but a friend and I were talking and we are ready to go book a Mediterranean Cruise. She told me to scope them out and I was looking and have no idea what ports would be ideal for 1st time cruisers. So all you veteran cruisers, any advice you can give that you wish you knew before you went on your 1st Mediterranean cruise, please share! Thanks in advance!
  7. NCL does the Solo Meet ups even if there are no studio cabins. Just be sure to check your Freestyle Daily for the 1st day. They usually meet 6ish at a bar.
  8. I was on the Getaway in September and at breakfast at Margaritaville every morning. Do they have breakfast (buffet) there on the Breakaway as well?
  9. Well most of the dining rooms didn't seat tables of more than 10-12 so it wasn't so bad. Usually at the 1st few meetings, they would go around the room and have us introduce ourselves as an ice-breaker. Then if we saw each other throughout the day, we at least knew each other. I was at Amber Cover and had another solo approach me and the group I was with and we ended up hanging out together most of the cruise because we had a lot in common. Yes there was a bar-tender for about 2 hours. Our bartender was always late and had a crowd waiting for him :)
  10. Small world indeed. I wonder if we know of each other in real life. I grew up in Erlanger.
  11. I was in a studio cabin on the Getaway in September, 2018. We had a very large solo presence and it was very easy to meet people. However, I'm an extrovert so I get how it might be intimidating for someone who is not. I highly recommend going to the solo meet-ups even if you are not in a studio cabin because it was a great way to meet others. We often self-organized to hang out during the day and in the evenings as well as joined up for excursions. I look forward to sailing on the Breakaway next month (9/27/2019) and attending the solo gatherings again!
  12. I stayed in a Studio room on the Getaway in 9/2018 and the solo meet-ups were awesome. We had a huge group of solo's and many of us did not want to eat early so we would go to the meet-up and coordinate what time and place would would meet later to eat together. So there were typically 2 different seatings of solo diners per evening. This does not count the solos that were interested in specialty dining. We often met up later for entertainment and often for excursions as well. I highly recommend NCL because they do a great job for solos/singles. Keep in mind that not all solos are single however. Some are married and just cruise alone.
  13. I love this thread! I googled AMF and I am totally going to get one (at least 1) on my Breakaway cruise next month!
  14. This is awesome and I am even more excited now for my 1st solo cruise over Labor Day week this year. I find it amazing that your DH urges you to do this and that shows how much he loves and appreciates you. Happy Soloing!
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