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  1. That's interesting. They are still selling Ponta Delgada shore excursions as I write this.
  2. Just sailing into Funchal now. All so far is on schedule. We'll find out tonight if we're going to Ponta Delgada. The entertainment is a mixed bag. There is a really good solo guitarist from Brazil. The trio of the singers "Tres Amici" are very entertaining. The crew singers and dancers are pretty much what you'd expect. I'll keep updating.
  3. I'm posting from O'Sheehan's as we're docked in Cadiz. We were 90 minutes late in to Port in Málaga yesterday due to "heavy seas and engine adjustments." The rumors are now starting to fly that we'll miss Madeira or Ponta Delgada. I guess we'll hear something today if that's true. One way or another, it's been an enjoyable trip so far. I really want to see Madeira so keep your fingers crossed for us.
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