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  1. 9876

    UBP Price Increase

    The only point I have is that you do pay for the package and perks in the difference between sailaway rates and the regular ones. It can still be a good deal but remember, nothing is free.
  2. 9876

    UBP Price Increase

    At this rate the gratuities are going to be the same price as the package on other lines!
  3. 9876

    Dining on a Windstar transatlantic?

    I was on a galley tour once and they said they flash cooked the vegetables and then kept them in the refrigerator. I don't know if Windstar does that but that is what they said.
  4. 9876

    Double Points Question

    Sounds good. Thanks! I was just wondering what other's experience might be.
  5. 9876

    Double Points Question

    Let me pick this apart more. You cannot hold the offer in a group block. I interpret this to mean that you cannot create a group and then hold the Insider's Offer. For example, you create the block in August when the offer is available you cannot offer that benefit in November when the offer is no longer available. On the flip side. You create a block and hold prices. If you book later when the offer is available at the Insider's Offer price would you get the extra points?
  6. 9876

    Double Points Question

    My apologies. I did mean Insider Offer. Sorry for the confusion.
  7. If you book a cruise within a group but they are offering a Past Guest Offer when you book do you get double points? I understand that you would not get the OBC but I was wondering about the point situation. Thanks!
  8. 9876

    Cost of go karts on Bliss

    I honestly did not notice the other things were gone and that there was a charge for the new activities. I have not been to the CC board in a while! I have Encore booked for January 2020 and the rock walls, ropes course, etc... were going to be fun for my grown children. We may need to reconsider the ship choice.
  9. 9876

    THERMAL SUITE PASS on the STAR Is it worth it?

    Star is in drydock and they are adding Spice H2O in the aft where the children's pool is/was.
  10. 9876

    Lost and Found...FOUND!!!

    Great news!
  11. I was told this too. You need to call before they expire and the desk said they would extend them for another year.
  12. Thank you! I have printed it for my TA this weekend. A lot of time to try them all out. :):):)
  13. Exactly. The price is built into the cruise. Sometimes you are better off just going sailaway and buying drinks you want, sometimes it is better to get perks. Each situation is different. Do what is right for you!
  14. 9876

    Drinks on us question

    The terms and conditions says that it does not include the 12 drink vouchers.
  15. 9876

    Norwegian Epic Posh

    Does anyone know how much it costs for a week?