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  1. I am just curious if anyone has used the jive app to work from the cruise ship. If you did how did it perform?
  2. One other thing to be aware of is that the insurance company typically requires a doctor's certification that she should not travel. I hope things go well and it is no problem but be prepared to be asked for that. Since she is your sister that is usually covered by insurance.
  3. No, they will not allow it. I have had open water bottles get through occasionally at a port but it was accidental on both sides. Just bring your bottle and refill (properly with a glass please) at the buffet station. The bartenders will also refill your water bottles or if you have a beverage package fill it with the drink of your choice.
  4. Many times last minute NCL will offer regular cabins at a lower than 200% rate. It is even one of their 'squares' on the pricing with a blue 'S' for solo discount. I think that is what she is wondering about.
  5. Last minute you will get the solo discount. Otherwise, look at the studio cabins. That would be your best bet if you need to plan ahead.
  6. Does anyone know what kind of alternative sweetener packets they have? I am going to request a bowl of raspberries for dessert. You can request anything the night before and you can also look at the menu for the next night and they can adjust the plate or preparation for you.
  7. They have the nachos on the bar menu. Most times they will let you sit in the restaurant area but every once in a while they will restrict you to a table in the bar area. This was on Bliss and Getaway so I would think that it would be available for the rest of the ships that have Margaritaville. I cannot post the picture but the menu is: Volcano Nachos $8.99 Hot Pretzel Sticks with queso and mustard dipping sauce $4.99 Chips, Queso and Salsa $4.99 Add gratuity to this amount. All drinks have always been included with the beverage package.
  8. OK, I called three times to make sure I got the same information. You can get the bus from Orlando Airport to Port Canaveral the same day of arrival and there is no additional charge for booking that day. The interesting thing I just found out from the last agent is that every airport is different. So, if you plan to try to utilize the transfer last minute make sure it is available at the airport/terminal you are going to.
  9. I called NCL and they said I could use my OBC if I waited to book the shuttle from Orlando to Port Canaveral until arrival. They said to just find the NCL rep and book it. Has anyone done this or know if this is accurate? I am a little bit anxious about it so I thought I would ask the experts!
  10. The only point I have is that you do pay for the package and perks in the difference between sailaway rates and the regular ones. It can still be a good deal but remember, nothing is free.
  11. At this rate the gratuities are going to be the same price as the package on other lines!
  12. I was on a galley tour once and they said they flash cooked the vegetables and then kept them in the refrigerator. I don't know if Windstar does that but that is what they said.
  13. Sounds good. Thanks! I was just wondering what other's experience might be.
  14. Let me pick this apart more. You cannot hold the offer in a group block. I interpret this to mean that you cannot create a group and then hold the Insider's Offer. For example, you create the block in August when the offer is available you cannot offer that benefit in November when the offer is no longer available. On the flip side. You create a block and hold prices. If you book later when the offer is available at the Insider's Offer price would you get the extra points?
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