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  1. On Symphony I think it was like 8/9-11 and 3-7.
  2. Not accurate. You can reserve via the app, but only once as someone else previously mentioned.
  3. Just off a Symphony, I remember them advertising movies but I believe they were in the theater, not the aqua theater. We didn’t attend though.
  4. It was nice awkwardly meeting you guys in the pub tonight!! We just couldn’t resist introducing ourselves to the forum celebs! 🍻
  5. Your feeling would be incorrect. What I would expect is a Key perk to actually be a perk. Having my bag left unattended and not placed directly into my stateroom is not a perk IMO.
  6. Well, as indicated in my original post, I do not have The Key, so my carry on luggage was never out of my sight. Unbelievable that you wouldn’t read my post prior to commenting.
  7. Clearly I personally would expect more for The Key, which is the purpose of my post.
  8. Yes, I have. The expectation, at least mine, is that for The Key, they would be delivering your carry-on bags to your cabin personally. I would not expect them to just put them in a pile in a main lobby and leave them unattended. Again, these ARE things carried onto the ship. Have you read about The Key much?
  9. That’s actually what we ended up doing! All the bartenders have required to take them so far.
  10. After having The Key in our last cruise, we determined it to be a waste of money. We are on the Symphony now and don’t miss having it so far. For those thinking about getting it, in part for dropping their bags off for early delivery to their stateroom, you may be interested to hear that they were left unattended. While waiting for our cabin to open, I noticed a cart in the lobby unattended with several bags on it. I recognized the tags on the bags as being Key tags. Just FYI, if you were hoping to drop your bags with any valuables off early, they could grow legs fairly easily!
  11. On Symphony now I’m a JS, can confirm our WOW bands were waiting in the cabin for us. They gave us both the same color which is kind of annoying (for figuring out which one belong to who).
  12. Any word on what the “Alpha Alpha Alpha” medical emergency was in the main dining room last night? We heard it over the loudspeaker while eating at Coastal Kitchen.
  13. On Symphony in the morning! We have the 3-night dining package! Which 3 restaurants should we book!??? Thanks!
  14. Yes, we did the jet ski excursion last month.
  15. 🙂 lol I’m glad someone appreciates my morbid sense of humor!
  16. Very common pretty much happens to everybody that tubes in the Caribbean .
  17. Likely people passed them off as service animals to get them onboard, otherwise they wouldn’t be allowed. (Or they were in fact service animals.)
  18. Reference the MDR, they had a special one night for a $12 Surf and Turf, which I ordered. It was good, but apparently they had a regularly priced surf and turf which I was charged for (later corrected at guest services). The lobster that came with it was tasty but has very little meat.
  19. 1) The A/C wasn’t super cold, but it was relatively comfortable. With the balcony door open, the room was rather hot, as expected. 2) The food in the MDR was maybe a 6/10. The portions were rather small, the quality was “ok”, nothing that blew us away, but no real problems either. 3) Getting off the ship took about 15 minutes from cabin to clearing customs (customs was cleared via facial recognition). Note: We did use self debarkation and left rather early around 7:00am. We also told them we had The Key and skipped what we think was a short line, so probably didn’t save too much time there. There were no lines during self debarkation for us other than waiting to have our Sea Pass cards scanned. 4) Yes, there is a shuttle to bring you from the ship to inside Coco Cay. There’s also shuttles that will bring you to spots around the island.
  20. We didn't stop in to listen to who was playing, so can't say, sorry!
  21. Just returned from a quick 3-day weekend on Navigator of the Seas! It was our first time on the Navigator; we stayed in an 8th floor balcony cabin, purchased The Key, had Deluxe Beverage Packages, visited The Observatorium Escape Room, and played follow-the-leader on Jet Skis while at Coco Cay! The Key was mostly a waste of money in my opinion and we will not be purchasing that option again. We tried The Flowrider for the first time which was awesome, as was the Escape Room, although our scheduled time was rescheduled. The comedian, whoever his name was, is terrible. The ice show is a must see, especially the drones! The other shows were enjoyable but nothing I would describe as extordinary. Overall we had a blast and would certainly do the ship/itinerary again. Like any cruise, it is what you make of it. Can't wait for our Symphony cruise next month! If you have any questions about the ship, itinerary or cruise overall, feel free to ask!
  22. Thanks everyone! Heading to the port in a few hours!
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