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  1. Thanks, and do they expect you to stay and gamble while having the drink? Whilst on my next cruise I expect I will spend most of my time in the Casino, there may be times I will pass through on the way to a show or something and might pop in to get a drink to go.
  2. How do the free drinks work in the Casino for Prime Members? Do you have to be at a machine or table playing, and wait til someone comes and offers you a drink, or can you just go up to the bar and order anything?
  3. It's very easy, there's only 2 platforms so you just have to get the one that heads towards the city and you'll be fine. Four Seasons can be a little pricey but it's very close to both the train station and the cruise terminal.
  4. Thank you all. I've heard good and bad stories about it so thought I might check it out, lunch is cheaper by about $20 so I might give that a go, I could probably go without the lamb chops Wonderland I wouldn't mind trying just for the experience but looking at some sample menus, I am a pretty fussy eater so I think I might end up going hungry 😁 btw, Is First Night Done Right not Done anymore?
  5. Are there any differences between the menu's or sizes or anything between Lunch & Dinner at Jamie's Italian? The price is a bit cheaper for lunch so was thinking of booking that if there's not too much difference. Thank you.
  6. Should be able to, so long as they will fit through the xray machines.
  7. So the Instand Rewards Certificates are the ones that you earn based on how much you spend on a particular cruise? And have to be used within 30 days or whatever? Mine has only just recently appeared but I haven't sailed on RCL since January.
  8. Damn, looks like I'll have to go on to separate cruises then, such a shame 😁
  9. I've just had a look at that site and aside from my Annual Cruise Benefit I've now been given an 'Instand Rewards Certificate' for $400. I'll be calling them later but has anyone had any success combining them, I'm planning on upgrading my annual one to a balcony, so if I could use the $400 for that, it would be perfect.
  10. I recall a post where someone spoke to RCL and they said that may happen, but don't remember seeing a post where it actually did happen. If you really wanted to be safe you could order her alcoholic drinks on your package, tell the bartender you want to pay for a drink for someone else and then that should work.
  11. Yeah good luck πŸ™‚ I was recently on Celebrity Solstice and handed something in that I found in my room. The chap at Guest Services didn't seem particularly interested...he wasn't even going to note my room number or anything, he eventually wrote it down on some piece of scrap paper with a pen that didn't work well...hopefully it somehow makes it's way back to the rightful owner.
  12. You can now use your Credit card to tap on and off so if you're just going straight from the Cruise Terminal to the airport then you probably don't really need to get an Opal.
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