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  1. We were in the Captain's Lounge and couldn't hear them in there, but our friends were outside and everytime I walked out to talk to them later in the day, she'd say, can you hear that? It ended up being those luggage trains like you say. There was lots of luggage when we went to get ours. Then when we walked outside to leave at 8:30 or so, there was a huge line at the main entrance to the dome, apparently the folks who got off the ship earlier before they found the sick woman and shut the whole thing down. I've seen a few posts on FB about people who left their luggage there and were worr
  2. We were in and around the dome waiting to board from 10 am to 8:30 pm and finally got our luggage about 9 pm. Some folks wanted their luggage earlier but couldn't get it until the 8:30 decision was made to not embark last night. Apparently some folks had needed meds in their checked luggage, not a good idea, and others were in shorts and tanks and it was getting cold.
  3. We're on the Panorama tomorrow and received this one yesterday or today, nice!
  4. Love your review and pics! We'll be on the Panorama Saturday!
  5. At this time Carnival isn't giving refunds for fear, but maybe they have cancel for any reason insurance?
  6. I have too, but most of them are helping folks from the ship to their shuttle/car.
  7. The whole Dow is down +$1000 today.
  8. Maybe, but you have to be on board 60-90 minutes before departure. They have to turn in a passenger list to Homeland security and do the muster drill before sail away.
  9. John Heald said it was fine, but no details.
  10. Yes, the Miracle has a rolling roof over one of the pools, at least it did last time I was on board.
  11. We're cruising the same week. Cabo would be the best. We've done the same itinerary several times in late winter/spring and seen many whales from the ship, never been on a whale watching tour.
  12. It's right across the street from Walmart and Sam's club.
  13. Yes, final payment day is 90 days before your cruise and checkin day is the same.
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