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  1. Sometimes on 'special' cruises, i.e. repositioning, longer, etc., there are so many diamond/platinum cruisers that they don't offer too many FTTF slots.
  2. I can't help you with the Magic, but in all the steakhouses, you technically order one of each, appetizer/salad/soup, then entree, then dessert. I have heard of some folks ordering an extra appetizer, etc, but not the entree. But you won't need to, the portions in the steakhouses are HUGE compared to the MDR.
  3. We have gone to the steakhouse on every cruise and DH has not ever worn a tie or jacket. He wears nice slacks and a Tommy Bahama shirt, no problems. But then again, we've never gone on elegant night where the dress is a little nicer.
  4. We have been to the steakhouse every cruise and I've never had a steak there, usually lobster or lobster ravioli - YUMM!
  5. There is actually a very good restaurant within walking distance of the Doubltree, 22nd street Landing or something like that, I think it is called.
  6. Thanks for doing that!!! We are on the Miracle in a few days!
  7. We're 14 days to the Miracle!
  8. The Miracle and Legend are identical ships, so they will be more than similar.
  9. Not sure, but we haven't had to fill out a piece of paper the last few cruises, they just ask a couple of questions and that's it.
  10. Also, if you arrive before 11:00ish (sometimes a bit earlier), they let you do early check-in outside or on the Queen Mary, depending on the ship (Miracle is usually outside at temporary counters and the other ships are in the aft end of the Queen Mary), so the inside activities are minimal (security, pictures, etc). Of if you're 'priority' you go in the small VIP building out in front.
  11. Usually the 3-day cruise over the weekend can be quite rowdy, lots of bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthdays, etc. But the 4-day is quite a bit quieter since it's during the week. We've been on both and seen it all.
  12. I think the paperwork says to arrive between 1 and 3 p.m. (unless you have FTTF or are Platinum/Diamond), but we have sailed out of Long Beach many times and always arrive about 10:00 a.m. or so, sometimes we wait a while, sometimes not very long, depends on which ship, any immigration issues, ship issues, etc.
  13. And I thought this was about what goes on my salad!
  14. There's not much they appreciate besides cash. Their living quarters are very very small and they don't have room for any gifts, give a little extra cash and a nice thank you.
  15. Most Fantasy class ships are not getting 2.0 upgrades, here's another thread about it : http://www.boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=1800537
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