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  1. We do them, no flying required!
  2. It's probably a combination of crew storage, stairs, work area, etc, and a bit of exhaust pipes from the engine room up to the whale tail. There's some amount of 'empty space' on every deck in about that space, some are partly galley, etc.
  3. Yes, you can check-in anytime and then probably board immediately and go right to your cabin to leave off your carry on bags, etc. Your son can board with you since he's probably in your cabin with you and is a minor anyway.
  4. Yes, but I think it's available on the last sea day after 5:00. The platinum and diamond is specifically for the brunch.
  5. One of the Platinum and Diamond perks is a free drink coupon to be used at sea day brunch.
  6. You can come early and go to the early/late line, which could be huge or short or they may turn you away, a lot of it's to get on early.
  7. And I've read that there sometimes isn't enough space in the parking garage at the port, if the Queen Mary has an event requiring parking, and the Panorama is way bigger than anything else that's been there, so will overwhelm the garage anyway.
  8. If it's not the Maitre D, someone is monitoring things, at least for the specialty restaurants, I've made reservations for two of them and received email confirmations.
  9. Actually I think you sign up at the excursion desk, not guest services, at least that's what I've done twice in the past. Sometimes, if they get a long enough wait list, they will do a 2nd group.
  10. Have a great cruise, my favorite ship!!
  11. Maybe it's completely sold out for the entire cruise?
  12. Some folks are reporting that it doesn't show up until closer to the cruise.
  13. We always stay at the Maya (even stayed there way back when they were the Coast Hotel), but we take their shuttle over to the ship in the morning.
  14. I'm sure you can get into the steakhouse and other restaurants once on the cruise, but I think since teppanyaki is so small with only 2 or 3 seatings per night, they'll fill up quickly before hand.
  15. We're on the Panorama next March and I made steakhouse and teppanyaki reservations several weeks ago without paying, but I have confirmation emails for both. The teppanyaki restaurant is very small so they're probably sold out on the night you're requesting.
  16. Yes, I always go once, to get my free drink. But the food is always good.
  17. I think we'll be on that Alaskan cruise with you!
  18. I've seen lots of whales around Cabo in the February to April timeframe over several cruises, they're everywhere!
  19. We're on that cruise with you! I've sailed on the Miracle once before and Pride and Spirit, love the Spirit class ships! Also the Miracle is going into drydock in February so may get a few upgrades.
  20. Thank you for the great reviews and I will certainly be following your next cruise! Miss reading the last one daily!
  21. We will be in this cruise with you! Love the Spirit class ships!
  22. I've never seen the steakhouse completely full, so maybe they save a few tables for walk-ins.
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