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  1. Thanks for the response. So, your cabin is next to ours. Do you like it, any vibration, noise? How many lounge chairs on the balcony? Can you take a few pictures, please. Thanks again!
  2. Hello. Thanks for the pictures. I see that you have Aft balcony cabin, with extra long balcony. Can you let me know your cabin number? I will be on next cruise and I have also aft cabin 11388. Thanks.
  3. Hello. Which will be the best beach for NOT YC? Calm water, sandy beach, no rocks. Is the beach really get crowded? Do I have to prepay for umbrella if I need one? Thanks for any response.
  4. Today on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MSC.Cruises.USA/videos/2420591154865829/
  5. Sorry, of course I mean USELESS!
  6. Yes we are. We all booked as a group. My travel agent ask me to fill out dining preference form with table size in it. And she doesn't know if they can provide one table for all. MSC customer service is useful! No help!
  7. Hello. We are group of 16 people will be on MSC Meraviglia New Year Cruise. What is larges table size in MDR restaurants? Do you thing is that possible to get one big table for all of us? Thank You.
  8. Hello. Will be on New Year MSC Meraviglia cruise. Will MSC allowed to bring wine on board, like Royal Caribbean? Can't find any information. Thanks.
  9. What about RIU Ocho Rios? Also very close to the port.
  10. I will concider both options, if you have, please.
  11. "Ate", you are right. I called MSC, and they don't sell individual specialty restaurant reservation. Only 3 restaurants package. Such a none sense policy! What if we travel as group 6-8 persons? How they can guarantee the same table. Again such a none sense! Very disappointed!
  12. Hello. We are will be on the New Year MCS Meraviglia cruise. Did all check in on MSC website already, and checked specialty restaurants page. It is look like I can get only 3 restaurants packages. My idea was to make a reservation for New Year evening, for only one restaurant. Any idea how I can do that on line? Or I have to call my TA? First time on MSC. Was done before with all American cruise lines. Thanks.
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