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  1. Good morning, I read that Carnival will be debuting her new ship and sailing through Europe in 2018...Does anyone know when the sailings will be released? I tried a search but couldn't find anything. thanks,
  2. Just came back from our cruise out of San Juan. We stayed 2 nights pre cruise at the Intercontinental Resort in Isla Verde and 2 nights post cruise at the El San Juan Resort. I really liked the Intercontinental. I read some concerning reviews prior to our stay, but I didn't have the same experience. We found the hotel to be beautiful, the staff were great and the location was amazing. The El San Juan is directly beside the Intercontinental. The staff were awesome, the lobby was impressive, but we weren't too impressed with our room. We stayed in the Casitas, the room itself was nice, but the bathroom was totally grungy and filthy. The area around both these hotels were great. Lots of restaurants, the beach is beautiful and shops are within walking distance!
  3. Thank you so much for posting!
  4. I've been watching Hotwire to try and get LaConcha for our post cruise hotel. Haven't stayed there, but I checked it out the last time I stayed in San Juan and it looked beautiful!
  5. It was a 4 star listed in Isla Verde. It has a 95% guest rating. I don't remember all the amenities listed, but I know it had resort, beachfront, restaurant, pool, fitness, casino, spa.... From what I understand, there are only 3 4star hotels in Isla Verde. The Water and beach Club (which lists as a boutique hotel), El San Juan and The Intercontinental. A friend of mine received El San Juan hotel and her amenities were similar to the Intercontinental, but it only had an 80% guest rating. So I was thrilled when I seen this one listed, but with a 95% guest rating...I was pretty sure it was the Intercontinental before I booked it! Very pleased!!!
  6. Just booked the Intercontinental Resort Isla Verde for Feb 6-9 using Hotwire. Paid $169/night (plus taxes/fees). :D
  7. Hi Hockeyluver, I am sailing at the end of January and have started looking at hotel options for pre cruise as well. Basing my opinion on my own search for a hotel, the prices for a 4 star hotel in Condado are almost twice what Priceline has quoted you so I think that $155 a night is a great deal. I've stayed at the Conrad Condado after my last cruise out of San Juan and really loved the hotel (not the beach area though). I'm hoping to stay in Condado again before our January cruise, but have been looking at Hotwire to book. Good luck
  8. Good afternoon, I have a question to all those Hotwire users...I searched for a hotel for Jan 23-26 for San Juan, and was hoping to stay in the Condado area. I originally searched for 2 adults (as there are only 2 of us) and was given a hotel option, which by using better bidding I believe is the Conrad Condado. But then I search for 2 adults, 1 child and was given a totally different option, which I believe may be La Concha. My question is....if I were to book option 2 (2a 1c), will I have a problem during check in when they find out there is only 2 of us? I've stayed at the Conrad, and I really enjoyed my stay, but I really would prefer to stay at La Concha Thanks Erin
  9. Good morning everyone! :D I'm wondering if anyone has stayed in stateroom 9690 on the AOS lately and have any pictures they can share of the room/balcony. When I booked my upcoming cruise I seen it was available, and I've always wanted to stay in an aft balcony, so I quickly snagged it. But after reading some reviews on this stateroom, it seems the reviews are mixed. I searched this forum, but most of the comments are old and the pictures have been removed or posted on a website I can't open. I know it is a corner aft and the balcony is a triangular shape, but is the balcony still bigger than a standard E1 balcony? Thanks very much!!!
  10. I'm so excited to read your review. We are sailing on Sept 16, but flying down on the 14th. We are staying 2 nights pre cruise at the Sheraton old same juan and 1 night post cruise on the beach. Can't wait to see your pics and hear about your trip...it'll help pass the next 2 weeks :)
  11. Really looking forward to your review...I am sailing the Victory from San Juan for the second time in September, I just love the itinerary! Thanks for taking time to post your review and pictures...helps us get through till our cruise! :D
  12. Hi Macconeill...:D We are flying out of Toronto with a stopover in Atlanta with Delta Airlines. I recommended flying direct to the OP as they were flying in the day of the cruise. We are flying in 2 days pre cruise, so I don't mind the connection. I paid $276 roundtrip, taxes in with Delta from Toronto to San Juan and back. As I was looking at different airlines, pricing etc, Westjet was having a seat sale. If I recall correctly, I believe it was $179 each way. Unfortunately the return flight time did not give us enough time to get off the ship and get to the airport. Happy Sailing !!! :D Erin
  13. erin1998


    Good day everyone :) We will be sailing on the Victory in September, and making our plans for our day in Barbados. I've been there once before, and spent the day at Boatyard..We are now looking at Copcabana's on the very few reviews that I've found. I'm just looking for a bit more info from anyone who's been there recently...cost of cab fare there, cost to get in, pictures, info on food/drinks etc etc. thanks, Erin
  14. Good day everyone! :) We will be sailing on the Victory in September and curious if there are any free wifi spots near the ship. We are stopping in St.Thomas, Barbados, St.Lucia, St. Kitts & St. Maarten. Thanks, Erin
  15. As much as I love the Buffalo airport compared to Pearson, I think I would pay the extra money to fly direct from Toronto. Although direct flights can be delayed, the more stops/layovers, the more chances for a problem. While planning my Victory cruise out of San Juan in September, I couldn't decide between Toronto and Buffalo. Kept watching the price and got a great deal from Toronto. If you keep watching, you may find a seat sale for your dates. Good luck! Erin
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