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  1. Need assistance with Hotels either in Miami or Ft Lauderdale that are reasonably priced and offer Fly N Cruise or Park N Cruise packages. The price and options available will determine if we fly to into Miami or Ft. Lauderdale for a December 2021 Miami Carnival Cruise? Thanks
  2. Planning a family Cruise in December from Miami. Any suggestions on Hotels either in Miami or Ft. Lauderdale (whichever is more reasonably priced) with Park N Cruise or Fly N Cruise and with possible Cruise terminal shuttle service? Thanks
  3. How about preferred Hotels with Park N Cruise Packages?
  4. Brings back some serious memories. Huge Thanks!!
  5. Some of you have gone from Carnival Cruise Nuts to Carnival Cruise Junkies! Enjoy your upcoming adventures; but please remain safe at Sea and follow the CDC safety rules. I would still like for cruising to continue and not be interrupted by our continued disregard and behavior. Wear those masks and get vaccinated Please.
  6. Time will certainly tell. Most of us have been away so long from the Seas that we are hoping that people surprise us and just actually "Do The Right Things" for once.
  7. Hey Cruise Nuts before I watch the extended video does it include inside cabins? That's the only economical method to cruise. Plus my insides provide me with additional dollars to cruise later. Don't we all leave and arrive at the same time? Frugal Cruise Nut Jets Fan signing out!
  8. Let's pray that all kids are vaccinated soon. We need to also protect our young children/passengers. I just read where a bunch of kids ( I believe in Florida tested positive after a weekend retreat). If they were in Florida they more than likely were not wearing mask? Still have to wear those mask, social distance and wash those paws.
  9. My hope is that there is a National Covid Data Base that is fully operational that can seek out the individuals with those "fake" cards and fake answers. Always Safety First The Let's Sail Away!!!
  10. Hello Cruise Nuts. We are looking forward to passengers and crew being totally vaccinated so that we can all sail safely. Covid has not mysteriously disappeared!!!!
  11. We should really stop trying to circumvent the system. Each passenger is to be vaccinated prior to Cruising. What's so difficult about that type of requirement being instituted? Remember the last National Survey revealed that approximately less than 20% of all US citizens have actively Cruised. We are not talking about a large population here. Let's do the right thing so that less than 20% can grow.
  12. As an inaugural member in Good standing with the Unofficial Carnival Cruise Nuts Brigade let me say "Welcome". Our first two family cruises were aboard Royal ships. Those were our first and last with that Cruise Line. There was nothing really wrong with the voyage it just didn't fit our family style. Move forward many years and today we are Carnival only! Even on this Forum I have met many Cruise Nuts that really enjoy and love Carnival Cruising. I have a saying " There are No Bad Fridays and there are No Bad Carnival Cruises!!! Save you some money and Cruise with Us! S
  13. According to the US Department of Health there are individuals that have had the Vaccines and still are contracting Covid. Guys it's still way too risky? We need to stop rushing the process and let the Trained Experts do their job. They will totally advise us when its absolutely safe to return to our Love of Cruising. In the meantime mask up my friends!
  14. Why would we even consider Cruising without Masks or Proof of Vaccination? We are continuing to put innocent lives at high risk. If you don't believe in the vaccines, believe that Covid is real and believe that Covid is starting to infect more young children then you have no right to believe that you should Cruise. We should be fed up with our Citizens getting sicker because a few "Out of Control" State Governors are power hungry! I am as eager to Cruise as the next Carnival Cruise Nut; however, I am not willing to risk my or my family's life onboarding with a bunch of "False" doc
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