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  1. The old saying is "If you are going to stay in your cabin why Cruise"? Maybe its just me but I really don't care about the Cabin configurations as long as I am Cruising!!!
  2. Yes always happens while the Captian is full steam ahead trying to make it back to Baltimore!!
  3. Sounds like an absolutely "Normal" Carnival Cruise experience. My neighbors just returned and booked another Cruise for next month on this ship. Cruising beats a normal land day antime!
  4. Been on the Pride many times. This seems to be the normal Cruise Happening on this ship. This can happen anytime and anywhere. Cruise and enjoy the time!!!
  5. I am just glad to be cruising again no matter what color the card! Maybe Carnival will make all our Cards "transparent/see through/clear" then status won't matter. Just Have Fun!
  6. If it is allowed would you mind providing the room number to us all so that we can try and avoid that one?
  7. I really appreciate your "Pro" and "Con" review approach. Helps to provide a true and transparent view of what really happens onboard. I am never really concerned about who boards "when and at what time" because the Captain is not going to leave the Port until the scheduled time. We are all leaving together. Just my personal viewpoint! I also wish people would just follow the rules! If it states "Please Wear Your Mask" then please follow the rules! It's That Simple! If 15 year old's don't want to wear their masks then politely escort them out of the venue. Just my personal viewpoint!
  8. That is Great News and Hopefully they will put that in writing to clarify.
  9. Maybe my logic is suffering from some sort of historical mishaps/events. If you have had the two required doses and/or the one required dose aren't you considered fully vaccinated? Why are we overplaying this issue? If you had your prior doses and your pre Cruise test shows a negative result, then why not just wait until you return from the Cruise to get the Booster? Are we concerned that the Boosters will run out? I just don't waste time on things that can be avoided. Learn to enjoy each day and enjoy your Cruises when we take them!!
  10. Exactly and as a Corporation, I am almost certain the Carnival also retains a pretty savvy law service on their payroll. All I's have been dotted and T's have been crossed!
  11. It's simple: Just Always Follow The Rules If They Are Written!!! If they are not written then wait until they are published. Sometimes we open pandora's box by too early and by mistake!!
  12. The simple things in life are always the best.
  13. Since you referenced not cruising in about 7 years things will, as anticipated, be a bit different. We are all expected to dress and act appropriately within the confines of the Carnival Buffet areas. Just as with gas, food and housing all prices have risen over the years and the quality of products and services have dwindled a bit. Always remember that Carnival is a Corporation and as such will do what's best for the Stockholders, The Corporation, Employees and then it's Passengers. I always enjoy myself regardless of the Buffet offerings as there are always additional choices. I don't believe that the lack of a "sufficient" Buffet should hamper your Cruise experience. I personally would and do enjoy PB&J sandwiches in the Buffet area. But, I am frugal like that!!!
  14. My encouragement is for those who have the habit to at least think about quitting.
  15. Applaud Disney for Their Efforts to Allow everyone to continue to Cruise Safely.
  16. The "Truth" is always the preferred option in all we do!
  17. Thank you so much for all of the photos. Really enjoying them and they are making a great impression on my first time Cruise family members!! Blessings to you for the kind spirit!!!
  18. Perfection and thank you so much. Unfortunately I can't eat them because they come with pre made patties that contain pepper. I have a spice allergy. I enjoy watching others gulp down the treats.
  19. Yes and time will tell. You never know what you are getting until they get over the effects of the Big lights of Broadway!!!
  20. Thanks for the reality of today. I just always remind myself to follow the rules and hopefully others will follow or else Cruising will be ceased again.
  21. I just move away as fast as possible. Hopefully they get the message to mask up.
  22. Take the cheaper option and put the $100 toward another Cruise.
  23. Do they cost the same? Always my deciding factor as I cruise for relaxation not Islands.
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