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  1. Thank you, but when I do that it populates me back to "book a flight" and when I enter a random day (just to see if they ever fly there) it says "no flights available/not scheduled to operate on the date selected" So I didnt know if that meant just certain dates ( I have tried a few), or if they just never fly those routes. Perhaps Im using the route map search incorrectly?
  2. Does anyone know if SW flies to Hawaii, any island, from Buffalo, with connections of course?
  3. This is the same email I got on Apr 2 for our May 23 MSC cancelled cruise..nothing yet, but will be fine with 60 days. Hoping it does not go over that.
  4. If I see a better flight time for the same day for a Southwest flight, do I have to cancel and rebook, as in risk the flights not being available (since we are a family of 7)? Or is there a way for me to just change it without losing my prior flight time until my one is confirmed? The price of the new time is only a few dollars difference, but the time is much better. Also, I have googled it but it mentions a SW account, which I dont think I have, could I have booked as a guest and will that make a difference? Hope this makes sense.
  5. I assume this offer is just for the sailings within the 60 day period? We are a couple weeks after that..not sure what we plan to do at this point, or if we will even have a say in the matter. If we cancelled now I assume we'd just be given the FCC, not the 125% FCC, is that correct? Thank you!
  6. Is the water typically clear at Paradise Beach? Also, can the $18 be used towards the $10 fee? Not sure if we will eat there, so if the kids just get a drink they will be under $10, but if they get the water toys and it can go towards the fee that would be great. And does anyone know if the water is deep by the water toys?
  7. Do all the tenders go to the same dock/pier? I am supposed to meet my excursion at Waterfront Centre and just want to make sure we will be close by the tender area?
  8. Is there a specific dock in GC that the Seaside docks at or is it random? Im booking an excursion and it didnt even occur to me that there was more than 1 terminal? Thanks!
  9. I have not thought of kids going around saying that... Reason I asked is because the family we are travelling with are first time on a plane with 2 littles and they had asked if that would work so we could help them. Got it, for people on the same reservation, thanks for the response. Will look into Early Bird, thanks! BTW I do not..🤣 Hope you feel better after asking! Have a good one!
  10. Im asking if the policy is that each 6 year old and under gets 2 adult companions regardless of being on the same reservation? Fairly new to SW, so trying to understand..
  11. 1) For family boarding, I read each child 6 and under can have 2 adults. Does that have to be on the same reservation? Meaning, if we (2 adults) are travelling with 2 friends who have 2 kids, but we'll be on 2 different ressies, can they have 4 adults board with them? Hope this makes sense.. 2) Should people with kids under 6 who qualify for family pre boarding do online check in at 24 hours or not? Thx
  12. I have read if you dont do all inclusive that its $3 entry plus $10 minimum spend..just wondering how it works, do they add the $3pp to your final tab as long as you spend another $10pp? Or do you pay the $3pp then order as you go for the day and all is well as long as youve reached $10pp? And does that include the loungers/pool/washrooms? Also, I thought I had read that taxi prices are well posted, but have just read on another forum that some cabs are saying different prices for the same place..just trying to gauge how much/how to get 7 of us there..
  13. We went once or twice, did prefer the bigger one though..but no, did not notice an ice cream machine however there may have been one. Good to know though, we are doing the Seaside, so now I know where to find it:)
  14. We tend to either explore on our own or maybe take an excursion from a third party, but find the ones offered by the cruise lines such a rip off. In Civi we easily took the train to Rome, tickets were inexpensive and we explored on our own. I had pre purchased tix to the Colosseum but that was about all we planned (I figured "when in Rome"). The rest of the day we walked to Trevi fountain, Pantheon, got gelato etc (had googled mapped a plan for the day). It was a very enjoyable and cool experience as a family, and cheap considering it was Rome. I loved our day in La Spezia, we explored Cinque Terre on our own, all we did was buy the passes and then explored the towns/ate/went in the water as we wished. Again, it was one of my favourite days and pretty cheap..beautiful seaside views and old town charm! As I mentioned, if you can, pre purchase the Cinque Terre passes, as the line was crazy long! In both Corsica and Cannes we stayed within walking distance to the port, brought our beach stuff and went in the water/got crepes/explored the little towns..all very inexpensive. In Mallorca we took bus #3 to Illetas beach..we did get a bit lost but once on the bus it was easy! It was beautiful and HOT, again a very inexpensive day but memorable, especially taking the local bus..but budget for a lot of water/gelato/umbrella if its like it was in July it was extremely hot, and we like nice hot weather, but we could barely stay out of the water for more than 10 minutes and needed to cool off:)
  15. Thanks for the link, very interesting!
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