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  1. I believe the assigned arrival times is a requirement/recommendation/whatever imposed by the CDC. If Celebrity allows people in the terminal, or provides some kind of amenities, it seems like that would violate whatever rule the CDC has implemented. If this is the case, which I admit it’s difficult to read through pages and pages of government speak, your beef is with the CDC and not Celebrity.
  2. Sheesh. Arrive at the time it says on the documents. What else of substance is there to add. It’s kind of like how I thought wearing masks to the grocery store was pretty useless. But I did anyway, because the 75 year old guy greeting people at the door didn’t create the policy, and all I’d be doing is making things difficult for him. Extend that to all of the people at check in who are just trying to help you start your thousands of dollars vacation.
  3. This is pretty funny. Some of the same people who insist Celebrity enforce rules pertaining to vaccination status are bellyaching over Celebrity enforcing rules pertaining to boarding time. I guess rules are rules, as long as they don’t negatively impact you personally.
  4. We used to try to get on the ship as early as possible. Then one trip we decided to sleep in, take our time eating breakfast, checked out later, and did some sightseeing. It was much more enjoyable than the stress of rushing to get on the ship. I don’t care anymore about hitting lunch when we board. We go straight to our cabin since we don’t have to wait until they are done cleaning. For us, relaxing and taking it slow on that first day is the way to go. Although if there are assigned times now, will I get chewed out if I show up at 4 instead of 1:30?
  5. I think it is because most people realize that (1) data shows the risk to kids of severe illness is nearly zero and (2) a cloth mask really doesn’t do much. Just look at data from schools that were open all last year. There were not any huge outbreaks reported. Look at all of the youth sports taking place. I’m not seeing widespread reports of entire teams being quarantined, or deaths among the athletes. The numbers just do not back up the armchair scientists who talk up the risks.
  6. No. If covid is that big a risk for somebody, he or she should probably not be traveling.
  7. Thank you - I appreciate all you’ve contributed here and your thinking and thoughtfulness. For what it’s worth, we are all vaccinated. But planning to stick to land vacations, at least for a while longer. Just not the right time for us to get on a ship now. But for everyone else heading out on a cruise now - have fun and enjoy yourselves!
  8. My kids (7th and 10th grade) were in school either part time or full time last year. We went out to eat in restaurants, traveled and stayed in hotels for baseball, went shopping, and lived life fairly normally. We took several vacations which required air travel. Is there something about covid that makes it more contagious on a cruise ship or in foreign ports than it is in a school or in my home town? Especially when 90+% of the ship is vaccinated versus essentially 0 in the schools last year. Sure, I would consider modifying activities in ports. Like maybe go to a beac
  9. Talk to the people who condemned the one perk, two perks, three perks when that pricing model started. Look where we are now with all included (or whatever you call it). I don't think it's a stretch to view this change as a trial balloon for vastly reduced services.
  10. Who are you helping? Is the hotel or resort taking $20 off the nightly rate since they are servicing rooms less? I would prefer to not have to schedule room service when I am on a vacation. Remember the “temporary” baggage fees airlines imposed due to high fuel prices? Of course you remember them, as they are still there. Do not confuse having empathy for overworked employees with service cutbacks. We are all being suckered.
  11. Stayed in a Hilton a couple of weeks ago for 5 days. They don’t enter your room unless you ask. Had to set the trash can outside the door, and had to call the front desk to request toilet paper. This is all about reducing costs. There is zero measurable effect on the environment. If you accept this “green” program, service will continue to slowly slide.
  12. I don’t see how this is going to discourage anyone who is unvaccinated from cruising. If I am spending anywhere from $5K to $10K (or more) for a cruise plus airfare, I am probably going to buy insurance anyway. Especially given how poorly airlines are performing right now. All this does for someone who is not vaccinated is confirm the insurance bought from RC or Celebrity covers any covid related problems. So in essence it seems to reduce risk for those individuals.
  13. Why is it assumed this is rare? The vaccines have been around less than a year, there is essentially no data on this.
  14. Why is that hard to understand? You have to be around someone for something to get passed to you. If one person you live with gets it, don’t you think it’s kinda likely you’re going to get it too? What situation do you think is more likely to result in transmission? 1. Both spouses vaccinated and living together, one has asymptomatic covid 2. Two unvaccinated people walk past each other in the grocery store, one has asymptomatic covid
  15. I agree, thanks for the well written responses. The thing I struggle with is there are still a lot of unknowns surrounding the virus. It seems that I read a lot of “may” and “should” and “could” in scientific papers, and people tend to summarize and restate them as absolutes.
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