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  1. They are slowly repopulating the site with rescheduled cruises. Smeralda is no longer going to Dubai and is being replaced by Pacifica. We are interested in the Firenze to Singapore in October for 30 nights.
  2. Unfortunately the Costa website has been a work of fiction for some time now.
  3. This isn't the whole picture. The official press notice says that the Favolosa Caribbean cruises are not included in the winter cancellations. We have a transatlantic booked on the Favolosa in December, plus two Caribbean cruises on it thereafter. I had just about written them all off, but now have at least some hope... But the Fascinosa back from Santos in April 2021 is definitely cancelled.
  4. Sorry -- looks like the Diadema isn't going to the Gulf at all this year but is staying in the Mediterranean and Canary Islands.
  5. The Italian Prime Minister has just said that cruises will be allowed to resume because tourism is so important to the economy. The parliamentary scientific and technical committee signed off the safety protocols last night. The next and final step is for the regional states conference to approve - and they are meeting on Monday. Italy will be open for cruising (as will Greece and Malta, so far..
  6. I promise not to inflict any more Google Translate on the board! The latest news, which I've just read on the French Costa Fans Facebook page, is that the Italian parliamentary scientific and technical committee approved the safety protocol last night and the final decision will be taken by the Conference of Regional States (due to meet on Monday).
  7. This from today's "Corriere della Sera". Google Translated. Cruises and conferences The prime minister says it cautiously, he does not go out of balance. But then he talks about " cruise ships that have to start traveling again because tourism is a fundamental piece of our economy ", he focuses " on the fairs and conferences that we have to organize, because only in this way can all activities be resumed", he understands which direction this new phase is taking. The masks, the distances, "are fundamental , but they must not be perceived as a limitation. I can say it because
  8. She is to be sold to CSSC Carnival - presumably for cruising in the Chinese market. At least that was the plan ...
  9. If you didn't do one last year, unfortunately you won't be eligible for an upgrade.
  10. Hey samian, how are you? We have fond memories of the Deliziosa and I enjoyed reading your account of the voyage (even if it differed somewhat from the experience of us inside-cabin, non-drinking passengers!) We have friends on both the Luminosa and Pacifica, but haven't heard from them in a couple of days. They were in Marseille at the time. Lorraine
  11. If it's the Costa Fortuna from Singapore, it's definitely cancelled. They just called me and I have received the e-mail. Don't fly! The e-mail will come.
  12. That's not a change. It doesn't look as though there are major alterations - except Perla members will no longer get 20 euros OBC.
  13. Costa still have those shuttles (call them to add it to your booking). It costs 26 euros pp at the moment. We are using it on 9 April when Fortuna arrives in Savona. We expect the shuttle to arrive at Nice airport at about 1pm. Flixbus (www.flixbus.com) are cheaper but you have to take a taxi to Savona railway station to catch them.
  14. There is usually a bar near the buffet and there are bartenders at the end of each buffet line who serve wine, beer and soft drinks. At the moment their draft beer is Heineken.
  15. We drink only white wine and I can confirm that with both the P&C and Brindiamo packages the choice is limited to pinot grigio or chardonnay (at least on the last couple and current cruises). If you develop a strong preference for one wine I'm sure the waiter will do his best to ensure you get it. We usually have second sitting dinner, and get ourselves a couple of glasses of wine from the buffet beforehand and find a nice spot to consume it (or take a glass into the theatre).
  16. You can have as many courses as you like at dinner. The portions tend to be on the small side (especially if you are used to American cruise lines).
  17. The service charge is explicitly excluded from the OBC that we receive as Costa Club members.
  18. We always bring a few large bottles of water on board, including at each port. Yesterday we lugged four 1.5 litre bottles from a supermarket in Argostoli! They have no problem with it.
  19. The mini bar items are.not included in the package. There is usually a bit of space for your own items.
  20. The evening turn down service is available only to suite and perla diamante passengers. You could ask your cabin steward for extra towels in the morning, but you'll have to smooth your own covers!
  21. There is an MSC shuttle from the main train station for 5 euros per person each way (charged to the cabin) to the Steinwerder terminal. Although we didn't want to take the shuttle that early, we saw them there from 10 am. It costs 3.30 euro per person for the S bahn from the airport to the train station (Hamburg Hauptbahnhof).
  22. We have spent two Christmases on board, one at the end of a transatlantic crossing and the other in the Caribbean. As in most of continental Europe, the main emphasis is on Christmas Eve, which is usually a gala night with special menus and some free fizz from the Captain. We really enjoyed the run-up to Xmas with the ship being decorated - there seemed to be something new appearing every day. On Xmas eve there was a Xmas themed.show in the theatre, the tenor sang some carols in the atrium, and we had a sweet song from the Squok Club children as well. There was also a midnight mass in the
  23. Thanks, all. We've been through the Indian visa process several times and we have a multiple entry paper visa still valid for our Victoria trip in October/November. My query related to another cruise next March which has a stop in New Mangalore. You're so right about the confusing and contradictory advice, including from the cruise lines. As I said, last year on MSC many people didn't bother with a visa and they were allowed on without a problem. I'm not so sure what Costa's approach would be, so I guess we are resigned to getting the marginally cheaper e-visas. The official Indian
  24. Does anyone have recent experience with Costa of not requiring a visa if you do not plan to exit the ship at Indian ports of call? On a recent MSC cruise that included a stop in Cochin, we did get off the ship and had our visas, but we came across many passengers without visas because they had no intention of getting off the ship, and all they had to do was sign a waiver form at check-in. I have phoned Costa and got the "company" line about needing a visa whether one exits the ship or not. It isn't a problem to get an e-visa, but it is an expense one could do without!
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