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  1. I carry medication including tramadol. I’ve always locked it away but mainly due to having kids. I’d never considered theft which is daft considering the drugs I take.
  2. It was quite interesting. Huge ship!
  3. Thanks. Not specific to spa deals. Just wondered what goes on when people are ashore!
  4. First cruise with some popular ports. Just wondering what it’s like to stay onboard on a popular port day. The port is Palma. We e been to Majorca many times. Would places like the spa have deals on?
  5. I am no expert. First cruise in June this year but I booked our drinks package on Jewel of the Seas today at £37.13. I’d keep an eye on the price.
  6. If anyone has photos of bar prices/drinks I’d love to see please? Also if in the WJ for breakfast or lunch can we still request a speciality coffee or fresh orange juice?
  7. If you’ve got s drinks package and have sorted excursions, what else do you spend money on when onboard? Thanks.
  8. How do you keep track of your kids when onboard please? We have an 11 year old but I am concerned about keeping in touch with him. I have seen an app mentioned but it’s not available on Jewel and we don’t plan on internet package - depending on responses here that might change. Do kids club know how to get in touch with you for example he’s had enough so we need to go and get him or there is an emergency? Ive seen older kids can sign themselves out of kids club. These ships are big so open to getting lost? First cruise in June. Thanks.
  9. Thanks all. I’d forgotten about tips so will check that. I had had asked our TA to chase us over to the new package as we had booked just a couple of weeks before free drinks came out but we were refused apparently by RCI.
  10. What’s a good package price in £ please? My on board credit is in dollars as are bar prices onboard I believe. My planner items are in £ and currently at £39 for the delux drinks. I don’t know if that’s ok or not. Any opinions and sorry for another drinks question. We we will definitely be a couple of coffees a day Definitely OJ with breakfast Couple of glasses of wine with dinner Cocktail pre dinner Couple of bottles of water I am sure it all mounts up really quickly.
  11. Can I ask, if you prepay your gratuities which we have done are you still charged a further 18% again at the bar when ordering drinks? thanks.
  12. I’m in the uk and no offers on anything in my planner.
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