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  1. I've taken the FCC and booked Rome to Dubai 18/11 , not sure if it will happen but will just rebook for next year if not. Took 70 days to get refunds from Emirates for flights totally £3.3k so feeling a bit Happier as got all hotels, trips etc refunded as well.
  2. MSC have included for all U.K. Cruisers since May this year, so many removing them they just decided to cancel them and include in price.
  3. A lot of lines are including gratuities in headline fare, MSC , P& O, TUI are ones that I know.
  4. I'm from U.K. And would never tip for drinks served in a bar it's just not the custom outside the USA and in Europe tipping for anything is less the norm than the U.K.. what I found annoying is some going around with wads of cash doling out tips for everything under the sun when they are on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean etc and expecting better service because they have a big wad!!
  5. At present Splendida, Fantasia & Opera are docked in Genoa so if Divina goes there MSC will have 4 ships at base to start itineraries in Europe provided they can get crews there and permission from authorities.
  6. Well Italy is opening borders on 3/06 with lots of other European countries following in next month although not U.K. so makes sense to get ships back to Genoa which is main MSC base.
  7. Well Europe are starting to open borders to other Europeans with Italy first on 3rd June and Spain last on 1st July and none of them have mentioned anything about any vaccine as there isn't one anyway. TOurism makes up a large part of GDP for Greece, Spain, Italy, Malta and some others so they are keen to get country up & running. doubdful they will allow non Europeans in until later in summer.
  8. Most European countries are opening borders in next 4/5 weeks starting with Italy on 3rd June, only open to other Europeans at first but I would think they will open up to other countries which have virus under control in due course. That may rule out USA unless the situation improves rapidly. its not been established if ports will be open to cruise ships but most airlines are starting up again last week in June.
  9. I would think a second wave is more likely in America looking at news reports of packed pools, bars etc, Europe is fairly safe at practicing social distancing at present.
  10. I would hope by July U.K. Will reopen borders to some European countries, it's only until 29/06 at present.
  11. Spain have joined Italy, Greece & Malta in reopening borders to international tourists from July so dependent on when FCO change advice holidays to Europe can recommence.
  12. Spain has joined Italy & Greece in opening borders to international tourists from 1st July so tourists will be allowed into most if not all Europe this summer. whether this means cruise ships will be allowed as well has not been published yet, I would assume MSC along with other lines will be discussing with various tourism ministers. With MSC being a major Italian line they may have more influence in Italy!
  13. Spain has joined Italy & Greece in opening up to international tourists from July, I would assume just European tourists at present but countries are starting to open up. https://english.elpais.com/politics/2020-05-23/spanish-pm-foreign-tourists-will-be-able-to-return-to-spain-from-july.html
  14. Got mine via TA 3 weeks ago for March cruise, rebooked for November 17th so hopefully that will go ahead.
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