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  1. Wonder if rules re masks will change once over 50s vaccinated ie the high risk groups, saga cruise as well as some airlines are already saying you will need proof of vaccinations to travel. Most priority groups in Uk will be done by June but seems very slow in Europe and not sure on USA
  2. Well if cruising starts in USA it will probably adopt the procedures already being used in Europe by MSC & Costa. That means turning up exactly at time given, waiting to be called, given COVID test and waiting 30 minutes for results. If negative you get on wearing masks, of positive you get called out of line for further testing which gets sent to hospital lab and results in 2/3 hours. If negative you get on , if positive you leave. Also you need to have a COVID test 3 days before.and submit.
  3. We went from Barcelona to canaries loop in January and we had fantastic weather, sunny and mid 20s every day even in Mediterranean. 1 month later it was snowing in Barcelona so you never knows , however we have been in Spain many times in winter and weather in daytime is normally dry & bright which is why so many winter there.
  4. The cruise was open to all residents of schenghen countries which is most of Europe but not UK. Passengers were mainly Italian, French, German & some Scandinavia. reviews I have seen in Facebook are positive with many videos on YouTube, masks were required by staff but not passengers unless in confined spaces like corridors etc
  5. MSC have not arranged any flights and I understood policy was to try and discourage flying hence keeping cruises to European only. i doubt any European country will allow any Americans south or north into Europe this year nor allow their citizens to fly to those countries.
  6. They are not required in Italy during daytime if just walking around ,needed in evenings as they found too many young people gathering in evenings without masks which is cause of increased cases. Other parts of Europe including UK don’t require them outside.
  7. I don't think people commenting on visors v face masks etc particularly from America realize that all the crew have been tested numerous times before boarding and had to quarantine before boarding, they are also constantly checked on board.
  8. Just a point the excursions on these cruises are fairly cheap I saw mentioned 100 euros for 3 plus some free ones are included in price. stilll idiotic and I would loved to have heard the conversation when they were told they were not coming back in board!!
  9. Well MSC flagship grandiosa sailed from Genoa about 1 hour ago with 1500 passengers, picking up more in Rome & Naples. every passenger had rapid test before boarding and crew tested multiple times, hopefully this is the start with more ships starting later this month & carnival owned Costa starting September
  10. Someone who is going on cruise and presently in Genoa reports on Facebook that ship is there & engines running, supplies being loaded etc so seems to be going on schedule tomorrow!
  11. Could be this testing for some regions if they return from Greece etc https://www.thelocal.it/20200812/italian-region-introduces-quarantine-for-residents-returning-from-spain-greece-or-malta
  12. Don’t have service charges for UK cruisers anymore
  13. The Covid protection is only 18 euros and covers all expenses, including repatriation and refunds and covers whole party as far as i know. I doubdt any Americans will be allowed into Europe or anywhere else until well into 2021. the cruise is only available to Schengen residents so the protection is obviously only available to them and hardly a scam , looks like a bargain to me.
  14. Yes that's all there is, although a lot of cruisers like U.K. Guests get free bottled water included in MDR as well. I expect the self service machines will have been removed for restart to cruising which will stop the usual lot trying to fill up water bottles despite signs don't do it!!
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