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  1. Thank you for your reply EandD’s mom this will be the first time I’m not using a ship tour and it nice to hear you had such a good experience
  2. I have been emailing back and forth with Tyrone Wilson taxi tours it has been so pleasant dealing with him. I went ahead in set up a tour with him. Our ship doesn’t get into port until 1 we were able to set up a private tour of nine in our group with him. And we don’t have to pay until we meet with him which was another reason we did with him. He has great reviews on trip advisor has anyone ever use him our tour is not until middle of May I will let you know how it was after we do.
  3. if you don’t want to wear your age just get one that a happy birthday I say if it make you happy do what you want to do If you want to wear a tee shirt a sash do it if that is what you want our birthday are a gift given to us maybe I’m not in the majority because I have came so closed to death so every age for me is something I celebrated , when my kids gave me one on my last milestone birthday I wore it proud but as I said it is what makes you 😆 happy If you want to celebrate your birthday in a private way they do have packages on the cruise ship where you can decorate your room we all may give our opinions and I respect everyone opinions but it is yours that matter most so do what you want i dont know when your your birthday is but I hope you have a happy birthday
  4. So far I’m the only yes I see you day go for it. It is your special day . I say something like a sash it would be easiest to take it off I know party city has them if you have a party city.
  5. There is a cruise schedule the end of April out of Norfolk va the first cruise after all the updates excited to for upcoming may cruise on the sunrise
  6. Yes they will be in your room already hanging my friends did this a few years ago for my birthday none of them were even on the cruise with me there was a card who said who it was from my daughter said she was going to do but when she went to order it said there was already an order for it. And I am not platinum level I think they try to have it there for anyone
  7. thank you so much treyati2006 loved seeing the pictures
  8. Treyati206 where can I find the information of the updates you listed . We are going on the sunrise in May and one of my friend mention she would love to have a frig in her room and you mention all cabins will have mini fridge that great . I will be on the fourth sailing out of dry dock can’t wait
  9. Thanks lottacruises yes I can see my cruise info and on line check in was today I was able to do that😄
  10. Found out answer to my question my cruise was book under a group with a travel agent that why can’t see it last time it was just one cabin so I seen my billing with the T/A thought I post so anyone under a group booking would know why you can’t see it
  11. Thank you both the manually on line may be thanks for replying elcrappytan 2 Years ago I did see it on line and I book with a travel agent so that why I question it?But thing can change thanks for replying 1025cruise
  12. Thank you both the manually on line may be thanks for replying elcrappytan 2 Years ago I did see it on line and I book with a travel agent so that why I question it?But thing can change thanks for replying 1025cruise
  13. Hello I book through a travel agent and I am paid in full . But when I log on to carnival I can not see anything under billing . The travel agent said that strange anyway I had her look at my and the other people in the group that have paid in full . my question is do I have to wait until online check in to see it show ,she is thinking that may be it but not sure. Our online check in is this weekend so we will see if not she will call carnival to see why Is anyone else having a problem seeing their billing info . I used the same travel agent 2 years ago on a carnival cruise I could see it fine. There are 9 of us going so she has it under a group we have five rooms could this be thue problem being under a group thank you
  14. I live right next to Norfolk will be sailing May 17 like mention it is going for dry dock so it will be like going on brand new ship. Carnival has pull out of Norfolk and came back a couple of times hope they stay around this time, I have been on the glory and splendor out of Norfolk right now they just going to a few places mostly Bahamas one April they are going to grand Turk i did read when the radiance come there will be trips to cuba https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/19433-carnival-triumph-to-become-carnival-sunrise-after-200-million-drydock.html
  15. Take whatever you and your sister are comfortable with it is your cruise sure you may have a lot but you will learn from this cruise what you did not use you don’t take on the next one. I use to take a bigger suitcase but I have learn after 7 cruises my 21 inch and a carry on bag is all I need I always roll my clothes for more room Have a wonderful cruise when your cruise comes around
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