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  1. I just got off the sunrise last week and I love it i went with a group in our 50s 60s and 70s I can tell you Chris the cruise director on the sunrise is one of the best I have seen heck The shows I enjoyed our was a five day though you can download the carnival hub app for five dollars and stay on top of things you like to do. We had 3,500 I think on our cruise but I never ran into to many people the buffet line got crowed at breakfast and lunch but we learn to go to the back they cook the same omelets are eat in the Italian restaurant no charge for breakfast the shows alwAys had seats available
  2. It paradise island we were standing by the marina taking that picture
  3. We had no problems getting on ship we had 11:30 check in group of nine. Our room was on deck one 1330 ocean view or friends had connect cabin 1334 . One of friend had room 9197 that is an ocean suite it is really nice sitting area and a window from top to bottom and pretty wide. Our meals were just ok to me . We ate in dining room anytime dining with the hub app you can check the wait time and make a reservation it usually said waiting 10 minutes of less on elegant night that hard to do. You go to the fifth floor by the sushi restaurant to get your time for anytime dining , the hub app you can only make reservation for 8 or less . My friend and I were celebrating our birthday we ate in the steakhouse one night it was delicious. We sometime did brunch in dining room we were not fond of it. So went to buffet a little tip in the very back they Cook omlets and have breakfast food too and also the Italian restaurant serves breakfast from 7-9:30 they were almost always empty they will cook you an omelet and you can get bacon sausage cereal and fruit and pastries not as much as the buffet has but if you want less people do that. Enough about food. the cruise director Chris is one of the best I seen high energy and he kept you going him and his team Houston and I forget the girl name they are great . We had so much fun dancing after the shows in the lobby Chris dance on the bar always wear a kilt every day . I personally enjoyed all the show the liquid lounge where they did the shows just has chairs at bottom where they can move them if needed. A lot part of the show they used the bottom area for part of the show. I went to two comedy show one of the guys I thought was really funny the second guy I was not a big fan of. A lot of trivia games to play I did play putt putt but very windy up on deck. Nassau we did a private tour with Tyrone Wilson tours they were very good took us all over the island we just did the highlight tour . It was sunday some thought they were do shopping early even though said stores in bay st close at 5 they closed slot earlier . Free port we did best of Bahamas with beach and we had a buffet . Could of skip slot but the beach I loved Tamil beach this was from the cruise line . We were on the bottom and let me tell you we felt the ship sway a lot so don’t know if ocean was rough or not. I wanted to put stuff in our door for our birthday the doors are differnt then they used to be you can still put stuff on but it has to be with sting magnets so be sure to bring strong magnets getting off ship was easy if everyone would follow what they say would help a lot . This is first time did not have to fill out a custom form if under 800 you did not even have to fill one else now my friend who took home two bottles of liquor each they did so certain things you still do .oh there two USB ports beside your bed that was nice . Ok think that it.
  4. The most expensive thing I lost was my 450 dollar prescription eyeglasses . We were in puerto Vallarta on the local bus I put on my sunglasses and put my regular glasses in the case and in my pocket We got off walk around I went to reach to get me glasses oops not there I had to wear my prescription sunglasses the rest of the cruise we still had five more days I always say hope they went to good use But now I always take a back up pair of glasses on a cruise 👓🕶
  5. Spa and photo gift card is what I got Hope you will make wonderful birthday memories on your cruise that the free gift you will get that cost nothing but it a treasure to have those memories have a wonderful birthday 🎂🎂🎂
  6. Thank you for your reply EandD’s mom this will be the first time I’m not using a ship tour and it nice to hear you had such a good experience
  7. I have been emailing back and forth with Tyrone Wilson taxi tours it has been so pleasant dealing with him. I went ahead in set up a tour with him. Our ship doesn’t get into port until 1 we were able to set up a private tour of nine in our group with him. And we don’t have to pay until we meet with him which was another reason we did with him. He has great reviews on trip advisor has anyone ever use him our tour is not until middle of May I will let you know how it was after we do.
  8. if you don’t want to wear your age just get one that a happy birthday I say if it make you happy do what you want to do If you want to wear a tee shirt a sash do it if that is what you want our birthday are a gift given to us maybe I’m not in the majority because I have came so closed to death so every age for me is something I celebrated , when my kids gave me one on my last milestone birthday I wore it proud but as I said it is what makes you 😆 happy If you want to celebrate your birthday in a private way they do have packages on the cruise ship where you can decorate your room we all may give our opinions and I respect everyone opinions but it is yours that matter most so do what you want i dont know when your your birthday is but I hope you have a happy birthday
  9. So far I’m the only yes I see you day go for it. It is your special day . I say something like a sash it would be easiest to take it off I know party city has them if you have a party city.
  10. There is a cruise schedule the end of April out of Norfolk va the first cruise after all the updates excited to for upcoming may cruise on the sunrise
  11. Yes they will be in your room already hanging my friends did this a few years ago for my birthday none of them were even on the cruise with me there was a card who said who it was from my daughter said she was going to do but when she went to order it said there was already an order for it. And I am not platinum level I think they try to have it there for anyone
  12. thank you so much treyati2006 loved seeing the pictures
  13. Treyati206 where can I find the information of the updates you listed . We are going on the sunrise in May and one of my friend mention she would love to have a frig in her room and you mention all cabins will have mini fridge that great . I will be on the fourth sailing out of dry dock can’t wait
  14. Thanks lottacruises yes I can see my cruise info and on line check in was today I was able to do that😄
  15. Found out answer to my question my cruise was book under a group with a travel agent that why can’t see it last time it was just one cabin so I seen my billing with the T/A thought I post so anyone under a group booking would know why you can’t see it
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