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  1. Russ, I read where you are a non smoker, good for you. Sadly i have not quit yet . But, did you happen to notice what areas of the ship are smoking> Thanks to anyone who can assist with info.
  2. Celebrity has excursions listed for all the other ports for our 2022 spring T/A, but nothing listed for Toulon. Any help of suggestions please?
  3. We are doing a T/A next spring which ends in Rome. We are then flying from Rome to Venice for 4 days. Out hotel is acroos the water from the airport and we will take a water taxi, probably a private one, but maybe a group one, which the hotel can set up. We will each have a large suitcase and a roll- on. When we pack up on the ship to leave we will only pack what we feel we will need in Venice and just take our carry ons. The Venice Airport has a station called Left Luggage, they will hold your luggage for you untill you return to the airport to fly out. I believe it was either 7 Euros or $7 per piece per day. It saves from taking them to the water taxi and carting them all around.
  4. Not a particular food, but a venure. I miss Muranos. My favorite ship dining venue of many cruise lines. We have never had a poor meal there!
  5. Thanks so much for those who provided their help!
  6. Thanks so much for your quick reply. Thier website had liited inforation on that room, so I have sent them an email to inquire. Thanks agin!
  7. I have read multiple threads on here already and nothing really ticks every box. Looking to stay only one night. Need a room that is safe and clean, decent beds (would need 2 twins as a double would be too small) A/C required and breakfast included would be nice but not required. Would like to stay under 200 Euros. Within 4 or 5 blocks of Trevi and walking distances are a concern. Thanks so much for any help!
  8. Praying we will be able to sail on our 4/22 T/A on the reflection. This years was cancelled, sad face!
  9. Looking for only one night. Can be dropped off from tour mostly anywhere in Rome. leaving the next day from Airport. Wants, safe neighborhood, clean, comfotable bed, private bath. Soewhere easy walk for inexpensive dinner. thanks in advance!
  10. I do not see how they can do lift and shift for 2022 T/A's . The new rates will be so much higher since they are going all inclusive. I made very little for Infinity 4/21 T/A. I just wish they would announce the cancellation so I can get back all my deposit.
  11. Was anyone able to do L/S from this past spring's cancelled T/A sailings? We are booked for one next spring and was just wondering what might be offered if they have to cancel. Thanks for any input!
  12. Honfleur was lovely but smaller. A nice wooden cathedral , Market on certain days, cafes and mostly small souvenier shops. A pleasant half day
  13. Hopefully no more buffets, I have never been a fan
  14. Thanks fo rall the help. I have limited walking ability , is there a shuttle or tram of some kind to take you to trans port you to both of the furtherest ends of the long walkway?
  15. IBarcelona is one of our port calls on our TranAtlantic cruise next year.
  16. I new that there was o smoking in the Casino and no smoking anywhere inside the ship. Is there still smoking available outside and where are those venues?
  17. Forgive me if this posted elsewhere, I could not locate it. Has Celebrity issues s formal statement on if the drydock has been cancelled or id drydock is to proceed as scheduled? Thanks for any help
  18. Could someone please help direct me to the construction thread mentioned above? I was unable to locate it. Thanks
  19. Can anyone tell me if they have heard news about this ship being ready on time to start the current schedule of cruises. We are not due to sail until towards the end of January. Also I have heard that cruise ships in general are leaning towards doing away with buffets. Since she is still in drydock, does anyone heard if they will be outfitting this ship without or with a modified Windjammer area? Thanks for an help!!
  20. We have been on about 40 cruises. We started out with a balcony, mixed in a few suites and now have started choosing either inside or outside window. We rarely used our balcony. For the past 10 cruises we book an inside and towards sailing date move up to outside foe maybe $20 or so. Last spring was a Transtlantic and we moved from inside to balcony for $100pp,
  21. Thank you all for your help!
  22. Could someone please remind me of the Elite perks you are given when sailing. Also in particular, I think I remember get a free day in The Persian Gardens on a Port da. Is that correct? Thanks!
  23. There are a few company's that offer private tours that could be tweaked for your family's interests. They are ore costly but still a good deal for 7 people. Check Viator, Provence tours, cruisingexcursions .com
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