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  1. I like to make a fresh cup of hot black tea and pour it over a large glass of ice when I sail on Royal. I like it a lot better then the ice tea that Royal serves.
  2. I like Tampa because there is a Marriott connected to the airport. I can go directly from baggage claim to the hotel checkin and never leave the airport. I also arrange my ship transportation in advance.
  3. I sailed on the Empress last November out of Miami. The last time I sailed on her before that was 26 years earlier in 1993 when it was the Nordic Empress. Yes, she is old and small and very few balcony rooms. She does have a charm and beauty about her. I am scheduled to be on her next year out of Montreal if she is still sailing.
  4. I remember my cruise on the Legend when it was less then one year old. I had only sailed on the Viking Serenade and the Monarch, and I could not be believe how big and grand the Legend was.
  5. Grandeur is still in the RCI fleet and I am booked for February 2021. I know many that booked for Grandeur’s last RCI cruise in 2021. I am very curious what will happen to Grandeur now.
  6. That may be the outside eating area for Jamie’s Italian
  7. That is correct. My two kids were three years apart and were at different levels when they turned 18. My oldest just became Diamond last year on her own point count. The only level you can not keep based on you parents is P. There is one P that is under 18, but she has the points.
  8. A large group of 65+ sail 15 to 25 cruises a year. Royal will not shut the doors on this group.
  9. The exact thing happened with my March 14th Majesty. The points showed up but were removed by the end of the month.
  10. Also, my first block was in 2008 on the Grandeur of the Seas.
  11. Sometime in 2007. Sovereign of the Seas left the fleet in 2008 and it had blocks. Was told that Sovereign had blocks for about one year before she left.
  12. Looking for a Splendour of the Seas block. Willing to trade two for one.
  13. Looks like it is cruise ships with over 100 passengers. Either way, it will keep Royal out.
  14. I have been happily using military discounts for many years. What I can not understand is why Royal never asks for proof. Princes requires proof and lists it with your profile for future cruises. I was on a Royal cruise once when someone was bragging that he always got the military discount and had never served in the military. As a retiree with 28 years of military service, I was shocked to hear him and I told him that. He did not care because Royal never asks for proof. Royal should ask for proof and then add it to the C&A profile.
  15. Always happy to see the 187th mentioned. I was a LT in the 3/187th INF BN at Fort Campbell in 1979 - 1980. RAKKASAN
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