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  1. Some of us actually like to cruise and we cruise all the time. I had many cruises with a 3 to 5 day break between them because I went to DisneyWorld between cruises. Now I do B2B with the same cabin. Once I retired, I stopped being a “normal” cruiser.
  2. Not always. If you are on a B2B and make it on the first cruise, the system will not have your new level for the second cruise. You need to coordinate with the LA during the first cruise so that you have the new level benefits for the second cruise. Also, if you next cruise after you make a level is less then six days later, you will need to call C&A to have them update your status before you sail.
  3. And you do not always get it on the cruise that you make Pinnacle. My wife and I had to wait for our next cruise. We were on a B2B and the LA did not do it for us until the second cruise. We hit 700 on the first cruise.
  4. When cruising stopped in March, Pinnacles did have access to the Suite Lounge. No telling what it will be when Royal starts to sail again. Royal considers information to be valuable and they like to hoard it.
  5. Looks like both of them are anchored again. Back to the new normal.
  6. That is an excellent question. Considering one brand may be more available then the other you may not have an option. Another wait and see item.
  7. Back to the new normal. Empress and Majesty at anchor again together.
  8. Those fruit plates are still around. They are not on my list, but I still get them every once and awhile. Had one this past March on the Majesty. What a waste.
  9. Earned 12 in October and only 7 have been posted as of today. Will call CC on Wednesday if the other 5 points have not been posted.
  10. I do not remember the ship or date, but I was on a ship that did a walk through haunted house in the conference center with crew members in costume. It really depends on the CD.
  11. Looks like Empress has a new anchor location.
  12. This one will get me 20 away from Elite Plus. My canceled Celebrity cruises in 2020 would have also earned me Elite Plus.
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