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  1. On the Freedom, you have to go your muster station as soon as you get on the ship.
  2. That was the ship for my very first cruise in 1989. Yes, that was 32 years ago.
  3. One thing to remember, is that Royal C&A changed from CREDITS to POINTS in January 2011. When they did the conversion, they were generous in the POINTS conversions because CREDITS were based on cruises regardless on the length of each cruise. When I received my converted points, I realized that I had missed out on a block due to the conversion. I did contact Royal, and was told that they were not providing blocks for any milestones missed due to the POINTS conversion.
  4. Yes, it was a SL. There was not a drink list. They would take drink orders and then go out to the Viking Crown bar to get the drinks.
  5. Just got off of the Freedom yesterday where I had a Royal Up to Grand Suite. HH drinks do not require a card and are unlimited.
  6. Yes. I watched the video and listened to the horn from my hotel room that morning waiting to go to the ship. When you step on the ship, they send you to your muster station to be checked in. Yet a few hours later they were calling a few names to report to their muster station.
  7. My 8/14 Odyssey cruise was changed from 5 pm to 6pm a few days ago. It still shows 6pm.
  8. I also got off of the Freedom yesterday and you do NOT get tested.
  9. I ended up with 2pm. The Freedom I just got off of started at 12.
  10. Figured out the problem. I was on the Freedom of the Seas using Royal’s WIFI. The Royal check in did not like theRoyal WIFI. Still would not work this morning before I left the ship. Now at the Miami Airport and it worked just fine. Makes no sense. What time did you get for check in at the terminal on the 14th?
  11. Got an e-mail today that I could check in for my AUG 14 cruise. When I try to check in, it comes up as unavailable. Anyone else having problems with the AUG 14 check in?
  12. I was on Edge last week and I did not receive the e-mail.
  13. I asked the Loyalty Ambassador on the Freedom today about the Odyssey, and she advised that the Odyssey does not have any blocks. If that is true, then Royal knew months ago that they were going to eliminate the blocks.
  14. I just spoke to the Loyalty Ambassador on the Freedom. She will pass out her remaining blocks to passengers who reach a milestone until she runs out of blocks. She advised that the plan is to replace the blocks with something that weighs a lot less then the blocks. Apparently, there were a lot of complaints about how heavy the blocks were.
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