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  1. I have a cruise on 10/25 that I am still waiting for my cabin number. I will be happy if it is assigned at least 24 hours ahead so I can print out luggage tags.
  2. To be safe when I am due a block, I always speak to the loyalty person when I get on the ship. Normally, they already have me on their list for a block. But more than once, I was not on the list. The last time I was not on the list I had just gotten off a cruise the day before and it normally takes six days for points to be added. The Loyalty person verified that I had just completed a cruise and added me to the list for a block. Another reason you may not be on the list is that you are in a suite a will get double points. They may miss that fact and not have you on the block list. Bottom line: talk to the Loyalty person when you are due a block.
  3. I agree. When the Captain ends the muster drill. Currently on the Adventure waiting for the muster drill to start in 15 minutes.
  4. I agree that it all depends on the LA. I made Pinnacle on the Freedom in 2015, and nothing was done for us. No presentation at the top tier event and no gold card. We were told our benefits would start on our next cruise.
  5. Did not happen at 30 days. Now at 28 and still waiting.
  6. I sail on Empress on October 25th, and it still shows my cabin as guaranteed. Waiting to see if one gets assigned 30 days out.
  7. Just did BtB on the Allure on Deck 7 towards the back of the ship. Used the wrong elevator the first time, and remembered to use the correct side after that. The problem is you only have 5 elevators instead of 10 to use, unless you want to use stairs or walk all the way around.
  8. I have also heard a lot of complaints about noise for CP and BW cabins. Just got off of the Allure doing a BtB this month, and the ocean balcony was great. I want to see ocean, not a wall of balconies.
  9. The hurricane messed up my future block count. Instead of earning an Oasis next, I will now earn an Empress.
  10. I always visit the LA and make sure she/he has me on the list for a block. I do not assume that they know that I am due a block.
  11. They do. Once they turn 18 they can not inherit their patents level. We were Platinum when our daughter turned 18, and she had the same points as her parents. This past June, she made Diamond on her own point count. Yes, her husband and two small boys are now Diamond with less points. We made Diamond in 2005 and it took 14 more years for our daughter to make it on her own. It would appear that you want 18 changed to a lower age.
  12. I just did two different Celebrity ships in August, and the smoke free casinos were wonderful. Both casinos were busy each night.
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