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  1. WOW! Thank you all so much! Were going to try them all We are in a PH category and it says we can make reservations 75 days in advance. I have seen some topics about getting on at midnight exactly to get reservations, is that necessary to wait up the night before? Do the fill up so quickly?
  2. Edited this to say Riviera Thanks for catching my error!
  3. Hi, I will be sailing Oceania for the first time soon. The ability to make dining reservations opens up to me soon. What restaurants are the best I should make a reservation for ASAP? I like all kinds of food and welcome any suggestions. To all you seasoned Oceania cruisers, If you could only eat in one restaurant whats your go to? Thanks in advance! Sailing on the Riviera!
  4. Thanks for the advice. This is why I ask for educated answers
  5. Ahhh I wish I could do the 30 days! My business wont allow me to be gone so long at this time. Im trying to figure out the costs with the "O Life" as compared to Azamara as O includes airfare (although we would want to upgrade to business class air, its a long flight from Florida). My initial brief look seems to look like O is the better value once I price in business class air to Azamara. We loved Azamara but we are going to try O in December to get a feel to make a more informed decision. Im sure both are wonderful so in reading all this I think its going to come down to the itinerary in the end. You have all been so helpful and I still welcome any helpful comments
  6. Probably the nicest most honest answer I have seen so thank you! i agree any day at sea is a good day. Sailing Oceania in December
  7. I did get a lot of useful information from some very fine people here on this board. Unfortunately it turned into a social issues topic rather than people trying to be helpful. I guess some people will never be happy. While these boards are very helpful there are always a handful of people who feel they know more than everyone else and other opinions dont matter because they differ from theirs Theres a difference between someone being experienced and sharing their experiences than people voicing their views and commenting negatively on others. These boards are not a place to put people down but to gather information and share experiences.
  8. Exactly my point. If you dont like a ship that has segregated areas dont sail on it. However, if you look at the posts in this thread there are people who called others who choose to sail in these segregated areas snobs and arrogant. To me thats being a snob by classifying a whole group of people who choose to vacation one way as a snob or arrogant. Dont get me wrong there are people like that there, but I have seen people act like that in non-segregated areas as well. Look its life, wether we like it or not its a business and if you dont like the way a company runs that business dont patronize that business. If I go to a concert or a sporting event and pay for the least expensive ticket do I have the right to complain that I cant go into the front row, heck were all in the same stadium. Strange that some people here cant seem to understand that difference. SIGH
  9. I agree. As the starter of this discussion I wanted input as to the differences in each line while trying to make a decision on which to sail on a future voyage. Isnt life a class system? Aren’t we all guilty of paying more for something in our lives and expecting more? If you pay more for a child’s private education aren’t you doing it because you expect more? If you pay more for a car, even a brand of coffee don’t you usually do it because you expect more? So I don’t agree with posters calling people snobs or arrogant because they pay more for a product. In my opinion on Azamara weather your in an inside cabin or the biggest suite we are all on the same vacation. We go to the same places, eat in the same restaurants, have access to the same gym. So if people want to pay more for a larger space more power to them. We don’t know everyone’s situation as I mentioned in an earlier post I have friends who for medical reasons require a large room. They pay more and as a result have to travel less. Dont get me wrong there are arrogant people and snobs there too but I would guess those same people are arrogant snobs off the ship too. Its a business and if people want to pay more to maybe feel a little special I don’t begrudge the business. Heck in any business if it were ours I think we all would want those people willing to pay more. Again I didn’t mean to start this whole thing I was just curious as to the differences so I could try and make a decision on a future sailing. Wanted to know about the ships, food, entertainment, gym, spa etc. not a discussion where people are put down because of how they choose to sail wether it be in a large suite or small cabin
  10. Quite honestly as the original poster of this discussion, I find nothing wrong with this comment. I dont see it as bragging. I was looking for everyones experience on both lines. If people who stay in suites dont post about their experience one is not getting a full view of life onboard. So whats the point if everyone doent relay their experience, should I only get the comments of people who only stay in inside cabins. I welcome comments from all experiences in all cabins. I find it unfair to belittle someones comments on boards like this. Its a place for everyone to post their experiences. Someone may find these perks important and therefore decide from the comments to stay in a larger suite and pay more while someone else may not feel these experiences as important and therefore not pay for the suite. Thats the whole point of this board isnt it? To get all the information one can and use that information to make an informed decision on what I am comfortable spending and what experiences are important to me? We dont know everyones situation, I have friends who will only stay in a suite because one is in an electric wheelchair and the smaller rooms are not comfortable for them to move around, so they choose and pay for a larger suite so they can enjoy their vacation. However, they go on fewer cruises as a result because to travel like that more often is beyond their means so they take that one vacation every few years and pay more for it. Does that mean they shouldn't post their experiences in a suite? I am sure I will receive a lot of negative comments from this post but as I said I was looking for everyones experiences onboard. So all comments about the ship and everyones experience are welcome to me as the person who asked.
  11. Thank you I read all your informative posts. Always amazed at how helpful everyone is here
  12. Thanks for the help in clarifying this for me! I didnt know the difference
  13. First THANK YOU ALL FOR THE INPUT! The Oceania cruise we are taking in December is on the Riveria (Is that an R Class? I dont know the difference) The Africa sailings are on the Nautica which I believe is smaller than the Riviera. We got a really good deal for the Caribbean Oceania, a penthouse suite for $2000 a person. We live in Ft Lauderdale so its an easy drive to Miami port.
  14. WOW! Thank you all for the input! A lot to consider here. I would love to do the 31 day cruise but unfortunately I cant get away that long. The 4 days in Cape Town on the Azamara cruise is bothering me a bit as we have been there before. What I like about Azamara is that you can take a land tour and stay in a safari camp while the ship is at sea for a day or then fly to meet the ship at the next stop so all you miss is a sea day. I dont know if Oceania does that. Someone hit the nail on the head about the Azamara staff. Thats what we really liked. We enjoy talking with the staff and learning about their life at sea. Plus they have great insight as to places to go and things to do in ports
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