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  1. We'll, I hope the cruises booked for 2020 are grandfathered into the double points promotion if there is a need to Lift & Shift.l. If my four Royal cruises sail this year, I'll be 1 point away from Diamond!
  2. This is just a mess. I'm not even sure if my June 2021 cruise out of Bayonne will happen. 1) Will the Bayonne cruise port be open? 2) Will Bermuda be open for cruise tourism? 3) Will Freedom be approved for sailing? 4) Will I be booted off so Royal can meet the "safe" quota? I've had my December 2020, February 2021, and April 2021 cruises moved to later dates.
  3. App updated to 1.26.1 on Android.
  4. Still good news for the cruising community and the entire world.
  5. March 16, 2022. I have 5 booked Royal Caribbean cruises to fill the void.
  6. I'm loving this promo. I now have 4 Royal cruises booked for 2021. I'll be one point away from Diamond if these cruises actually sail and I'm not booted off to maintain their magical percentage of total capacity for safe sailing.
  7. I recently booked Jewel for Oct 2021 out of Boston for a Canada / NE cruise. I suspect by then things should be getting better.
  8. App updated to 1.26.0 for Android.
  9. Feb 2020 out of Bayonne, NJ on Anthem. 😥😭
  10. Nice! Where is the piano stored when not in use? Do it use batteries?
  11. I'm currently at 27 points. I have two remaining cruises on Royal for 2021. They are 7 nights each. These will push me to Emerald. Makes me semi reconsider my choice to L&S my February 2021 cruise to March 2022. This means I will "experience" three different status levels next year.
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