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  1. Amazing video. Thanks for sharing. This type of dry dock must be more expensive than a "normal" dry dock.
  2. Nope. Their wording is: "Here is a list of features, which vary from ship to ship, as we move toward coverage across the entire fleet." And the chat feature is currently not listed.
  3. None yet. I'll keep checking though. Sometimes a new ship will appear within a week of an update.
  4. App updated to 1.19.0 for Android.
  5. It's not showing up yet for Android.
  6. Dazzles makes for a great wedding venue, reception with friends and family, and awesome pictures.
  7. Thanks for this tip about the plans. Going to check them out now.
  8. App updated to 1.18.1 on Android.
  9. There are games on the Boardwalk you can play using your smart phone by aiming your phone at certain posters on the wall. I saw a YouTube video on it. I'll try to find it again. Edit: found it! The games start at the 1:39 mark
  10. Quantum of the Seas is back in the app on Android.
  11. @Thorben-Hendrik I love reading your posts in these tipping threads and how you don't care what other posters say about/to you.
  12. Wow. Such an old thread. But hey, you proved that the search feature works.
  13. My pleasure. It is a combination of regularly checking and app store alerts although I will not divulge the ratio. 😉
  14. Have you noticed the abundance of photographers on formal night? Perhaps another way to get people to take pictures and then sell said pictures at a good markup.
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