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  1. Yeah, he'll probably ask the same question tomorrow. Asking the same questions over and over in addition to the sideways profile pic make me wonder if the account is not meant to be taken 100% seriously.
  2. Depends if you have an upside down pineapple on your stateroom door.
  3. Also check out https://www.bayonnecruiseparking.com/
  4. If you go to the food store, there's a high chance you've been near someone who has Covid. Work at a school? Highly likely. Have kids in school? Relatives visit? There are several other scenarios.
  5. App updated to 1.29.0 for Android.
  6. I wonder if, in the future, they will verify the age of the test kit. I want to purchase now, but don't want the kits to expire. My (unsupported) concern is they will not have enough in inventory when I'm ready to order in December.
  7. Random: *If* someone was a native of Antarctica, would they be an Antarctican, Antarticanian, Antarcticite, Antarcanese....... etc?
  8. I've always wondered if they stock each and every type of light bulb that is used on the ship onboard.
  9. It seems as if some people don't feel well and visit the doc onboard. Others may be forced to get tested due to contact tracing. There may be many more who are asymptomatic (and others who chalk it up to a minor cold) and never get tested onboard.
  10. I did the drive (with one other driver) from Boston to Tampa for a cruise. I timed it to so that we would at 6am in Florida the morning of the cruise. That was very risky. Virtually non-stop trip. Only had time quick bathroom, gas, and snack breaks.
  11. A port with three rusty Carnival ships, for sure, cruising is back!
  12. Parodeejay AK Adventures Jojo's World Kyle Pallo
  13. If I test positive and request a refund, does my travel agent still collect her commission?
  14. While we're at it, will the railing support my planter box?
  15. Terrible news! Not good but expected. Will those who have tested positive be put off the ship at the next port?
  16. Here's some free QA for the Royal IT team: In the app, go to: Get more details on ships we support > Choose an Oasis class ship > Click on Safety (at the bottom) > Under the "Medical facility" section, you will see HTML code <b>xx</b>. xx is in place of the extension. For Allure it is 1200, for Harmony it is 51, etc. I'm guessing the extension is supposed to be bolded. Easy fix.
  17. App updated to 1.28.0 for Android.
  18. Wow! Such a first-world problem.... If my pillows don't have the karate-chop crease directly in the center applied twice per day, I'm calling the CEO!
  19. Oh no! The stateroom attendant didn't make the bedsheet corners as crisp as they do on Regent! This Mardi Gras cruise is terrible!
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