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  1. DH and I have been pricing things out for a Transatlantic Cruise next year and it will be our first time cruising with NCL. Is the Spa Pass price the same for a 15 day cruise? We are still debating regular room or spa.
  2. What started out in August as an almost 7 month count down is down to 2 weeks. First time cruising for us and can't wait to get on the Indy on March 9.
  3. We will be sailing on Indy in March. I have seen very little on the app and on the videos about what the group of 10 yr olds do. I will try to update after our cruise though if my daughter uses it. I have seen things about family trivia and family disco time.
  4. I am so looking forward to our March cruise which will be our first time doing a cruise. Though I read that it is very busy I just remind myself that we have done Disney during March Break so hopefully it isn't that bad.
  5. We are at 201 days until our 1st time cruising. We do 5 nights on Independence of the Seas
  6. OP - You are too funny and what a great fun change of vacation. I think another cruise is a good idea but best not to chance taking the salt bowl.
  7. Okay lesson here is Cruise Ships are not Disney resorts. I too laughed at the whole not being emotionally attached to them. It can be a big downer to lose items like that and feel or know that you will not see them again. On different vacations we have lost a camera and my glasses and never got them back.
  8. I am looking at the Harmony of the Seas and budgeting for the boardwalk balcony cabin, as I would rather be able to people watch if I stuck with a sick child who needs a few hours in a room than suck in a closet. We are not big alcohol drinkers so that kind of beverage plan is not high on my must have list. I am also okay with no WiFi as long as we have clear times to meet up and ways to get in touch with each other if plans need to change. Just playing with the RC site today it was quoting $7,964 CAN since 2 of my children are considered adults on RC. I would love to really have a clearer outline of what it would cost but my hubby doesn't want me to bother the travel agent we would use so it is hard to get real numbers. My children range from 9-16 so they could easily get on board with saving money. Since I sew I will be trying to make more for them which they are cool with. School lunches are usually a fundraiser for the PAC for my 3 youngest or something special for my oldest. The hot lunches are only ordered if my children want them so that saves some cash.
  9. I think you are trying to be a "Fun Sponge" :rolleyes: because that will take about 20yrs - when the mortgage is paid off. Personally, while I agree that a mortgage is a debt and should be treated as such it is not one that needs to be paid off before travel. I do agree that credit cards should be paid off and loans should be paid off and line of credits should be low. We pay off our credit cards and have a plan to pay off a personal loan by this time next year and our line of credit debt should be reduced about half by the end of next year.
  10. Hi Skippy, We are a family of 6 that would be cruising. We already don't have cable and have a data only plan for our cellphones and google number so calls are free. There are 2 debts that we are working on right now and with some of my husband's benefits from work they could be paid off by May or June of next year. For myself I have a home based business and am cutting back on that where I can My hope is that my business with make a bit of a profit this year...which it is close to doing. While a part time job would be helpful there are times that is doesn't help much. Around here part time jobs are not very many hours and very low wage so not much pay after taxes. My everyday life as the domestic engineer saves money for the family if I work it right. There are jobs to be done around the house like painting and since I am home I save the family money by doing the painting instead of paying some one else to do it.
  11. Hi everyone. I am trying to get budget some cruses right now and looking at $7-$8kCan just for the cruise due to needing 2 cabins and the cruise I am hoping for. We are a one income family but blessed with a good pay, though heavy debt. I know hubby and I need to get the debt down before booking a cruise. The debt we are paying off at a good rate and just trying to think of ways to still live an So what did you give up? Did you replace it with something fun? I was thinking of putting together a reward system where money is set aside, for example if we did not eat out for a week - $50, $20 for a month without going to the movie theater. Unreasonable side wants to go this year - logic side says late 2019
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