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  1. I would agree with the posters above and just take a taxi. The fare should be between $25-35 including tip (US) depending on traffic. At that time on a Sunday evening, even with the holiday weekend, the traffic should not be too bad. It will be about a 15 minute ride. The Logan Express Back Bay bus would drop you off at the Hynes Convention Center which is literally next door to the Sheraton, but it is still a fairly long walk and down a fairly steep hill to the front entrance to the Sheraton. It is $3 per person so it is quite economical but after a long day of travel the taxi might be much easier. There a many places to eat very close to the Sheraton including the Boston location of Eataly by Lidia Bastianich. I am not sure of the hours on Sunday, but there are many restaurants and markets within. The mall attached to the Sheraton also has many other places to eat as well as hundreds nearby in the Back Bay. Have a good trip! https://massport.com/logan-airport/to-from-logan/transportation-options/logan-express/back-bay/
  2. I took the 5 night Canada cruise on the Serenade last year. It was also right after the TA. The disembarkation seemed to be quick, but since it was the first U.S. port, the Coast Guard decided to do an inspection. Royal informed me the day before that there would be delays. The check-in was quick, but they did not start boarding until quite late (maybe 1:00 PM--I can't remember exactly) and the Coast Guard inspection was still going on so some service were impacted. The sail away was delayed a bit, but not significantly. Upon returning to Boston, there was also about an hour delay in clearing the ship since Customs wanted to talk to a few of the passengers. Once the ship was cleared, we just walked off with no further stop at Customs or Immigration. We were coming from Bar Harbor, so we had done the immigration before that port. Since you are coming from Bermuda, you might have a different experience, but please be aware that the Coast Guard might want to do their inspection again.
  3. Does anyone have an idea how long it takes HAL to cancel a cruise after a charter? I am booked on one of the cruises updated on this thread (Volendam 23-29 April 2020). I confirmed the charter with the chartering organization and then called HAL to check. They claimed the booking is still valid and are still booking it on their website. The best alternative is filling fast but I do not want to switch the booking until I get a move-over. I realize charters may fall through so cruise lines want to hedge their bets, but it seems they should be considerate of their customers and offer alternatives if they do have a charter agreement in place. Thanks for sharing your experience on this and also thanks to VMax1700 for all the work on this thread.
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