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  1. Princess cancelled all of their cruises to South America for the entire 2021-2022 season. I think it's highly doubtful that ANY cruise ships will be in South America for the upcoming summer season there.
  2. A couple easy questions to anyone who has used Princess's EZ Air program: Am I limited to flying in and out of the embarkation and debarkation cities? I would like to do a pre-cruise visit to Peru before flying to my embarkation city in Argentina. Am I able to choose the dates of my flights? Thanks for any advice given!
  3. My cruise agent, whose 25+ years of being a top seller for the large cruise lines, feels certain there won’t be any cruises until there is a widespread vaccine. And then that’s assuming foreign ports have tamed the COVID-19 beast and allow cruise ships to call on their ports. As much as I love to travel and cruise, I’m afraid there will be no cruises until next summer (2021), at the earliest. I just booked for January 2022, hoping I’ll be vaccinated and can cruise mask-less by then.
  4. I think the cruise lines are planning a protocol to return to cruising with the possibility that there will never be a vaccine. Otherwise, cruising, and life as we know it, are forever changed.
  5. The cruise on which I’m booked for a February 2021 cruise looks to be well over 50% booked already.
  6. This doesn’t bode well for many to be able to cruise in the not-too-distant future on Carnival-brand cruise lines. Wondering, for those of us currently booked on a Princess cruise in 2021, how they will determine who cruises and who gets bumped when they reduce capacity to less than 50%? https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/2020/07/10/carnival-corp-cruises-operations-capacity-coronavirus-2022/5405777002/
  7. Planning on flying to Peru after disembarking in San Antonio. Would like to book a flight that is scheduled to leave shortly after 12 noon from Santiago, but wondering if this is too early. I'd think that if we could be off the ship before 8 am, we should be able to be at the airport in time for a 12:00pm flight.
  8. Can someone give an idea as to the earliest flight we could take after disembarkation in San Antonio? Will be flying from Santiago airport. Is it best to pre-arrange private transportation? Thanks!
  9. I booked two cabins so that friends cruising with us can receive my Princess discount on their cabin. We had to book the husbands and wives in different cabins to obtain the discount on both cabins as only my wife and I are entitled to cabin discounts. How diffficult will it be for us to switch cabins once on board? Will guest relations readily recode keys and change account payment for the two passengers that will switch cabins? Thanks for any advice offered!
  10. One of the media sites listed above said that the road to Milford should reopen to tourist buses February 22 by guided convoy at specified times. So reason to be hopeful. Kudos to the road repair crews!
  11. Thanks for the clarification. Another poster indicated cost in US$ so wasn't sure.
  12. Is the taxi fare you quoted in Australian or US$?
  13. Sure hope they can rebuild a road by March as I am planning on the overnight from Milford to Dunedin. Would be disappointed if unable to tour Fjiordland on land but impact to the local tourism looks to be far worse.
  14. What is the most efficient way to get to the cruise ship terminal from Sydney airport? How much is a taxi? Is Uber available at the airport? thanks!
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