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  1. Anyone know how it works if you have a drastic reservation change...for example 4 or 6 people, down to 2? Will I lose the reservation entirely because they usually seat 2 people at 2-person tables?
  2. My group is 1 person per cabin for a total of 2 cabins (solo cabin occupant in each cabin) Point is, regardless of how many in each cabin, the way it typically works is you apply the dollars you spent on your old fare as a credit to the new fare. It doesn’t matter how many people are on the new fare or what perks you pick. They just take the new total (at whatever pricing is current, promotional or not) and subtract what you already paid and then you pay the difference.
  3. This is not “fun”. This happened just before my cruise on the Bliss and there was a communication error between the workers and they let someone down the chute while someone was already stuck. There were serious And non-life threatening injuries In the collision
  4. The LaserTag was a pleasant surprise that I liked better than the GoKarts. I crashed on the Karts and found it too hard to navigate with the amount of kids on the track. Laser Tag...I could see it being played twice but no weekly pass necessary. It exceeded my expectations and the whole process took 30-60 minutes.
  5. NCL app still the best way to go for communicating on the ship with friends and family. (or simply not responding at all, when you don't want to be bothered). Sometimes there are still hiccups and you need to manually check the app to see if new messages came through. Thank goodness for that app as I don't think I would have ever enjoyed cruising without it. The stress of wanting to have time on your own, and then also trying to find your people, or setting arranged times to meetup, phone the rooms, etc... I would have been irritated and called it quits after my first cruise. Also, I wouldn't assume WiFi calling works on the per-minute internet plans. I thought video, audio streaming and VoIP/SIP/Wifi calling were blocked on per-minute plans (and perhaps even the premium internet plans too). I know with the premium internet, they advertise you can use Youtube and streaming video, but every passenger I've read about who's tried, has found the connection too slow. Might just be worth it to pay the .49 cents or whatever per minute for those occasional calls to the mainland.
  6. Bringing books and e-readers to muster drills? That is a bit much. So while you wait for the presentation to start, You need to get that extra 10-15 minutes of reading in that badly? Or are you trying to make some sort of statement?
  7. FLL to Port of Miami no big deal. I always fly into FLL because it’s cheaper. Never had an issue getting between FLL and the port for reasonable prices. They’re basically both right off The same highway. Don’t stress about it too much, I know the extra cost sux but it’s also not a HUGE deal. Like other posters have said, It’s like flying into New York and having to choose between EWR, JFK or LGA. they’re all considered part of the same locality for airport purposes. even palm beach PBI airport is considered a “nearby” Airport for MIA blind passengers. A tad inconvenient, but don’t let it stress you out too much, I was also originally stressed about FLL to the port but once I did it I realized it was no big deal and you will be fine.
  8. I’ve been on the Bliss twice including one of the ram-jam packed times...Christmas. If you’re only a party of 4, I wouldn’t stress out about making reservations for everything. As long as you’re not too picky on your eating times, tables of 4 shouldn’t be too hard to accommodate, Especially in the Free dining rooms. Go-karts...you can stand-by for if you don’t get reservations. It might take a few groups ahead of you, but eventually you will get In through cancellations. They run them day and night. If you’re a big planner, make all your bookings, but if you Can’t get them, don’t stress, you’re on vacation, what’s the urgency.
  9. Agree with the posters who say book the take 5 offer on balconies when you can. Normally it’s just take 2 (which is still a good deal if you’re in it mainly for the drinks)
  10. Yes, don’t bother arriving early. Arrive late if anything. It always starts late because of stragglers. If you really don’t want to be there, just go in, Check in, Hang out at the back and then just slink out. Tell them you have diharroea or something. i’ve always wondered if the “make up” drill could simply consist of an explanation and demo of a life jacket from a qualified crew member, written instructions, and your signature to say you’ve been briefed. Does SOLAS require an actual presentation other than showing how the life jacket works?
  11. I did two upgrades within a month out. inside No perks -> balcony no perks - They simply applied what I paid on the original fare to the new price and I paid the difference then they decided to drop prices on the sailing again and we wanted to add two perks balcony no perks -> balcony + dining & excursions the price difference for the package With perks was $1.70 Canadian, so that’s all we got charged. we also lost our originally assigned guarantee cabin and got assigned a different one. It was almost the same as the first however so Thats ok.
  12. We ended up with deck 15 just past the water slide loop. Enough past it that we won’t see people shooting down all day.
  13. Here's a special question specific to the Joy... Would a BX assignment potentially result in a Concierge inside with virtual window? Is that considered a lateral assignment or would BX's only get balcony/mini-suite/concierge balcony or above. We just made another tweak to the booking and they put us back into the BX pool, and told us we could end up with a BX or above, but I forgot to ask if that included concierge insides. I highly doubt it, but who knows.
  14. Exactly. what I can say, is that I ended up with a connecting room with an arrow indicating it connects near the balcony side. Given that there’s a connecting door nearer to the balcony window, I’m wondering if it’s safe to assume the bed will be closer to the bathroom in these cases.
  15. Looks like I ended up upgrading to a balcony too, as prices dropped yet again. I ended up getting a cabin assigned on deck 9, B8, above Le Bistro on Joy, that's aft, right side near the elevators. Anyone know the following: - what will the view from a Deck 9 balcony look like directly over the waterfront? ie. will I be able to lean over my railing and see people, essentially...dining? Or are the dining sections covered? I've been on Bliss - but I can't remember how the layout works on the waterfront, I never paid much attention to it. Anyone who's been on Bliss or Joy could comment? - Noise? Not a big issue for me as I am more of a night owl anyway, but does Le Bistro open for Breakfast/Lunch or is it a Dinner venue? I'm not usually in bed any time before midnight, and generally a heavy sleeper, so noise has to be pretty bad for it to bother me. Edit: Also, I'm in a "Sleeps 3" cabin, whats the difference between the sleeps 3 and sleeps 4? How do I ensure I have the beds pushed together? Will the bed be near the balcony or near the stateroom door? Sorry for all the questions, its my first time having a balcony.
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