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  1. Christmas trees and decorations everywhere? Christmas Shows and music all over the ship? Families gathering in pyjamas and opening gifts with kids screaming and running around the atriums? How is that anything like a normal cruise and not christmasey?
  2. It would be pretty hard to enjoy it as a regular cruise because of all the special Christmas events on the program, the decorations, and families doing christmasey things. Even the corridors had sombre Christmas music playing as I went back to my cabin on Christmas Eve. The Buffet has traditional Christmas dinner and it’s very good
  3. I know everyone wants to be positive and bla bla bla but seriously. I also know cruisers are a smart bunch and you all know that nothing is certain for the return to cruising right now, let alone a “August 2022” cruise. Come On.
  4. Don’t bother. I would never book the Encore again let alone during a pandemnic where that top sundeck is crammed into one tiny area in the middle of the deck around the pool. N E V E R A G A I N.
  5. My slot story is a little different but fun. One night I was playing a bunch of machines while awaiting a reservation. I jumped from machine to machine and then went to dinner when I heard my table was ready. I had about $300 on my room card after inserting a ticket I pulled from another machine. A few hours later, I went back to play. Inserted my room card and BANG. zero. in panic, I went to the casino desk and explained to them, I had money, where did it all go? their response was that, I probably placed and pulled the card and ticket in the wron
  6. I agree. Prices are so much lower in those Two weeks before Smas. I did one Smas cruise on the bliss and I would probably never do it again. I met great people and the ship was great, but there were just TOO many families...like teens crowding the nightclub and there was never a day anything was quiet. I am generally not a picky person on cruises, looking for all sorts of things to complain about, and, I like a lot of action on the ship. but this was really nutso/crazy. And If you’re a planner, you can Forget reservations for anything and will have to make decisions on board “as space permits”
  7. Pros: it has all the good stuff that you probably like on other NCL ships. It is basically the same in most areas as the newer NCL ships so If you like that stuff you’ll be content with the encore cons: pool deck. Ridiculous. way too much space dedicated to the vibe and laser tag. I was on a packed sailing and hardly anyone was ever in vibe and laser tag. I know pool decks are notoriously crowded on cruises but really, this was too much. That kind of crowding won’t fly in the SARS-nCoV-2 era. I will not sail encore again for the pool deck
  8. I think one of my tops is a “funny, but also kind-of, not” from my Encore in March on the last week before the shutdown. A huge brawl broke out in the club and people spilled out as the fight continued under the chandelier.
  9. Here in Ontario way behind everywhere else it seems. Every time there’s a glimmer of hope that our cases are declining, we get a huge jump. And the outbreaks in care homes show no signs of ending
  10. Thank you! I should be clear, my symptoms were very light, and at no time was I worried enough to consult medical advice. I never had a fever, which is the most common C19 symptom. They were just “noticeable” and irritating more than anything, because I would be having a conversation and then just start coughing randomly. They were similar symptoms I had when I was getting over the flu a couple years ago...which was much worse. I had a dyspnea and a dry cough for 2 months after I got over the actual flu. From then on, I have always got the flu shot 🙂
  11. Can’t wait till this happens. Making no progress on it up here in Canada. Was on the Encore March 1 and later learned Via the Miami Herald That crew tested POZ after operations were suspended in March. No confirmation as to whether the crew member got it on land or within the ship. when I got back, my symptoms were as follows: - dry cough at night - waking up in the middle of the night from a cough - night sweats - light dyspnea and spastic cough while talking the symptoms Started about 2 days after I debarked, lasted about 7-10 days And then went aw
  12. Wondering if I should try to get a refund for my 8 cruisenext just purchased
  13. Let’s all relax till we hear. Their systems are probably overloaded like the stock markets and might just temporarily be down
  14. aren’t they allowed just to change ports without obligating a refund? They do it all the time. Remember that cruise a couple years ago from east coast that was supposed to go to the Caribbean But instead went to Canada due to bad weather? No reason they couldn’t do the opposite here, is there? hate to say it, but... yeah... also, I love my country, but why people wanna cruise here, I can never understand.
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