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  1. Also - remember it is a cruise where a lot of people play for fun, much less intimidating than in Vegas!!! Have fun and good luck!
  2. I asked a similar question a couple months back - and have been checking regularly to see if any of the agencies in port canaveral open up as cruising opens. Just booked on Budget for before/after our January cruise - so far, they are the only ones open yet.
  3. I'm hoping now that cruises will start opening, the rental cars in port canaveral/cocoa beach will also reopen.... Mardi Gras in January, so I have a bit of wiggle room to wait and see!! Appreciate all the replies!!
  4. That's exactly what I was thinking, and hoping to get a minivan reserved before they run out!
  5. Seems all the car rental places in/around port canaveral are currently closed, I assume due to lack of cruisers. I'm looking at January cruise and was hoping to reserve a car for each way but bookings aren't available as they are closed - what are others doing in this case? Can you reserve a car to the Hertz in Cocoa, FL for example then change the drop off location once it opens? And what about pick up on way home? Thanks!
  6. Was wondering why it took so long for the paranoids to chime in here. 😁
  7. The medallion was better for many reasons: 1. Cabin Door unlocked when you approached - so much better than trying to find the card and insert it, especially if you had a drink in your hand already! 2. I used a fitbit clip to hold it - clipped it to my bra when I didn't have pockets - very convenient! 3. Approach a bar and the bartender knew who I was, often didn't even need to produce the medallion to get a beverage. And didn't need to sign because my picture was there. 4. Order a drink on the app and the waiter brings it to your seat - up on the pool deck too! They can find you with the medallion and have your picture. I know there were more, my quarantine brain can't remember more... 🙂
  8. Totally agree they need to do it! Went on Princess Sky last year - the medallion made a bigger difference than I expected - so great!!!
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