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  1. Wow, 100 cruises!! On one cruise line, that's amazing. I'm up to about 40, and I thought that was a lot. I'm also taking my first with Crystal in June. I love Seabourn, Silversea and Regent (and Oceania until the last one), but want to see what Crystal has to offer. I already know I'm going to be disappointed in the stateroom size (Penthouse just too much for the price for a solo), but service is supposed to be very good. New adventure for us both!
  2. I travel solo all the time. Last year on Regent, the social hostess was Nicola, and she arranged many get-togethers for drinks and/or meals including officers, CD, etc. Nicola's birthday was grandly celebrated during that voyage. I will be on Regent this fall, and I only wish CD John and Nicola would be onboard.
  3. I have often surfed the Shorex channel and picked up ideas from the descriptions of tours. But I agree, not good coverage at all, unless the lecturers cover the ports in their talks.
  4. You know so much about Crystal, Keith. And are very gracious about sharing your knowledge. Is this from taking so many cruises? Do you travel on Crystal exclusively?
  5. I am embarking on Encore in Sydney in a few weeks. I too was disappointed to miss Norfolk Island last year because of swells - wanted to visit Colleen McCullough's home. Guess this port cancellation is a common occurrence. I was on the Ovation last fall in Northern Europe - to follow Handre, the best CD ever. Other than Legend, my experience has been on this class ship, though I have booked a long Quest trip SA-Miami next year. Anxious to see if the additional passengers on similar size ship make a difference. Is there only one show because the showroom is large enough on the O-class ships? I travel solo and like the invitations to dinner I receive daily to dine with staff or lecturers. And I have always received friendly, professional service in TK Grill - like that bar a lot, too. No complaints here.
  6. I'm retired and therefore have plenty of time; I have no children, just a cat, so there are no grandchildren I'm anxious to return to. I take about 4 cruises a year, usually about a month, though I just returned from 38 days on Oceania's Marina. I like Regent, Silversea, and especially Seabourn, and will try Viking Ocean in December; I probably would have more perks onboard if I stayed with one cruise line, but the itinerary is always the deciding factor in my choice. I have taken so many land trips in the US and worldwide, that I now really enjoy unpacking once and revisiting ports I've been to, and hopefully finding new ones. Of course, money is always a consideration, but since I''m now in my 70's, I know I don't have lots of years left to satisfy my curiosity about the great world out there. Don't think I would like a World Cruise, though, probably because I travel solo - should have done that when my husband was alive🙂.
  7. I've been to Antarctica and the Arctic on Le Ponant, chartered by A & K, and English was the first language. I'm assuming that's true with Silversea?
  8. I too have been on all those cruise lines, but sorry, Norton, I didn't understand a single sentence of your post except the first one. The wee ones like Pride, Legend?
  9. I too have never had a problem with TK Grill, and I go solo which can often be an excuse for poor service in some establishments, especially land-side. And the advice "don't go" isn't much of an issue since you can only pre-book one reservation per cruise. Of course, if enough passengers, because of negative reviews, don't go, more openings for us fans!😉
  10. My experience in the past year is that Caviar isn't in the Surf, but in the Pool. Very strange, but at least they're still doing a version. BTW, I'm on that cruise also, embarking in Sydney.
  11. That's all very lovely, Fletcher. But 30 years later, it's not exactly relevant. What about your current experiences?
  12. Marriott has prohibited smoking in their rooms for years. Though smoking may have occurred in some of their older hotel rooms, I have never noticed it since they obviously take their policy very seriously and cleaned those rooms thoroughly.
  13. I just returned from 38 days on Oceania's Riviera. I brought a suitcase of 8 1/2 (Sauterne) bottles and a large bottle of Mt. Gay Rum. No problem. Corkage fee of $25 in dining rooms a bargain if you bring a good bottle (compared to Oceania's offerings), and no charge if you consume in your stateroom. I believe the official policy is 6 bottles, but as I said, I encountered no problem.
  14. I am currently on Marina, traveling solo. The lovely social hostess Katie has hosted 3 get togethers for cocktails the first 10 days of this cruise. Some solos then continue on to dinner together She said there will be additional ones. I requested my solo tables for the specialty restaurants as soon as I was able to, no problem. I have been able to have a table alone in the Grand Dining Room if available. I showed up one night and saw several people waiting and figured they were couples waiting for two-tops, so I assumed there was nothing available, so shared that night. I am disappointed not to receive invitations to dine with staff, guest lecturers, etc, like I do on other cruise lines. Don’t know if this is true but heard Oceania canceled this practice because passengers didn’t want it. But you will enjoy the excellent food.
  15. Anyone know if they have those nifty champagne stoppers in the room? I travel solo, and the champagne goes flat soon without them. Or can butler find one?
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