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  1. I also recommend the Magic Castle - sit in the front row. And as for Satchmo, the magician had to interrupt his performance until the end of the song, so yes, it was broadcast in the Avenue Bar, too loud for the magician to compete! I took my first Crystal cruise this summer, a short one like you to test the waters. I have booked another one for next year, but in a penthouse; one gets used to the larger suites. And I've been cruising Regent since Song of Flower and the catamaran Diamond - the Captain commented it was like driving a bus! Have 3 Regent cruises upcoming. As with most cruisers, itinerary is the deciding factor. Silversea Muse next week from Seward to Tokyo - regardless of negative comments on Crystal board! So, anxious to read your commentary. Thanks for taking the time.
  2. Thanks Keith for the clarification. As always, nice to hear from the adult in the room. Yes, I admit I was a bit strident in my post. And I am appalled to read the poor sanitation reports. Maybe with all this media exposure, my voyage next week on the Muse will be safe!
  3. Are you sure of your facts: "a bunch" of Filipinos, 8 month contracts, European (officers, I assume you mean) 4 month. And I assume you don't remember plantation life in USA. Harsh?! That's an understatement. I've sailed both lines, but on my next Silversea (next week actually), I will sure be checking out the kitchen (since I guess you did) for food storage and the bar for mixing bottles. I don't "trust "Crystal any more than I trust Seabourn, my preferred line, but as they say, everything on Cruise Critic is IMHO.
  4. But laundry is included with those suites, no?
  5. The offer on my Northern Europe cruise next summer says Children under 18 at least 50%off depending upon age. So, still the same policy, just worded differently, I guess. A 12-day sailing, shorter than I usually take, so the shorter the voyage, the greater possibility of kids, I'm assuming. Is it inappropriate for a passenger, after receiving no help from staff, to speak to the offenders, not the children, but the parents?
  6. I complained to Destination Services after returning from a walking tour in Malaga. There were 25-30 on the tour, and unless you were right next to the tour guide, you couldn't hear a word. I asked why Whisper listeners weren't used, and was told the local guides don't provide them. So, first of all, Regent, cut down the tour size of a walking tour OR provide another way for passengers to enjoy their INCLUDED tour. Yes, other cruise lines do it.
  7. I always travel solo, and though I thoroughly enjoyed my first Crystal cruise this summer and have booked another for next year, I was disappointed that there was nothing to my knowledge specifically aimed at solos. Other cruise lines I sail make more of an effort like cocktail parties or lunches and invitations to join staff or lecturers at dinner. That said, you will be so busy on a 7-day cruise, you may welcome a little "me" time. Busy or quiet, you will definitely enjoy your Crystal cruise.
  8. Just ordered a Vapur. Is the mouth wide enough to add ice? Does the filled bottle fit into the mini-fridge?
  9. When I read about posters suggesting collapsible water bottles, I looked online, and frankly, the silicone ones seemed "slimy" feeling. Is there a suggestion that doesn't change the water taste - or can I do my part by just refilling the plastic bottles given out before expeditions?
  10. Thanks, Keith, for your, as always, excellent insight. Looking forward to my "splurge" next fall, Barcelona- Dubai. My first Crystal cruise was this summer's 8-day shortie along the West Coast, and I liked everything about Crystal except the small (in my experience) verandah stateroom. Hence, the splurge upgrade for the upcoming voyage.
  11. The tub is not an issue with me. Too hard at my age getting in and out. And I mostly watch news on TV but an occasional movie. I am on Symphony, forgot to mention that. If Serenity location has been changed, can I expect that by Fall 2020, they may do that on Symphony? Or shall I just stay with SH and enjoy the "newness" (well, almost, since it'll be four (?) years from refit).
  12. I travel solo so SP is out of the question, but I am splurging, for me, on an SH next year for a month. Based on the photos and discussion, I am rethinking my choice between SH and PH. Though TV can be background for news, watching a video looks awkward, if not impossible. Opinions?
  13. Did the research, did know Water Cooler was about anything. Just that toilet (#2, poo, all the other euphemisms used by your supporters) stories don't interest me, so I will "learn to scroll on". Thanks for all the comments.
  14. Sorry, I just don't get why you would mention this incident to thousands of posters who are just trying to talk about travel? Disgusting, yes, but I would never think of sharing it online. Hard to erase the image once it's been planted. Just my opinion...
  15. But none of the cruise lines are using the dipping (New Gen, SNS, etc.) powder, are they? So much better than putting your hands under UV lamp, though polish removal still is the same. I have been known to go 5 weeks on a cruise since my nail tech applies 3 coats.
  16. Is the Miso Glazed Sea Bass served in Pacific Rim, or only in CR?
  17. So, the sandals ban was for dress code purposes, not safety? There are certainly some excursions where closed toe shoes are safer than flip flops, but denied because you were going to a "dressy" (whatever that is) restaurant? That''s a bit much, I agree.
  18. I've been told to tip the tour guides. Perhaps the cruise lines should specify which countries to skip tipping. As an American, I apologize to you for tipping in your country - how embarrassing!!😉 Or were you joking? Hard to tell with some posts.
  19. I agree, sexism is not a joke. But when did it become political?
  20. I am on B2B Buenos Aires-Miami next March on Quest. This year they had an overnight shore excursion in a jungle lodge for intransit passengers in Manaus. Anybody been on this? I think they plan it for next year, but nothing published yet.
  21. I wrote Regent that FREE SHORE EXCURSIONS (didn't mention the inflated number) was an insult to their clients' intelligence. The word should be IMHO "Included" like spirits and gratuities, since you don't receive a credit if you choose not to take their "free" excursions. At least, I think I worded it correctly. Probably doesn't matter, don't imagine it will be read, and I don't expect a reply - did make me feel better, though.😄
  22. Thanks for the recommendation. I did that before posting.
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