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  1. So many complaints about the Seabourn website - and so many from non-US based passengers. I have not had a problem. Could the problems arise from the UK/European website?
  2. I agree there are many cruise lines to choose from. But I, and many others, have FCCs with Seabourn, and therefore I don't have a choice. So, I hope that by next spring when I am booked, there will either be a change in the global outlook of Covid, or Seabourn will clarify its vaccination requirement policy.
  3. I'm not sure "panicked" is the right definition of us requesting refunds. In my case, I just want my money, and if I pay more when I eventually book, so be it. Having the money in hand gives me options of whom to travel with. As I've mentioned in another post, my $500 admin fee/FCC for cancelling a Crystal cruise is essentially gone, since I can't imagine ever dealing with Crystal again.
  4. Yes I did; that's why I made a point in the first sentence to say "my cancellation".
  5. I filed a claim with AMEX on Aug. 26, 113 days from my cancellation of October voyage on May 5. On Aug. 30, I received credit for $10K deposit, and a reduced amount for the Air charge; they deducted $318 for the air cancellation charge and $500 admin fee. Though that's what my original booking said, it sounds higher than the usual $200/pp admin fee (maybe because I booked Solo?). So, I finally have my money back, minus $813, because obviously I will never use that $500 admin fee/FCC I say, "obviously" because, why would I want to ever do business with Crystal again? Lesson, a sad one, learned. I received monies from Virgin, Silversea (a big one, 3 suites), and Regent (2 cruises), in less than 2 months for all of them.
  6. What was the reason for canceling a Dec 2021 cruise now? Do you know?
  7. Well, you have bikers arriving from some of the hot spot states, infecting attendees from many states who will then return home possibly infected to continue the problem. I agree, so selfish.
  8. Bravo! Only wish someone from Crystal management read these posts!
  9. Doesn't this apply to new bookings only?
  10. I said YES, if that's what it takes for EVERYONE (not just the vulnerable) in this country to take coronavirus seriously.
  11. If you've been on Regent cruises, you know we are like the general population: some of the passengers will be more to your taste than others. Don't let this thread prevent you from cruising with Regent or any luxury line. We're nice people, really! It's just this pandemic is making us/me a bit testy these days - sorry. But also, don't expect all of us to cancel so that you reconsider your opinion to cruise with Regent. And no, I don't consider myself and other posters "nutty".
  12. Is your opinion ("it is likely") based on your direct line to FDR? I get it. Your opinion is based on 34 Regent cruises. So? Modest you're not. I agree that masks are a good idea, but your (poor taste, IMHO) banner will hardly increase the number of wearers. Now you can block me too! 😀
  13. I applaud you for your past and intended cruising plans. But I think some of the comments are related to this current pandemic. "I know how to try to protect myself against this plague". Wow, tell me how. I live in Florida too, and the only way I know how to protect myself is total lockdown. This is a scary state we live in IMHO.
  14. Ah, isn't that the point? You get to pick or guess😉
  15. The throw pillows on the sofas can be a problem too, I guess. Remind me never to nap on the sofa with one of those again!
  16. I'm confused. Are you saying that 94% of the US population has been tested, and is not positive? I am then in the 6% who have not been tested and therefore don't know if I'm positive or negative.
  17. Might their reluctance to consider the October sailing the inaugural, because it's iffy if that one will sail?
  18. AND I received ALL my monies for the August cruise Virgin cancelled - within 2 weeks. I consider that extraordinary in these extraordinary times.
  19. Update: I have received ALL the monies paid to Silversea: 3 suites, 3 insurance, 1 air upgrade - all in less than 5 weeks of Silversea cancelling my July voyage. I am impressed with the speed of what was almost $50,000.
  20. Was your "credit" (refund?) for deposit only, or had you paid in full? Seems deposit refunds process quicker.
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